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Keeping your hunger locked up ’til lunch? Forget it. The restaurants in Kampot will give you every reason to be munching from sunrise until sunset.
Needless to say, our Mad Monkey kitchen crew rustles up some great local dishes and with our piping hot pizza oven, some sensational slices. In case you fancy venturing into town to munch, there’s also some other incredible restaurants in Kampot.

Kampot was originally renowned for its rib game (and the salt and pepper farms of course), but the foodie vibe in Kampot has gone from strength to strength in recent years.
The little riverside town has recently given birth to a whole host of new restaurants, and earned status as one of Cambodia’s culinary hotspots.
Nom nom nom…


Best Restaurants in Kampot


And the Best Restaurants in Kampot are…

Enough nom-ing, it’s about time we sorted you out with the full menu of the best restaurants in Kampot. No flies in the pies, nips in the chips, or hair on the eclairs at any of these joints.
All of these restaurants are very reasonably priced and won’t even come close to ransacking the backpacking budget purse strings. We’ve added in two extra special places, which are slightly more upmarket, in case you feel like treating that extra special someone.
Pack your appetite ladies and gents, we’re heading into the Cambodian foodiverse…


Best Restaurants in Kampot: Baraca

You should definitely be tapping this ass. Tapas.

Sticking two fingers up at the tapas status quo…
Baraca is a blossoming, Belgian-owned tapas bar that is breaking the tapas mold. Highly regarded as one of the most innovative restaurants in Kampot, it does an incredible job of incorporating local flavours and produce into the tapas experience.
We’re sure once you sit down and look at the menu, your appetite will run away with your imagination, and live happily ever after.
However, if you’re looking for some guidance…
The ‘holy squid’ is a biblical dish by name and nature. It’s marinated in hearty flavours and swimming in a pile of basil leaves.
Also, the ‘grilled pepperoni pinxto’ is a very naughty little bite to eat, and packs a fiery chili punch.
Fun fact de jour…
Baraca means ‘blessing’ in Hebrew, ‘luck’ in French, and ‘ramshackle shelter’ in Flemish.


Best Restaurants in Kampot: Baraca - Best Restaurants in Kampot for Backpacker Foodies
Baraca © Courtesy of Kirsten Muolic/Mad Monkey


Location: Street 726, Kampot, Cambodia, Krong Kampot, CambodiaVIEW MAP
Contact: +855 11 290 434


Best Restaurants in Kampot: Khmer Root Cafe

We know, the address for this restaurant is almost as cryptic as the recipe for dark matter itself. Saying that, if one Rick and Morty’s adventures took them through the portal into Kampot, this would be their jam.
It would be a real shame to travel all the way to Cambodia, and not sample the creme de la creme of local cuisine.
Enter ‘Khmer Root Cafe’ stage left…
It’s completely off the grid, and provides a truly authentic Cambodian food experience that ventures back to the edible roots of the country. The best Cambodian restaurant in Kampot.
Khmer Root Cafe is a no frills bamboo hut out in the countryside. All their banging dishes are whipped up in an open kitchen, so you can see the edible magic being conjured before your eyes.
They also run cooking classes in case if you want to take the magic with you.
Be sure to call ahead (+855 88 356 8016) to reserve your spot!


Best Restaurants in Kampot: Khmer Root Cafe - Best Restaurants in Kampot for Backpacker Foodies
Khmer Root Cafe © Courtesy of Facebook


Location: Near the Secret Lake, Kampot – VIEW MAP
Contact: +855 88 356 8016 | Facebook 
Hours: Temporarily Closed


Best Restaurants in Kampot: Divino

Mama mia… We can only go so many days before craving another pizza.
If it is Italian you’re looking for, Divino is the restaurant in Kampot that’s calling your name. Absolutely divine, dare we say it.
The two owners, Marco and Alessia, packed up their pasta makers and pizza ovens in Italy, to bring a slice of the edible action to Kampot.
And what a slice they have brought with them!
The pizzas are phenomenal. The pasta is delizioso. The surprise daily specials… You’ll have to find out for yourself. We can’t go spoiling surprises.
The only catch… The restaurant is tiny and doesn’t have many tables, so be prepared to ‘Rome’ (had to) the streets for a bit while you wait for yours.


Best Restaurants in Kampot: Divino - Best Restaurants in Kampot for Backpacker Foodies
Divino © Courtesy of Kirsten Muolic/Mad Monkey


Location: Street 724, Kampot – VIEW MAP
Contact: 088 479 10 27 | WEBSITE


Best Restaurants in Kampot: Epic Arts Cafe

Epic Arts Cafe is one of the most popular restaurants in Kampot.
All of their dishes are served up with a side order of good karma, because this cafe is part social enterprise…
The cafe is part of the Epic Arts NGO. Having been envisioned as a chill spot for deaf students, the eatery now employs people with disabilities and is a real injection of positivity into the local community.
EAC is open daily for breakfast and lunch, and throws together an epic combo of bagels, paninis, and salads.
As most of the staff are deaf, all orders are taken down with a paper and pen, and shouting for the bill won’t get you very far!
It’s not just a cafe… This spot doubles up as a local art gallery, and also offers a number of art courses for those wanting some paint with their panini.


Best Restaurants in Kampot | Epic Arts Cafe - Best Restaurants in Kampot for Backpacker Foodies
Epic Arts Cafe © Courtesy of Kirsten Muolic/Mad Monkey


Location: ភូមិ សុវណ្ណសាគរ, សង្កាត់ កំពង់កណ្តាល, Krong Kampot VIEW MAP
Contacts: +855 92 922 069 | Facebook 


Best Restaurants in Kampot: Rikitikitavi

Running low on those brownie points with a special someone?
Don’t worry, a hearty top-up is in the cards with a visit to Rikitikitavi, one of the swankiest restaurants in Kampot.
Trick or treat? No tricks here, this place is 100% treating every hungry guest that walks through the door. This is one of the slightly more expensive restaurants we mentioned at the start of this piece, but if you’re feeling extra special, the food is exactly that.
Rikitikitavi has a very broad menu, that caters for all types of international cuisine.
Inside scoop: The beef lok lak will take your breathe away, a mountain of succulent beef that everyone should trek up once. The chicken skewers and burgers are also very on point!
The food isn’t all that makes this place special. This restaurant is surrounded by coconut trees, fragrant flowers, and fairy lights and sits right next to the river. Blazing sunsets on tap.
Happy Hour runs from 5pm-7pm (killer cocktails). Extra brownie points to anyone who can say Rikitikitavi 10 times in a row after Happy Hour.


Best Restaurants in Kampot: Rikitikitavi - Best Restaurants in Kampot for Backpacker Foodies
Rikitikitavi © Courtesy of Kirsten Muolic/Mad Monkey


Location: Riverside Road, Kampot, (next to the post office), Kampot – VIEW MAP
Contacts: +855 17 306 557 | WEBSITE


Best Restaurants in Kampot: Cafe Espresso Roastery

If brunch is your thing (and let’s be honest – who isn’t into brunch?), definitely make your way to Cafe Espresso Roastery.
Get your fix of delicious western-style brunch while sipping some freshly ground coffee, which is roasted in-house using locally sourced beans. They’ve got it all at Espresso – cold press, pour overs, syphons, manual lever espresso and more!
This little place can get crowded (a testament to the fabulous food and captivating coffee), so if you find yourself having to wait for a table, check out the attached shop that sells fashionable and versatile clothes designed and produced ethically in-house.


Best Restaurants in Kampot | Cafe Espresso Roastery - Best Restaurants in Kampot for Backpacker Foodies
Cafe Espresso Roastery © Courtesy of Kirsten Muolic/Mad Monkey


Location: 17 R 717, Kâmpôt, Kâmpôt, Krong Kep – VIEW MAP
Contacts:  +855 92 388 736 | Facebook
Hours: Tuesday to Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Best Restaurants in Kampot: Ciao

Because we all know you can never have enough pizza.
This place may look like a typical Cambodian street food spot, but you’d be remiss if you didn’t stop at Ciao because Oh. Em. Gee. How did Cambodia end up with one of the best Italian joints ever? This little spot has exactly two people in their tiny kitchen cooking up the most authentic Italian cuisine.
In true Italian style, food may take a while (because it’s all handmade) but it’s sooo worth it for a little slice of Italy on the other side of the world.
Make sure to get here early because they might run out of your favorite dish! Have no fear, even if that happens, I can bet everything on the menu is absolutely superb. Cin cin!


Best Restaurants in Kampot: Ciao - Best Restaurants in Kampot for Backpacker Foodies
Ciao © Courtesy of Kirsten Muolic/Mad Monkey


Location: Side of the road VIEW MAP
Contacts: +855 88 521 0413 | 
Hour: Daily from 12:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Best Restaurants in Kampot: Atelier

We all deserve to splurge on dinner every now and then. And by “splurge”, I mean getting a fabulous meal for around $8. Because, Cambodia. If you’re looking to treat yourself, look no further than Atelier.
This trendy, riverside restaurant pays homage to the famous Kampot pepper grown in the region. Every dish was created to emphasize the quality of Kampot pepper.
I know, you don’t think of pepper as being anything special or versatile but WOW – Kampot pepper is really everything it’s cracked up to be, especially over here at Atelier.
The space is gorgeous and the food is exquisite. Eating here will transport you to a modern eatery in the south of France – but without the price tag, of course.


Best Restaurants in Kampot: Atelier - Best Restaurants in Kampot for Backpacker Foodies
Atelier © Courtesy of Kirsten Muolic/Mad Monkey


Location: ផ្លូវលេខ ៧៣៥, Krong Kampot – VIEW MAP
Contact: +855 10 446 044 | WEBSITE
Hours: Daily 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Best Restaurants in Kampot: Wonderland

Now you’ve eaten all your greens, it would be rude not to treat you to a little dessert.
For many businesses, success is about honing in on one thing and making sure you absolutely smash it.
Wonderland has seized this philosophy and taken it straight to the top of the frozen goodies kingdom in Kampot.
The ice lollies and frozen yoghurts at Wonderland are so delicious, they could melt the heart of even the coldest ice queen. Have a try, Theresa May…


Best Restaurants in Kampot: Wonderland - Best Restaurants in Kampot for Backpacker Foodies
Wonderland © Courtesy of Kirsten Muolic/Mad Monkey


Flavours include coconut & lime, passionfruit, vanilla with a sprinkle of Kampot’s red pepper, and Kampot salted caramel. Also, be sure to sample the frozen yogurt – you’ll have a choice of 16 toppings to sprinkle over it.
Don’t skip dessert! This little champ knows what we’re talking about…


Best Restaurants in Kampot: Wonderland


Location: Old Market, Kampot, CambodiaVIEW MAP



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Best Restaurants in Kampot

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