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Break bread, not hearts

Craving something delicious? Come to Mad Monkey Hoi An, where you can tuck into a diverse array of top-notch global and local cuisine spanning burgers, pasta, salads, noodles and more. Plus, join us at our bar for an unforgettable start to your night, filled with drinking games, great tunes and friendly faces from all over the world!

Welcome to the Madness!



  • Happy Hour
    2-for-1 House Spirits from 6-7pm
    2-for-1 Cocktails from 8-9pm


Join our nightly events at
Mad Monkey Hoi An

    Pub Quiz
    Karaoke + Pub Crawl
    Beer Pong
    Boozy Bingo + Pub Crawl
    Glow Party
    Vietnamese Feast
    Pool Party + Pub Crawl


At Mad Monkey, we use only high-quality, fresh ingredients in every plate we serve you. With plenty of comfort food, local dishes, healthy meals, vegetarian + vegan options, and more delicious bites to help you recover after a day of adventuring (or to cure your hangovers), there’s something for everyone on our menu!



Our mission since we opened our first hostel in 2011 is to create a positive impact in the communities where we’re located. That’s why all of our restaurant and bar team are locals, most of whom grew up in the very destinations you’re visiting! We aim to provide ample training that our team will be able to utilize to further their careers in hospitality, and a higher-than-average salary plus benefits to ensure our staff is taken care of.



From Local Favorites to Global Delights: A Foodie’s Paradise at Mad Monkey Hoi An


Hoi An

Our location

250 Cửa Đại, Cẩm Sơn, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Việt Nam


Where is Mad Monkey Hoi An?

Located perfectly between the historical UNESCO old town and some of Vietnam’s most incredible beaches, the hostel sits on a peaceful bend of the main road connecting the two areas. It overlooks the river and is surrounded by rice paddies and palm trees.

Mad Monkey Hoi An is fully equipped to cater to most of your backpacking needs, however, the local neighbourhood is also full of small convenience stores. Anything more that you’re looking for can be found within a leisurely cycle or short taxi trip.


How to get to Mad Monkey Hoi An from Da Nang Airport


Private Pickup:
The easiest and quickest way to get directly to our hostel is to book a private car through us, which will cost around $20. Just let us know your details in advance so we can have someone ready and waiting on your arrival.

By Taxi / Grab:
Your second option is to get a taxi or use the Southeast Asian equivalent to Uber, Grab. Prices can vary depending on the time you are travelling and also the weather. Generally a taxi / Grab will cost you around $25-30.

We highly recommend calling a taxi from the desk inside of the airport as taxi scams are known to happen and will often overcharge you. Agree on a price beforehand and be prepared to put your bartering skills to good use!