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Travel Agency
Partner Program

Our Travel Agency Partner Program gives qualified agencies access to significantly discounted rates on our rooms, experiences and more. Our automated booking system offers complete booking convenience and flexibility for you.

We love working with independent and international agencies and can set-up bespoke contracted arrangements based on your agency’s circumstances. Fill in your agency’s details below and let’s talk!

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Offer incredible travel itineraries with Mad Monkey

Who can join

Mad Monkey’s Travel Agency Partner Program is open to all travel agencies — independant to international — who are trading under registered business names.

Unregistered individuals should apply to our Influencers & Creators Program.

How to join

Submit the form below with your travel agency’s details. Once received, we’ll send you an email providing more details about our program and invite you to schedule a call with our Partner Success team.


How it works

Once qualified, we will set-up customised discount coupons unique to your travel agency. This allows agencies to book Mad Monkey rooms, experiences and more for their clients at significantly discounted rates; all managed with efficiency and convenience through our website.

Travel agencies may charge their clients published rates or in accordance with their pricing policies.

If your agency prefers pre-paid contracted rate structures, we are also able to create bespoke agreements that meet your needs. Talk to our team.