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Mad Monkey in 2023: A Year in Review

Mad Monkey, A Year in Review! by Mad Monkey Celebrating Resilience + Innovation in Travel To the dedicated team at Mad Monkey, As we embark on the exciting journey of 2024, it’s important to pause and reflect on the remarkable year that was 2023. It was a year that not only tested our resilience but also showcased our unwavering commitment to innovation and teamwork. Innovation and Learning Throughout the year, we embraced a culture of continuous improvement, transforming our business approach daily. Our dedication to innovation has been a driving force behind our success, leading to significant growth and development. Expansion and Achievement We proudly expanded Mad Monkey in 2023 to 22 locations, ranking us among the top 10 hostel companies worldwide and number one in Asia. Our new openings in Siquijor, Phuket, Dumaguete, Panglao, Koh Rong, Vang Vieng, Hanoi, and the reopening of Chiang Mai, Pai, and Luang Prabang were milestones in our journey. Team Growth and Safety Initiatives Our team grew significantly, with hundreds of new members joining the Mad Monkey family. We focused on thorough training and onboarding, ensuring everyone was aligned with our values and standards. Safety was a top priority, leading to a substantial reduction in serious incidents, a testament to our commitment to our guests. Customer Service and Partnerships Our response to customer inquiries was exemplary, with a 24×7 support system that garnered excellent feedback. We also expanded our offerings, partnering with Air Asia and enhancing our occupancy rates through new distribution channels. Legal and Technology Advancements It was a year free of serious legal issues, a significant achievement for our team. We also made substantial investments in technology, launching new apps and websites that enhanced our operational efficiency. Skill Development and Community Contribution We focused on providing our team with transferable skills and real-world certifications. Our community contributions were noteworthy, including supporting our 800+ team members and their families, organizing blood donations, cleaning local areas, and supporting educational and clean water initiatives. Events and Marketing Our hostels buzzed with exciting events, many supporting local communities. Our marketing efforts were relentless, creating thousands of campaigns and ensuring high occupancy rates. Gratitude and Acknowledgement The past year has been a remarkable display of what we can achieve together. Every team member has played a crucial role in our success, turning the impossible into possible. As the founders and leadership team, we extend our heartfelt thanks to every one of you. Your hard work and dedication have been the backbone of Mad Monkey’s success. We wish you and your families the happiest New Year and look forward to continuing our journey together in 2024. With love and appreciation, Steve, Tom, Ollie + AlexFounders of Mad Monkey

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Mad Monkey’s Community Impact in 2023, Q3

1. Blood Donation Drives: A Lifesaving Gesture Mad Monkey Luang Prabang, in collaboration with the Lao Red Cross, organized a Blood Donation Drive on July 28th, focusing on aiding the “Lao Friends Children’s Hospital Organisation.” This initiative, led by Niall Charles, offered guests a chance to contribute meaningfully, particularly in aiding children needing medical assistance. The drive was strategically located en route to the Kuang Si Waterfall, enabling both guests and locals to participate in this life-saving endeavor​​. Mad Monkey Cambodia organized simultaneous Blood Donation Drives in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. This collaborative effort aimed to benefit Kantha Bopha Phnom Penh and Angkor Children Hospital Siem Reap, two vital healthcare institutions catering to the needs of mothers and children in Cambodia. Furthermore, Mad Monkey Hanoi joined forces with a local blood donation initiative in Vietnam, underscoring our commitment to the well-being of the communities where we operate. The campaign emphasized the idea that every blood donation has the potential to save a life. By participating in this local blood donation effort, our guests and staff actively contributed to addressing the ongoing need for blood supplies in the region. 2. Water Quality Advocacy: Quenching Thirst for a Better World In Q3, Mad Monkey extended its support to organizations dedicated to providing clean water access to communities in need. Collaborating with entities like Waves for Water PH, The Karen Hilltribes Trust Thailand, and Gravity Water Vietnam, they conducted advocacy presentations across their hostels. Through these engagements, we aimed to raise awareness about the importance of clean water and garner support for sustainable water solutions. The presentations not only informed our guests but also facilitated fundraising efforts for the respective projects. 3. Big Backpacker Brunch: A Feast for a Cause On September 29th and 30th, Mad Monkey Hostels globally hosted the Big Backpacker Brunch, a community-building event that united guests over a shared meal. The proceeds from this brunch were donated to various charitable organizations, aiding local community projects in countries like the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Laos. This initiative successfully raised over $5500 USD, demonstrating the collective power of community engagement​​. 4. Football for Good: Goals Beyond the Field On September 19th, Mad Monkey Hanoi organized a Charity Football Match, emphasizing their dedication to community engagement and philanthropy. This event was not just a display of sportsmanship but also a fundraising opportunity, particularly benefiting Gravity Water Vietnam. It showcased the positive impact achievable through collective efforts​​. 5. World Tourism Day: Cleaning for a Cause Mad Monkey Siem Reap celebrated World Tourism Day by actively participating in a city cleaning initiative. This commitment was a demonstration of their dedication to a clean and sustainable community environment, aligning with their broader mission of being conscientious contributors to the places they operate in​​. The pride expressed in our team’s participation is a testament to the collective effort and commitment to making a positive impact beyond the confines of our hostels. As we contribute to keeping the community clean, we also strive to enhance the overall tourism experience for visitors and locals alike. This endeavor aligns with our broader mission to create not only vibrant and welcoming accommodations but also to be conscientious contributors to the places we call home. 6. End Polio Run: Striding Towards a Healthier Future Mad Monkey Panglao supported the Panglao Island Rotary Club’s End Polio Run on August 12th, contributing to the global effort to eradicate polio. The End Polio campaign represents not only a battle against a disease but also a pursuit of an improved tomorrow. Through immunization and prevention efforts, we strive to eradicate polio and…

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Mad Monkey Opening in Siquijor, Philippines!

Get ready to unleash your inner explorer because Mad Monkey is taking its thrilling, sustainable travel experiences to a brand new spot on the map — Siquijor, Philippines! Picture this: a captivating island in Visayas, brimming with culture, local healers, and mouthwatering cuisine. And guess what? Mad Monkey Siquijor is our sixth property in the Philippines is making its grand entrance in the enchanting Siquijor, Negros Islands! How to reach us at Mad Monkey Siquijor Located just a breezy 30-minute ride from the Siquijor port, and a cool 90-minute ferry journey from the Dumaguete-Sibulan Airport (DGT), this new hostel is the ultimate launchpad to some of the most amazing local attractions. We’re talking about the mesmerizing Old Balete Tree, the mystical Cantabon Cave, the awe-inspiring Cambughay Falls, and the historic Lazi Church. The adventure awaits! What awaits you at Mad Monkey Siquijor Now, let’s talk about the digs! Our Mad Monkey Hostel in Siquijor offers a variety of accommodation options to suit your style. Whether you’re all about the 4-Bed female Dorm, prefer some social vibes in the 6-bed, 8-bed, 12-bed, 14-bed, or 26-bed dorms, we’ve got you covered! And that’s not all – get ready to indulge in a dreamy lineup of facilities, including a massage room (because self-care is essential), a vibrant bar and restaurant, a massive double deck outdoor swimming pool with slide, and even a basketball court for some friendly competition. And let’s not forget the food and drinks! Prepare your taste buds for a feast of fresh homemade goodness and our signature cocktails. Whether you’re a guest or a local, everyone’s invited to savor the delights of Mad Monkey! Mad Monkey Siquijor is Opening December 2023 December 13, 2023 is the big date, and we’re beyond excited to welcome young travelers, digital nomads, local guests, and globetrotters from around the world to experience the true spirit of Mad Monkey hospitality. Prepare for unforgettable nights filled with cultural experiences and thrilling events – it’s the Mad Monkey way! Want to join the adventure? Start planning your trip now! For more information and bookings, hop on over to our website at  Let’s make some wild memories together in Siquijor – see you there! Looking to secure the best deals? To secure the best deals and rewards, and to fully immerse yourself in the Mad Monkey Experience, we encourage guests to book through our dedicated Mad Monkey Experience App. Alternatively, find more information about Mad Monkey Siquijor or our MMXP Mad Monkey Experience App here.

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Mad Monkey Opening in Dumaguete, Philippines!

Mad Monkey Unveils Newest Haven for Wanderers in Dumaguete, Philippines Dumaguete, Philippines – Get ready for the ultimate adventure as Mad Monkey, the trailblazing hostel chain in Southeast Asia, gears up to open its vibrant new outpost in the heart of Dumaguete City, Negros Islands, Philippines. The fifth jewel in Mad Monkey’s Philippines crown, this lively hub promises a dose of culture, a dash of heritage, and a buffet of local flavors. Known for its rich history and savory cuisine, Dumaguete sets the stage for Mad Monkey’s latest endeavor. The hostel, just a 10-minute drive from Dumaguete-Sibulan Airport (DGT) and 5 minutes from the city center, strategically places guests at the gateway to Apo Island, Manjuyod Sandbar, Casaroro Falls, and Red Rock Hot Springs. Prepare for a stay like no other with a variety of accommodations to suit every taste. From the camaraderie of 6-bed and 8-bed dorms to the comfort of 6-bed female dorms and standard ortriple private rooms. Dive into a sea of amenities, including a bar and restaurant, an inviting outdoor swimming pool, and a chill courtyard perfect for lazy afternoons. Why Visit Mad Monkey in Dumaguete But what sets Mad Monkey apart isn’t just the comfy beds or cool hangout spots. It’s the promise of epicurean delights and signature cocktails that dance on your taste buds. Guests and locals alike are in for a treat with Mad Monkey’s fresh homemade cuisine. Did we also mention the killer cocktails served with a side of good vibes. So when is the big launch? The countdown begins as Mad Monkey Hostel Dumaguete swings its doors open on January 15, 2024. Young travelers, digital nomads, local explorers, and global adventurers, get ready to embrace the Mad Monkey brand of hospitality. Oh, and don’t of course those unforgettable nightly events! For those eager to secure their spot in this tropical paradise, bookings are now open! For more information and to book your stay, head to Mad Monkey Dumaguete. Get set to go bananas in Dumaguete with Mad Monkey – where every stay is an adventure waiting to happen!

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Mad Monkey CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Report | Q2 2023

A joyful CSR Fiesta in Panglao, Philippines Mad Monkey Panglao joined the vibrant Bgy. Danao – Daorong Fiesta, a community celebration that fostered connections with the residents of Bgy. Danao. In line with our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), we made a meaningful contribution by offering a cash prize of 3K and additional prizes worth 2K which included an assortment of delightful treats including biscuits, chocolates, candies, chips, and drinks for the children. Our involvement added an extra touch of joy and excitement to this festive event. Backpacker Brunch in Hoi An, Vietnam Mad Monkey Hostels’ partnership with Children’s Hope in Action (CHIA) allowed us to play a significant role as a major sponsor in a remarkable project—the repainting of an entire school building in anticipation of schools reopening in Vietnam. The event itself was an immersive experience, starting with a delectable 2-hour free flow brunch buffet that satisfied attendees’ taste buds. The energy soared as the festivities continued with an exciting pool party featuring a talented live DJ. Adding to the excitement, guests had the opportunity to participate in a charity raffle with enticing prizes up for grabs. This initiative not only showcases our dedication to creating a positive impact in the lives of Vietnamese children but also strengthens our support for CHIA’s noble mission. Thanks to the collective efforts of our attendees and supporters, we successfully raised an impressive $1,217 for CHIA, further empowering their impactful initiatives. Together, we are making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most. Doing our part for the community animals in Siargao, Philippines Mad Monkey Siargao remains steadfast in our dedication to animal welfare, and this commitment was exemplified through our active involvement in the Strategic Power for Animal Respondents (SPAR) Philippines initiative. SPAR provides vital services, including free vaccination, spaying, and neutering, for community cats and dogs. To rally support for this initiative, Mad Monkey strategically placed sign-up posters within our hostel, encouraging guests to contribute and participate in this worthy cause. Through a range of efforts, including a special F&B Promo and donating a percentage of our walk-in revenue for the month of May, we successfully raised Php 5,000. Our collaborative efforts with SPAR Philippines highlight the importance we place on animal welfare, as we continue to make a positive impact within the community. Together, we are championing the well-being of our furry friends and creating a better future for them. World Ocean Day, various locations across Southeast Asia In honor of World Ocean Day, Mad Monkey Hostels embarked on a remarkable journey to celebrate and raise awareness with a series of captivating CSR events under the theme “Planet Ocean: Tides are Changing.” Our primary goals revolved around highlighting the significance of ocean conservation, providing guests with engaging and educational experiences, and promoting sustainable tourism and eco-friendly practices. In a synchronized effort, each of our hostels passionately embraced this initiative, organizing a range of activities designed to make a positive impact. These included invigorating beach clean-ups, captivating ocean-themed nightly activities, and enticing food and beverage promotions. Through these events, we not only nurtured a sense of responsibility toward our oceans but also encouraged active guest participation in preserving and safeguarding our invaluable marine ecosystems. CSR Efforts at Mad Monkey Gili T Mad Monkey Gili T made an enthusiastic and impactful celebration of World Ocean Day, extending the festivities over two consecutive days, on June 7 and 8 (Wednesday and Thursday). The event commenced with a Beach Cleanup on Wednesday, where dedicated participants joined forces to clear the beach, promoting environmental consciousness and embodying our commitment…

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