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Sihanoukville to Siem Reap. It’s a no brainer…
With Siem Reap harbouring some serious ancient temple action, and Sihanoukville being the gateway to the tropical islands of Cambodian paradise, these two destinations should both be cemented on your itinerary.
Only one slight complication…

Unfortunately these two destinations are on complete opposite sides of the country, lying further apart than the guitar strumming Gallagher brothers.
Breathe easy…
While it’s still one of life’s great mysteries whether the Gallagher brothers will reunite to form Oasis once again, the 200 mile journey from Sihanoukville to Siem Reap is in your own hands. If you’re talking to someone who knows the inside scoop on the transport situation, that is.
That’s why we’re here…
As with all other major transport routes in Cambodia, here is a full list of the cheapest, fastest, safest, and best transport options from Sihanoukville to Siem Reap (and back again).
Stuff your bags ladies and gents, we’re hitting the road…


Sihanoukville to Siem Reap


Best Transport Options: Sihanoukville To Siem Reap (& Back Again)

Good evening monsieur and madam, welcome to the transport express. On tonight’s tantalizing transporting menu, we’ll be serving you up some treats from Sihanoukville to Siem Reap. Today’s specials are the plane, the bus, and the mini bus / bus combo meal.
They’re all great options depending on your budget and itinerary.


Sihanoukville To Siem Reap – By Plane


Sihanoukville To Siem Reap - By Plane - Best Transport Options: Sihanoukville To Siem Reap (& Back Again)
Sihanoukville To Siem Reap – By Plane © Courtesy of cambodia angkor air


The increase in speed of a journey tends to go hand in hand with the price. This is no different…
Unsurprisingly, flying from Sihanoukville to Siem Reap is by far the quickest option, with the flight time coming in at just under an hour.
Hope you stumbled across some buried treasure on the islands…
The tickets for this one way flight can stretch from $100 to $160 depending on the season and the time you make the booking.
If you’re pressed for time and have a few extra sheckles to shell out on transport, this trip will save you at least 10 hours of overland travel.
Stepping up to the aviation plate today, there are 3 airlines to choose from, one of which will break your bank…

Cambodia Angkor Air  ($115 – $150) – CAA is the real favourite in Cambodia for travelers. This is all thanks to its top-notch safety standards which are always heavily policed by the government.
Cambodia Angkor Air departure timetable:
Sihanoukville to Siem Reap: Daily @ 4:50pm
Siem Reap to Sihanoukville: Daily @ 11:50am

Sky Angkor Airlines ($110 – $160) – With standards similar to CAA, Sky Angkor is another good option to fly with. They are slightly smaller airline. They make the flight 4 times a week during high season, and sometimes eliminate it entirely during low season.
Sky Angkor Airlines departure timetable:
Sihanoukville to Siem Reap: Mon, Tues, Weds, Fri @ 10:30pm
Siem Reap to Sihanoukville: Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun @ 10:30am
Tighten those purse strings ladies and gents, this next airline is attempting to hustle you…
Cambodia Bayon Airlines (Extortionate) – We’d recommend avoiding this airline like the plague. Flights are overpriced, irregular, hard to book, and they are also flying with lackluster Chinese MA60 planes, which have been outlawed in a number of countries.
Once again, flight time from Sihanoukville to Siem Reap should be just under an hour. Both airports are slightly out of the centre of town so be prepared to grab a shuttle bus or a tuk tuk.

Sihanoukville International Airport’s location – Map View.

Siem Reap International Airport’s location – Map View.


Sihanoukville To Siem Reap – By Night Bus


Sihanoukville To Siem Reap - By Night Bus Best Transport Options: Sihanoukville To Siem Reap (& Back Again)


There are a few local companies that run a direct overnight bus between SIhanoukville and Siem Reap.
We must make it clear…
These journeys get a lot of bad reviews and press online. There are some horror stories and safety hazards on this overnight route.
Saying that…
We have tested this journey a number of times and found it very acceptable. Sorting yourself an overnight sleeper bus will save you a schlepping through the burning heat of the day, and if your pharmaceutical friends (diazepam or xanax) are on board, you’ll be sleeping like a baby.
Virak Buntham bus have a very bad reputation on this route, so would avoid them. Instead, investigate traveling with Sorya or GST.
As we mentioned, do some research and get some advice from your hostel staff before making this journey. The overnight trip should take around 10 hours and have you on the other side in time for breakfast!


Sihanoukville To Siem Reap – By Bus

If the night bus terrors are too much for you to handle…
Don’t worry, there are some pretty stellar daytime options that will get you from Sihanoukville to Siem Reap. This safer stretch of road will take you a slightly more scenic route, via Phnom Penh.

Capitol Tours are the bus company to side with for this journey.
Capitol Tours departure timetable:
Sihanoukville to Siem Reap (via Phnom Penh): 7am, 7:30am, 8:00am, 9am (2:30pm, 5:30pm connection in Phnom Penh)
Siem Reap to Sihanoukville (via Phnom Penh): 6:30am (2:30pm connection in Phnom Penh)
Capitol Tours Siem Reap Ticket Office: Map View.
Capitol Tours Phnom Penh Bus Ticket Office: Map View.
Tickets cost around $14 and the journey will take at least 12 hours. I spy with my little eye…


Sihanoukville To Siem Reap – By Mini Bus & Bus

If you like to mix things up, variety being the spice of life and all…
We’ve got a combo meal deal right here for you. Behold, the mini bus & bus combo.
There are a number of local companies that have this meal deal on offer. It includes a mini bus for the Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh leg of the journey, and then a full size bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap.
Slight downsides…
Journey can take a little longer, up to 14 hours, and the combo meal is slightly more expensive (over $12) than sticking to the full size bus.
If the combo meal is tickling your fancy…

We’d recommend traveling with Mekong Express. They have some of the most up to date wagons on the Cambodian roads, and are renowned for having high safety standards.
Mekong Express departure timetable:
Sihanoukville to Siem Reap: 7am, 8:30am
Siem to Sihanoukville: 7am, 8:30am
Mekong Express Siem Reap Ticket Office: View Map.
Mekong Express Sihanoukville Ticket Office: View Map.
Secret sauce…

Book your bus more than a day in advance to earn yourself a free pick-up to take you to the bus station. Also, you’ll usually save yourself a couple dollars if you book directly through the ticket office or online (instead of travel agents).
Be sure to bring plenty of water and cross your fingers that the air conditioning is on. These chariots can get more hot and sticky than the devil’s bollocks after going for his morning jog through hell.
You’ll be stepping off into the heaven vibes of Sihanoukville or Siem Reap before you know it, though.
Safe travels!
To gear yourself up for the wonders of your next destination, check out our Siem Reap Travel Guide for Backpackers or Sihanoukville Travel Guide for Backpackers.



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