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The Kampot nightlife scene is a prime example of why you should never judge a book by its cover.
Many travelers can be easily fooled…

The town gives the allure of being tranquil, serene and the ultimate place to chill out, which it certainly is. However, dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that this relaxed riverside gem also has a very strong nightlife game.

And dig a little deeper we shall…


Kampot Nightlife - Confetti


Kampot Nightlife: Best Bars, Clubs & Events

Having bar crawled all over Cambodia, we’re constantly piecing together everything we just about remember from our wondrous experiences among the Kampot nightlife scenes to bring you the ultimate guide.

There’s one Kampot rooftop bar and two intimate weekend riverside parties that will be sending euphoric tingles down your spines. We’ll delve into how you can experience the same drunken fairytales later in this piece.

Whether you’re looking to have a chilled one, a few cheeky sundowners or dance your socks off until sunrise, there’s a little something in the Kampot nightlife scene for all you.
So, all the way from the quiet evenings to the all-nighters…
This is the breakdown of the best bars, clubs and nightlife antics that should be neatly slotted into your Kampot nightlife itinerary…


Kampot Nightlife: Chilled Antics

For those of you that are feeling like maxing and relaxing in an environment that’s not too taxing…


Ecran Movie House

Hey now, we’ve all been there…
The endless drinking, partying and marauding from destination to destination can eventually leave us craving a night cuddled up for a good old fashioned movie night.
Forget jamming in your hostel bed trying to stream the latest blockbuster…

The Ecran Movie House is the place to come for those who want a proper Netflix & chill session amongst the Kampot nightlife.
The cinema has a thirty-seat room that shows movies every night and admission is only around $3.
Better still…

You can rent your own private movie room anytime from 11am – 9pm (except Tuesdays). Your own little movie haven will be kitted out with futons, cushions and a 51” plasma screen.
Ecran boasts a catalogue of over 1,300 movies to choose from. Laugh yourself silly with a comedy, poo your panties over a horror or bend reality with a psychological thriller.
Feeling the vibe…

Grab some beers, a load of munchies and get yourself booked in. If you’re looking to herb a good time, smoking is only allowed in the private rooms.

Location: Old Market St, Krong Kampot, Cambodia – VIEW MAP
Phone:  +855 93 249 411


Kampot Nightlife: Rooftop Bars, Live Music & Sundown Spots

As the witching hour approaches, the time has come to wet your whistle and watch the sun shimmer past the horizon…


Mad Monkey Hostel Rooftop Jungle Bar

Sunset seekers rejoice…

Thanks to it’s glorious positioning right on the river and coastline, Kampot plays host to some of the most funky sunsets you will ever have the pleasure of gazing at.
Now, if you’re looking for the best sunset in town…
There’s no better place to experience this than at our very own rooftop Jungle Bar.
Up in the heavens…

The Jungle Bar is fully astro-turfed and glistens into the evening with a delicately arranged collection of fairy lights. From the rooftop you can see all the way across town, passed the river and over the rolling mountains in the distance.
There’s always a buzzy atmosphere. Cheap, cheerful and perfectly chilled Angkor beers are on tap.

Beautiful scenes.

If you’re in town on a Wednesday, and not already staying here, definitely come and join us for the weekly rooftop Beer Pong tournament. Nothing but nylon!


Kampot Nightlife: Rooftop Bars, Live Music & Sundown Spots


Location: Riverside Road, Krong Kampot, Cambodia VIEW MAP
Contacts:+855 96 872 9525 | WEBSITE
Hours: Temporarily Closed



Sunset serenading sessions…

Tantrei is one of the of the best live music spots in Kampot. They don’t just let any old Betty, Bill or Ben get up on stage; some very talented musicians are usually jamming here.
The show goes on…

However, the owners Andy and Bel are both extremely relaxed. If the urge kicks in to take to the stage and get your Arctic Monkeys on, they will be more than happy to let you have a crack.
The bar itself is idyllically located on the rooftop of the guesthouse with exposed brick walls and a charming balcony.

We’d recommend getting down there early (tends to get quite busy) and score the big comfy couch in the corner before the other guests nestle their bums into it, hands down the best seat in the house!


Tantrei - Kampot Nightlife: Rooftop Bars, Live Music & Sundown Spots - Kampot Nightlife: Backpackers Guide To Best Bars, Clubs & Events 2017


Location: ផ្លូវលេខ ៧២០, Krong Kampot, Cambodia – VIEW MAP


Oh Neil’s Irish Bar

What’s the difference between a good bar and a great bar?

Oh Neil’s answers that question, because the minute you walk through the doors you feel right at home. The owner, Neil the great, bends over backwards to make sure you feel a part of the family.
The crowd is a friendly blend of happy locals, regular drinkers and bypassing backpackers; all of whom are muttering sweet nothings to each other in a variety of languages.
The decoration is certainly more tiki-style than old fashioned Irish, however the cabinet is fully stocked with the classic Irish whiskeys.

It’s located right on the riverfront and is a great place to sink a couple before heading out for some more moonlight madness.
Come and have a ‘craic’.


Oh Neil's Irish Bar - Kampot Nightlife: Rooftop Bars, Live Music & Sundown Spots - Kampot Nightlife: Backpackers Guide To Best Bars, Clubs & Events 2017


Location: Riverside Rd, Kampot, Cambodia –VIEW MAP
Contact: +855 15 207 790 | Facebook
Hours: Daily 5:30 p.m. to 5 a.m.



The secret garden…

This spot is one of Kampot’s best-kept backpacker secrets. Live music at the Greenhouse is not as regular a feature as it should be, but if you happen to be in town for one of their events, get it in your diary.
It’s the most rogue of the sundowner live music options because it’s quite a way out of town and completely off the beaten track.


You are going to be perched right on the riverfront and will be welcomed not only by soft and sensual beats, but a view nothing but 100% Cambodian homegrown untouched natural beauty.
Greenhouse is a sophisticatedly charming experience. Enjoy it if you can.


Greenhouse - Kampot Nightlife: Rooftop Bars, Live Music & Sundown Spots - Kampot Nightlife: Backpackers Guide To Best Bars, Clubs & Events 2017


Location: St. Toek Chhu, Kampot, Cambodia – VIEW MAP
Contact:  +855 88 886 3071 | WEBSITE
Hours: Daily from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.


Kampot Nightlife: All Night Parties

Right, it’s party time. We’re going from dusk till dawn…


Banyan Tree

Rebecca Black spoke the truth in her catchy yet disgraceful tune – ‘You gotta down on Friday!’

Yes you do, but certainly not to that song!
And when it comes to getting down in style on a Friday night in Kampot, there’s no best place than at the Banyan Tree. Magic happens here.

Banyan Tree hugs the riverbank just a short tuk-tuk ride outside of Kampot’s centre. All the backpackers who know what they are doing, will head here to dance their socks off all the way through Friday night.
There’s an intimate and fantastical atmosphere here, helped by the cheap drink and great music. Cambodia’s famous, Kampot Playboys, tend to take to the stage for some live music to kick off proceedings before locals, guests and other backpackers can spin their favourite music.
The terraced bar is illuminated with fairy lights and no shortage backpackers taking a late night dip in the river.

Words can only describe the joyous scenes, make sure you go and live the dream for yourselves.


Banyan Tree - Kampot Nightlife: All Night Parties


Locaton: Tuek Chhu Rd, Krong Kampot, Cambodia VIEW MAP

Contact: +855 78 665 094


Naga House

Those still reeling from the Friday festivities, dust off your dancing shoes, get a cocktail down you, it’s on like Donkey Kong again this Saturday night.

Once again, no need for any kind of decision making here. The only place to really party in Kampot on a Saturday night is at Naga House.
The fiesta is conveniently located next to Banyan Tree and also right on the banks of the Praek Tuek Chhu River.
There is always a lovely crowd of both locals and backpackers who groove the night away to all sorts of hip-hop, soul, reggae and techno revelations.

Naga House’s Happy Hour is from 4pm to 7pm if you want to get those pre drinks going early.
No shirt, no shoes, no problems at Naga House. Do it.


Kampot Nightlife - Naga House


Location: Tuek Chhu Rd, Kampot, CambodiaVIEW MAP
Contact: +855 12 289 916


How’s that hangover…

All of these bars, live-music spots and nightlife options are amazing and ethically sustainable establishments. Each of them will make sure you make the most of your backpacking adventure through the Kampot nightlife.

If you’re head isn’t feeling too steam-rolled after the late night festivities, there is a whole load of wonderful local experiences that really shouldn’t be missed while in Kampot. Be sure to have a scroll through our “Things to do in Kampot”.


Our doors are always open, and the red carpet is rolled out for anyone who wants to come and chill by the pool, grab a bite to eat, knock back a few drinks on the rooftop or just say hi.
Come and join the family…
Grab yourself a bed at our Mad Monkey Hostel in Kampot right here.

Bottoms up.



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