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No Sex Tourists

Let us be 100% clear – if you bring a sex worker back to a Mad Monkey Hostel we will ask you to leave. If the sex worker is underage we will report you to the authorities and follow up to be sure you are held responsible.

Do not stay with us if you are a sex tourist.

Aside from moral implications, commercial sex in some parts of Asia has alarmed the World Tourism Organization because of its negative impact on society. The prevalence of sex tourism has encouraged foreign men to visit the region and meet local girls for sex. These men often do not realize that:

  • These exchanges are physically unsafe for all parties. It’s estimated that at least 3 in 10 sex workers in Southeast Asia are not regularly checked for STDs.
  • Many of the sex workers in Southeast Asia (though of course not all) have a drug dependency issue that their trade perpetuates
  • Prostitution in many countries, like Cambodia, is illegal and can carry a custodial sentence
  • There are many ‘sex sting operations’ wherein sex workers will steal from their clients, and possibly extort them later
  • Many sex workers in Southeast Asia are effectively slave prisoners to criminal gangs, or they’re trapped in a cycle of economic slavery
  • Every dollar you spend in the sex industry simply serves to increase demand and perpetuate misery

Unfortunately, the sex trade has come to be seen as a quick way to earn money. Sex tourism has become a part of the modern culture in Southeast Asia. Parents who are unemployed and/or dependent on drugs or alcohol have often allowed their kids to engage in the sex trade as they think that it can save them from poverty. In the worst-case scenarios, children are sold into slavery to pay off debts.

As a business we absolutely do not condone any part of the sex industry. Anyone who participates in it is not welcome on our properties. We will do absolutely everything in our power to apprehend any child abusers that we come across and pursue prosecution.