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Cambodia is a sought-after destination for travelers and tourists alike, and with Phnom Penh as the capital, it is fair to say that many go to experience the exotic and beautiful city. Thankfully Phnom Penh have a variety of different types of accommodation and the most popular are guesthouses and hostels.

Your Expectations

A Phnom Penh guesthouse can have all you need to be able to feel safe and secure when traveling, and is a good base to keep when sleeping and relaxing. With many travelers using guesthouses it is also a great place to meet others and make long lasting friends. What can be expected in a Phnom Penh guesthouse is quality service and also clean facilities, it is worth noting that quality service and a great place to say does not have to be expensive, and even the lower priced guesthouses can be extremely comfortable and offer a wide range of services.
Many guesthouses include clean towels, bedding, food (which may or may not be included in the price) and also one of the most important nowadays, free wifi! Obviously the Mad Monkey Guesthouse Phnom Penh is the leader of the pack, but only really if you are young and looking to party.  The Mad Monkey is an awesome place to stay if you are under 30, want to get laid, want to meet new people or just be in party central of the South East Asia backpacking circuit.  If you are not looking for an active and fun place to stay and like your quiet time then The Mad Monkey is not for you.  If you are young and you want to party and meet hundreds of other backpackers then you dont even need to read the rest of this article – just follow this link to our Guesthouse in Phnom Penh and make your booking.


Making Friends

Once the necessities have been found, the social scene is very important, especially for those traveling alone and wanting to make new friends and meet people. Since many consider guesthouses in Phnom Penh to be the meeting place of European and American travelers this is a place where friends and travel buddies can meet. Many guesthouses have bars, social rooms, games rooms, quiet areas and even gardens where socializing is paramount. If you want to meet friends then stay at a hostel, if you dont want to make friends then choose one of the quieter backpackers guesthouses like Mini Banana or 88.



For some, location is everything, and this can be true especially when traveling. Depending on the own wants and needs of the traveler, some would prefer the hustle and bustle of being in the center of Phnom Penh, whilst others would prefer somewhere on the outskirts and not as busy.
One of the most popular districts for guesthouses is the upmarket and trendy BKK1, where many expats and foreigners stay. BKK1 is considers extremely charming, and a great place with bars, clubs, shops, and also government buildings. Since there are so many different places to visit in BKK1 this makes a great place for guesthouses, since there are great tourists destinations, with a great day and night life.  Golden Street in BKK1 is also backpacker central – just like Koh San Road is in Bangkok – so if you want to be where the action is you will need to look around the BKK1 area.
If you are however looking for a different type of action then Sisowath Quay has so much to offer, where locals and tourists absorb the relaxing atmosphere with restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and the great view. Guesthouses will be easy to find here for all types of budgets. Other great locations that should be considered that has a variety of guesthouses are Wat Phnom, where you can find many things to offer. Prek Leap district has a great nightlife, with karaoke and a whole host of live shows. Be aware though this is the red light area and not the best place to stay for single western females, if you are looking for safe and secure non hooker related action head around BKK1.


Popular Guesthouses

There are many guesthouses that have so much to offer and are considered some of the most popular places to stay. One that is highly recommended by past guests locals is The Mad Monkey which is located in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Kampot, all of which are extremely popular. The Mad Monkey has been awarded with three certificates of excellence between the years 2012 to 2014, and this is due to their high level of service, extremely friendly and helpful staff and of course the facilities, which include towels, luggage storage, a library, clean towels, social scene, bars and an ATM. Furthermore past guests compliment the facilities as being clean and a pleasure to stay at.  Be aware of course it is a young crowd – so stay here if you are a backpacker looking for fun or if you are a single women and not if you are looking for tranquility.
Me Mates Place is another great hostel in Phnom Penh, where the beds are comfortable, with fresh linen, high speed wifi and also free access to a pool. Another key point is that the showers are western and the premises are overall clean and the staff are helpful and polite. With no curfew and 24 hour security, you can rest assure that you will be safe and secure.
Nomads Hostel is located in a popular tourist area and also overlooks one of the few green areas in the city. With friendly staff and help available at all times many guests are happy and content staying at this guesthouse. Meals are available and also there is a laundry service.
The Royal Inn is 1.8km for the city center and just minutes away from the Royal Palace. It is overall a modern hostel and has been newly refurbished to include air condition, tea and coffee preparation, fax service and lounge.
Overall a Phnom Penh guesthouse has everything that a person could need and with clean rooms and friendly service you will not be disappointed.

About the Author

Mad Monkey is Southeast Asia’s leading hostel operator — born in Cambodia with more properties in Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Laos, and the Philippines. We pride ourselves in creating meaningful and sustainable travel experiences for our guests, whilst promoting socially responsible tourism.