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Welcome to Part 4 of our top 250 Most Influential Travel Instagram Accounts of 2019! Check them out to discover beautiful places, captured with a unique edge. Each of these Instagrammers has an inspirational story to tell and we love following them on their adventures!
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#151 – @the_flyaway_girl

A UK Travel Blogger on a Captivating Mission

Penelope Louise is a travel blogger and body positive influencer from the United Kingdom. She’s visited over 50 countries across the globe, and her mission is to see every country in Europe. Her progress? Roughly three-quarters of the way through. Follow her for travel photos that are sunny, vibrant, and welcoming. She describes herself as a highly-caffeinated brit with a sense of wanderlust that is overwhelming on occasion. To find cheap flights for trips, she seeks out error fares and flash flight sales. Learn more about her here.



#152 – @renan_ozturk

An Award-Winning Photographer Documenting the Human Experience Around the Globe

Renan Ozturk constantly searches for projects that move him and tell a compelling story about the human experience. He has a deep passion for telling stories about the connections between humans and the natural world, and this often means immersing himself in some of the most challenging environments. Today he works as a filmmaker, an expedition climber for the North Face, and a photojournalist for Sony and National Geographic. Everything on his page is visually stunning, personal, and a brilliant array of windows into intriguing lives. Learn more about this award-winning photojournalist here.



#153 – @alisonsadventures

The 'Female Indiana Jones' and 'Oprah of Adventure'

Who doesn’t want to follow Alison Teal, the female Indiana Jones? That’s not just our opinion, but Time Magazine’s. Equally as notable, she’s also been called the ‘Oprah of adventure’ by Oprah herself. Alison is an avid explorer, conservationist, and television host. She travels the world seeking out great myths, legends, and mysteries, and educates others through entertainment. She is loved by millions of people of all ages across the globe, whom she engages effortlessly through her storytelling and sense of humor. For adventurous photos that are environmentally conscious, and filled with humor, we highly recommend giving her account a follow. Learn more about her here.



#154 – @veggiewayfarer

Blessed are the Curious for they Shall Have Adventures

Caroline was born and raised in Belgium. For as long as she can remember, her biggest passion has been travel, and even as a young child, she traveled to exotic places with her parents. She’s lived abroad in China and Spain, indulging in great food, and meeting interesting people from all over. A self-confessed foodie, she’s also a vegetarian, and her blog offers food guides for other vegetarians trying to adhere to a diet that doesn’t sacrifice deliciousness. Her blog also offers helpful resources for everyone looking to plan their next trip. Keep up with her journey here.



#155 – @waterthruskin

Lifestyle with a Conscience

Valeria Hinojosa is a green traveler, who is all about the good (hearted) things in life: eco-travel, ethical fashion, and plant-based food. She was born and raised in Bolivia but has been Miami based for the last decade. Many years ago, she made the brave decision to quit her job in private banking and pursue only the things that truly enrich her soul. Her Instagram page is a constant flow of positive messages, eco-friendly tips, and bright, welcoming photographs from across the globe. She’s been featured in a number of impressive publications, such as Forbes, People, and Elle. Learn more about her here.



#156 – @frederikschindler

A Nature-Loving Photographer with a Sweet Spot for European Scenery

Frederik Schindler is a Berlin-based filmmaker and photographer with a vast array of talents in both fields. He is a self-described optimist, with a love for nature, adventures and road trips. His page features captivating scenery from all across Europe, in locations such as Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland. He captures icy landscapes, snow-capped mountains, as well as gorgeous greenery and the brown hues of fall, often times from an aerial view. For nature photography that is shrouded in mysticism, you won’t be disappointed. Learn more about his work here.



#157 – @livelikeitsthewknd

Stop Living for the Weekend and Start Living for the Now

Michelle Rene has been on the road since 2016. This travel blogger, writer, and photographer left her corporate job many years back, to go on a year-long adventure around the world. Much to her surprise one year turned into a few years, and as of today, she’s a full-time traveler, documenting her experiences on her blog. While it doesn’t come with its challenges, Michelle enjoys the life of travel, namely being able to write about her experiences, take gorgeous photographs, and connect with local communities all around the world. She is extremely open about the hardships of her journey, preferring to convey reality as opposed to some idealized fantasy. Follow her experiences here.



#158 – @theawkwardtourist

An Awkward Traveler with a Thirst for Adventure

The awkward tourist is none other than Los Angeles based Kelly Pillar, a full-time content creator, traveler, and flight attendant. She travels the world with her fiance Kevin, searching for adventures that are both overseas and within the United States. Her blog was born a decade ago after her love for travel had fully developed, and her friends pointed out her inability to be cool in social situations. Since embarking on a life of frequent travel, she’s had a number of exhilarating experiences, namely cage diving with great white sharks, cruising down the Nile river, and seeing the Moai carvings on Easter Island. Follow her for upbeat photos taken all across the globe. Learn more about her here.



#159 – @travelingfro

An American Traveler Manifesting her Dream Life

For a long time, Jakiya Brown was content with corporate America. She worked for companies like L’Oreal and found it stimulating, as well as financially rewarding. In her late 20s, however, she realized something else was gnawing at her. She felt uninspired, unfulfilled, and generally burnt out. So she quit her glamorous, stable job, and traded it in for a life of unrestricted wanderlust and total freedom. Today, she travels full time, running a branding business that allows her to work from anywhere in the world. She aims to continue inspiring others stuck in a nine-to-five routine to take a leap of faith and create the life they want to live. See more of her work here.



#160 – @thelovelyescapist

A Traveler Inspiring You to Escape into the World

This lovely escapist is Angie, an American photographer, travel blogger, and all-around adventurer. Her love for travel began at a young age, starting with her first family trip to Europe. The urge to get out and see the world has never diminished. Today, she travels the world with her husband Layton, her travel companion and top supporter for many years. Through her blog, she hopes to inspire others to see the world and to also offer them helpful information so they can seek their travels responsibly, and with all they need to have the exact experience they desire. She believes strongly in the importance of expanding our horizons. Learn more about her here.



#161 – @mariathepilot

A Swedish Pilot Seeing the World from the Cockpit

Every traveler flies around the world, but not all of them fly the actual plane. Meet Maria Fagerström, a Swedish, full-time 737 airline pilot, part-time content creator, and self-confessed camera nerd. She’s based in Spain, but her work takes her all over the world. For a unique angle on the life of a traveler (namely, from the cockpit) you’ll love her page. If you’re extra curious about her lifestyle, Maria also creates travel vlogs on YouTube to allow viewers an even more immersive look into her life. Follow her journey here.



#162 – @jackharries

A Passionate Activist, Photographer, Traveler Bringing Awareness to the Issues that Matter

Jack Harries is a well-known English activist, documentary photographer, and traveler. His had his start on YouTube when he created a channel with his twin brother to document his gap year. Today, he is an ambassador for WWF and an extremely passionate activist, spreading environmentally conscious messages to inspire others to protect the Earth. His page features photos from all over the globe, including places like Kenya, Brazil, and Bhutan. If you’re looking for a traveler that’s passionate about world issues, we highly recommend giving him a follow. See his Instagram page here.



#163 – @anna.everywhere

A Polish Traveler Balancing Work and Play

Anna Karsten was born in Poland, and growing up, she didn’t think travel was a pursuit that was financially within reach. Instead, she worked hard at learning new languages and focused on developing marketable skills. Over time, she found herself landing jobs all over the world, and soon enough, a life of travel was hers. She’s lived in a number of different cities, including Amsterdam, Mexico City, and Cape Town. Today, she’s seen over 80 countries and has no intention of stopping the list there. She wants to overturn the idea that it’s impossible to have a serious job and travel the world. Learn more about her here.



#164 – @thisgirlcaneat

Chasing the Mouth-Watering Wonders of the World

New York-based Megan Murphy is a food and travel writer, recently voted one of Porthole’s top 10 travel influencers. A major foodie, she’s the one to turn to for restaurant and food reviews all over the world, and of course, heavenly food photos. Growing up in an Italian and Irish-American household, family and food were always intertwined. She claims her passion for food was not only shaped by her family, but also due to her years living in Italy, and her travel experiences around the world as a whole. For tasty travel, we recommend following her journey. Learn more about her work here.



#165 – @samevanslife

A Dynamic Traveler Turning Life into the Best Vacation Ever

This globetrotter is Sam Evans from Australia, a creative director, videographer and travel photographer seeking adventures all across the globe. His entire page feels like a party, with snapshots of him behind a DJ booth, silhouetted against nightclub neon lights, and dynamic shots of him skiing. His collection features photos from all over the world, including locations like Bali, the French Alps, and Monaco. For photos that feel exciting, alive and in motion, go ahead and give his page a follow. See his Instagram page here.



#166 – @bruinalexander

A North American Wanderer Capturing the Soul Underneath It All

Bruin Alexander’s life changed forever after a concussion ended his hockey career. It was a time of uncertainty, but these circumstances led him to pick up an old 35mm camera and creating the art that he shares with us today. An avid traveler, he appears to enjoy total immersion in nature, and the outdoors, adventuring through North America and occasionally making his way across the ocean to see places such as New Zealand, Scotland, and Iceland. His imagery is a visual feast, capturing perfectly the essences of different landscapes, and the soul-centering nature of a journey. Learn more about him here.



#167 – @earthwanderess

A Swedish Activist Traveling the World without Taking a Flight

Evelina Utterdahl is a Swedish traveler with a seemingly incurable case of wanderlust. A passionate climate activist and vegan, she is a unique kind of travel blogger, with the aim to travel everywhere without flying, to limit the size of her carbon footprint. For the longest time, she was able to maintain a nine-to-five job while also traveling, but these days she is a full-time traveler, making a living through freelance work and social media influencing. She believes strongly in the value of minimalism, only packing what is necessary and staying mindful always. See more of her work here.



#168 – @celinnedacosta

An Inspiring Adventurer Manifesting the Life of Her Wildest Fantasies

According to Celinne Da Costa, she is absolutely head-over-heels in love with the world. She was born in Rome, and almost as soon as she discovered the world beyond her borders, she wanted to see more of it. She worked briefly in New York City as a brand strategist, but eventually, she found herself giving it all up to manifest the life of her dreams. She wasn’t satisfied with corporate America, and instead wanted to see the world and create her own rules. So she embarked on a journey that was part social experiment: she would see the world, but only stay with people she’d met – not hotels, or anything of the sort. For almost a year, and in over 20 countries, she laid her fate in the hands of foreign strangers. Today is she is a branding and life design coach, helping others create the life they’ve only dreamed about. Learn more about her here.



#169 – @elhamhoxhalli

A Talented Photographer Capturing the Beauty of City Life

For striking architecture and street photography, wander over to Elham Hoxhalli’s impressive collection. He’s based in Freiburg, Germany, but travels the world every time he gets the chance. A true artist with light, he has a gift for perfectly encapsulating the unique beauty of every place he visits inside a photograph. He captures all sides of city life – the buildings, the street corners, the landmarks, and even the people. He’s also a Samsung Mobile Ambassador and occasionally shoots photos using this device. See his Instagram page here.



#170 – @travisburkephotography

An Artist and Athlete Capturing the Spirit of a Great Adventure

Travis Burke is a photographer, athlete and dream chaser committed to living a full life with no regrets. His approach to outdoor adventure photography is just as fearless as it is creative, and this is evident in his brilliant collection of work. He is fascinated by everything about nature, from deep space to the deep sea, and everything else in between. His photographs are vivid, truly capturing the spirit of adventure, and getting across the unique magnificence of every corner of nature. Travis is an unstoppable force, constantly pushing boundaries and taking his craft to greater levels. Learn more about him here.



#171 – @dontforget2move

Experts on Responsible Tourism Inspiring Us All to Make a Positive Impact

Jules and Christine are award-winning travel bloggers, adventurers, and experts on responsible tourism. Their message is an inspiring one: we should all aim to make a positive impact when we travel, paying attention to the effects we have on our surroundings and trying our best to ensure that travel is sustainable for all future generations. A message we can get behind. Jules and Christine explore some of the world’s most gorgeous locations and share their tips for how we can travel responsibly, and support local communities. With such a fantastic message, we highly recommend supporting their blog. See more of their work here.



#172 – @jordhammond

A UK Travel Photographer with a Gift for Capturing Spellbinding Scenes

Jordan Hammond is a travel photographer and storyteller, hailing from the United Kingdom. His passion has taken him all over the globe, from the mountains of Peru to the beaches of Sri Lanka. In his collection, you can expect epic depictions of world-famous landmarks, as well as the hidden, less-seen beauties. Colors are rich, sharp, and vivid, pulled together by extremely skilled photo compositions that light up the eyes. For consistently breathtaking photography bound to inspire you to take your next trip, we cannot recommend following Jordan enough. Learn more about him here.



#173 – @readysetjetset

A Texan Travel Addict Tempting You with Vibrant Photography

Haley is from Austin, Texas, and a self-proclaimed travel addict. She’s also a travel, adventure, and lifestyle photographer, always looking to explore new corners of the world, and at other times, her own hometown in Austin. Although she loves blogging, she considers herself a photographer first and foremost, and even sells prints through her website. Expect to see all sides of travel on her blog – the food, the landscapes, and the fun activities. For travel tips, tricks, accompanied by photos that are beautifully edited, well-composed, and perfect snapshots into cultures across the globe, go ahead and give her page a follow. Learn more about her here.



#174 – @roamaroo

Award-Winning Travel Bloggers Reinventing the American Dream

Behind this award-winning travel blog are travel couple, Scott and Collette. In 2015, they decided to quit their unfulfilling, corporate desk jockey jobs and completely reinvent what it meant to live the American Dream. They’ve been traveling full time since then, exploring hidden corners of the world, and inspiring others to do the same through imagery, as well as helpful guides. They’ve been featured in a number of impressive online publications, including Elite Daily, Huffington Post, LiveStrong, any many others. For uplifting, adventurous photos with a lot of romantic canoodling, give them a follow. See more of their work here.



#175 – @hey_ciara

An Inspiring Solo Adventurer Relishing the Unknown

If you’re looking for inspiration to travel solo, then Ciara has what you need. After working a corporate job for two years, this young adventurer made the brave decision to quit and travel full-time. She fell in love with travel after visiting Panama through a study abroad program, teaching basic accounting classes to indigenous communities. She realized she loved the feeling of stepping out into the unknown, but more than that, she enjoyed the exchange of cultures. Since then, she’d made travel her priority, and she continues to feel that living her corporate job was the best decision she ever made. Follow her for travel inspiration and vibrant, highly uplifting photos. Learn more about them here.



#176 – @girlvsglobe

A Storytelling Adventurer Giving You the Big Picture

Sabina Trojanova is based in Scotland, and she describes herself as an adventurer and flower child. She is a fantastic resource for all who are looking to take their next trip or increase their social media following, as she offers plenty of tips on both topics. Having spent most of her life flitting between different countries, travel comes naturally to her. Her photos cover all sides of travel, from food to landmarks, and adventurous activities. For all who are looking for more storytelling, and honest commentaries, Sabina is exactly the kind of traveler you need to follow. Learn more about her here.



#177 – @pema.travels

A Tibetan Travel Photographer and Vlogger Showing You the Magic of the Tropics

For gorgeously captured travel vlogs and the best of beach vibes, Pema’s blog is one that we recommend. Pema previously worked as a nurse, but today she’s a videographer, chasing turquoise waters and beach destinations all over the world. This Tibetan traveler has a gift for capturing the sun-soaked side of travel. Her Instagram collection features photos from all over, including locations like Panama, the Philippines, and Indonesia. If you’re a water child, a beach bum, or a lover of the tropics, then go ahead and give Pema’s blog a follow. See her Instagram page here.



#178 – @_nguan_

An Acclaimed Singaporean Photographer Capturing Big City Yearning

If you’re a sucker for urban photography from around the world, check out Nguan’s page. This Singaporean photographer offers a glimpse into the easily overlooked sides of city life, and travel. His snapshots are real, life-like, everyday images, not just focusing on the highlights, but the small, essential pieces of a whole. He claims his photographs are about big city yearning, ordinary fantasies, and emotional globalization. They feature a variety of places including China, Japan, and the United States. His photos are also featured permanently in the Singapore Art Museum. Learn more about him here.



#179 – @bethkirby

An Award-Winning Blogger and Photographer Sharing a Glimpse into her World

Beth Kirby is a nomadic photographer, entrepreneur, cook, and creator of the award-winning blog, Local Milk. Her blog is an extremely helpful resource for a number of different topics, from travel to motherhood to lifestyle, and of course, food. Expect stunning architecture, home decor, food, and snapshots of nature on her Instagram page, pulled together in shadow tones. Beth has a little bit of everything, including fascinating commentaries, and for that, we highly recommend giving her a follow. Her collection features locations all ‘round the globe, including Japan, France, and Italy. See her award-winning blog here.



#180 – @molllified

A Whimsical World Traveler with Impressive Editing Chops

If you like your travel and lifestyle photos with a lot of whimsy, then you will love Molly’s page. Molly, from San Francisco, is a software engineer, travel blogger, and all-around talented creative. Over the last few years, she has gone on unimaginable adventures – riding in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, climbing the Great Wall of China, and much more. Her photographs bloom with rich colors, like something from a storybook, and with skillful editing, the magic of each moment is superbly enhanced. She hopes to inspire others to see the places that they love. And for all who are interested in learning from her, she offers editing tutorials on her website. See more of her work here.



#181 – @shivya

A Multi-Talented Traveler Making the World Her Home

Shivya Nath sees herself as ‘just a girl who travels,’ but in reality, she is much more. In fact, there seems to be almost no end to what she can do – she’s a writer, storyteller, a digital nomad, a successful Instagrammer, a social entrepreneur, an environmentalist, and a solo traveler. Almost a decade ago, Shivya quit her corporate job to travel the world, and a couple of years later, she sold most of her belongings to commit completely to the nomadic life. Last year, Shivya also published a book about her travels entitled ‘The Shooting Star: A Girl, Her Backpack, and the World’ which skyrocketed to #1 on Amazon India, in the travel writing category. Shivya has inspired so many, and we are sure she will only continue to do so. Keep up with her fantastic journey here.



#182 – @mishandkirk

Inspiring Eco-Travelers Spreading Good Vibes Across the Globe

Mish and Kirk, an Australian travel couple, are proud sustainable living advocates, and self-proclaimed ‘protectors of the earth and sea.’ These world explorers are living the dream of travel, immersing themselves in foreign cultures, learning new ways of life, communing with locals, and reducing their carbon footprint whenever they can. They can be found gallivanting all across the globe, frolicking in the hills of Switzerland, trekking across the Dubai desert, and gazing up at Joshua trees in Southern California. For lively travel photos and lots of snuggling, go give their page a follow. Learn more about them here.



#183 – @bennybystrom

Capturing the Dark Beauty of Europe's Best Landscapes

For beautiful, haunting landscapes from all over the world, Benny Bystrom is a force to be reckoned with. Benny is a Sweden based photographer who’s traveled all across Northern Europe in search of raw landscapes and fresh stories to tell. Where he grew up in the North of Sweden continues to be a big inspiration to him and his art, and this is evident in his work. His photography features some of Europe’s most beautiful natural sites, in countries such as Iceland, Norway, and Italy. Watching his journey unfold will be exciting, and we highly recommend following his page. Learn more about him here.



#184 – @lizah

An Adventurer Catching Flights, Not Feelings

A few years ago, Alizah Akiko was working a corporate job, making money for the sake of it, and numbed to the happenings of every day. Eventually, a realization hit her: she had to do something for herself, and she couldn’t sit idly by, all because she was scared of what other people might think. That was when she decided to turn her life into an adventure. Today, Alizah is a successful travel blogger, jet setting all across the globe and documenting her experience in striking photographs. She can be found perched in the hills of New Zealand, kayaking through Mexico, and leaping into lakes in the Philippines. Keep up with her journey here.



#185 – @ptpassages

An American Physical Therapist Seeking Adventures Overseas

Amanda Grace wears a few different hats: she’s a licensed physical therapist, a traveler, and a travel blogger. Although she’s based in Virginia, she escapes her city every so often, seeking out new adventures in overseas lands. On her blog, she shares travel guides and physical therapy tips with everyone who shares the same interests. She’s visited a number of fascinating places all around the globe, including Portugal, Thailand, and Puerto Rico. With such interesting content, we expect her follower count will spike very soon. Learn more about her here.



#186 – @annapurnauna

A UK Travel Photographer and Writer with a Love for Foreign Lands

Annapurna Mellor is a travel photographer and writer, hailing from the United Kingdom. Her love for foreign lands developed at a young age, as she lived in the Middle East and later Australia, as a small child. Annapurna’s passion for travel and photography deepened into a love for storytelling and capturing foreign cultures. Over the last five years, she has seen these same passions become a full-fledged career. Today, she’s seen significant success in both these fields and has been published by the National Geographic Traveler, Lonely Planet, Canon, and more. Keep up with her journey here.



#187 – @yann__b

A French Photographer Capturing the Authentic Moments an Exciting Journey

Yann Bervas, from Hossegor in France, captures all that we love about the outdoors lifestyle: camping, gazing out over lakes, hiking through the gorgeous wilderness, all the moments in between, and so much more. His photographs are tranquil, yet filled with beaming friends and an underlying excitement for the journey. There is a sense of a great, unspoken adventure. He is extremely passionate about travel, and with his camera, he aims to capture authentic moments and tell stories through imagery. Through his blog, he hopes to inspire more people to escape their routine and feel more at home in nature. See more of his work here.



#188 – @yuma_and_laura

A Bengal Cat and Her Human Exploring the European Wilderness

Photos of humans adventuring are in abundance but rarely do we see a cat going on adventures. Meet Yuma, a beautiful Bengal cat who explores the European wilderness with his owner, Laura Vilser. Yuma and Laura are based in Germany, but both are lovers of nature and the outdoors. Follow them as they adventure through the Dolomites, Bavarian forests, and small villages in the Czech Republic. Not only is Yuma an adorable kitty, but Laura’s photos are absolutely striking, capturing Yuma’s unique stripes as well as the beauty of nature perfectly. See their Instagram page here.



#189 – @wemovedabroad

Californian Travel Photographers Addicted to the Adventure

Many years ago, Alex and Lucille left their jobs as software engineers in California and took a total leap of faith. They sold their possessions, booked a one-way ticket to Bali, and threw themselves completely into a life of adventure. Today these self-confessed travel addicts and photographers explore the world, documenting their experiences as they go. As slow-travelers, they make sure to spend a significant amount of time in each place, not just coming and going for the sake of ticking a box. Their photos are stunning, creative, and filled with joy, and occasional acrobatics. See more of their work here.



#190 – @sayingyesis

Traveling the World, Saying Yes to a Great Time

David and Nadia have been full-time travelers for half a decade, exploring every corner of the globe and chowing down on scrumptious delicacies wherever they go. Through their blog, they hope to spread the word about how easy it can be to start the digital nomad life, or at the very least, how easy it can be to book that trip you’ve always dreamed of and make it the best adventure ever. They make their living on the road and claim that they’ve even been able to restrict their workload to three working days a week only. To make the most out of their helpful tips, give them a follow. Learn more about them here.



#191 – @agirlwhoblooms

An Irish Travel Couple Learning to Love the Unfamiliar

Meet Siobhan and Joe, a travel couple hailing from Ireland. While Siobhan is the ‘girl who blooms,’ Joe documents from behind the camera and writes on their shared blog. Driven by a deep desire to wander through foreign, unfamiliar places, Siobhan and Joe live on the road, going wherever fancy takes them. They’re both big fans of Bali and claim that one of their favorite things about exploring a new place is finding its best coffee shops. For vibrant, well-composed imagery taken all over the world, give their account a follow. See more of their work here.



#192 – @paulodelvalle

One of Brazil's Top Photographers Inspiring the World to Explore

Paulo del Valle is a photographer, filmmaker and content creator from São Paulo, Brazil. He’s frequently cited as one of Brazil’s best photographers, and many credit him with inspiring them to travel the world. It’s easy to see why. Paulo’s photos are not just expertly composed, but they capture such varied parts of life and travel – nature, modern architecture, landscapes, romance, adventure, and the occasional artsy shot just thrown in for good measure. He also offers plenty of helpful tutorials on YouTube for all who are interested in enhancing their photography skills. See his Instagram page here.



#193 – @jakergb

An Alps-Born Photographer Seeking the World's Natural Beauties

Jake Radlgruber’s Instagram following will skyrocket any day now, we’re sure of it. This Austria based photographer grew up in the heart of the Alps, and this played a major role in shaping his love for the outdoors. While he also enjoys snapping urban landscapes, he has recently returned to his roots, focusing on the natural world and outdoor photography. Alongside photography, he also greatly enjoys traveling, and his photography work has taken him all around the world to beautiful, remote places. His photographs are consistently breathtaking, and we highly recommend adding him to your follow list. Learn more about him here.



#194 – @torischoller

Wandering Where the Wild Things Are

Tori and her partner, Justin, are adventurous spirits with a love for exploring the wild things in life. A fan of the outdoors, they are perfectly comfortable camping out in a van, spending their evenings by a campfire and immersing themselves completely in nature. If photos of the great outdoors set your soul on fire, you’ll want to give Tori’s page a follow. Expect stunning greenery, cozy van shots, and lots of romance. These travelers have featured a number of different locations, including Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. We’re excited to see what they get up to next. See Tori’s Instagram page here.



#195 – @ireneyap

A Talented Malaysian-Born Photographer With an Intriguing World

Irene’s photographs are so beautifully edited, they look like they belong in a magazine. This talented photographer was born in Malaysia, and at one point in her life, she claims she spoke four languages. While many know her as a wedding photographer, Irene is also passionate about travel and food photography. Her Instagram collection is a gorgeous mosaic of different types of photos, including artsy portraits, spellbinding landscapes, and intimate cultural photographs from her latest corner of the globe. For consistently fantastic photography that is both personal and all-encompassing, give her a follow. Learn more about her here.



#196 – @thenomad

An American Traveler Capturing the Essence of the Journey

Cody ‘Drew’ Duncan is an American nomad and adventure seeker. Despite being relatively new at photography, his photographs do not betray that fact at all. In fact, the entirety of his collection is captivating and skillfully captured, conveying the true essence of life on the road and in a foreign place. Over the course of his travels, he’s seen over 45 countries. Through his imagery, he hopes to inspire others to travel the world and be in awe of the richness of our cultures and landscapes. Learn more about him here.



#197 – @northsouthtravels

A UK Travel Couple Inspiring Travelers to Manifest their Dreams

Hailing from the United Kingdom are River and Corinne, content creators and avid travelers. They met in London while working for ASOS, and bonded over their shared creative backgrounds. After embarking on a life of travel, they started North South Travels as a way to share their experiences, photography, and various other creative pursuits. They hope to inspire other people to chase whatever dream they feel might be ‘impossible.’ For romantic, sun-soaked photographs taken all over the world, give them a follow. Their page features photos from Thailand, Laos, and the Maldives. Read more about them here.



#198 – @pissinginthepunchbowl

A Traveling Foodie Taking us From Plate to Plate

If you’re looking to ogle food from all across the globe, you’ll want to have Marcus Nilsson on your follow list. Based in Brooklyn, New York, this traveling foodie is a former chef whose page is likely to wake up your belly and elicit a jealous growl. His photographs are from everywhere, including home in New York. Whether it’s pizza in Brooklyn, tacos in Mexico, or fish and chips in London, Marcus takes snapshots of it all, and the result is an inviting mosaic of mouth-watering goodness. You’ll also find other shots from his travels interspersed among his food posts. Learn more about him here.



#199 – @joellefriend

An American Traveler Chasing Faraway Corners and Human Connections

Joelle is a model, social media influencer, and traveler based in Seattle, Washington. Despite having lived in the North-West of California all her life, Joelle has seen much of the world, as she greatly enjoys exploring new places. Her page features photos in a variety of different locations, such as Portugal, Iceland, Greece, and even the Faroe Islands, depicting a vast array of landscapes, wholly unlike one another. Joelle does it all – sunny, beaming photos and more moody portraits. Her page truly conveys the story of a girl on an important journey. Learn more about her here.



#200 – @theloveassembly

Capturing the Beauty of Travel and Self-Care

Aubrey Daquinag is the writer, traveler and creative mind behind The Love Assembly. Her blog has been lauded for its beautiful message of self-care and self-love, encouraging everyone to live a life of creativity and curiosity. Aubrey’s travel diaries are a significant part of this blog. Not only does she share effortlessly classy and stylish photos, but she shares her most trusted tips. For those looking for a little more, she also posts travel vlogs on her YouTube channel of the same name. As of last year, Aubrey is also the author of a book entitled Wander Love, a pictorial book filled with lessons, tips, and inspirations for the solo traveler. See her Instagram page here.



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Mad Monkey is Southeast Asia’s leading hostel operator — born in Cambodia with more properties in Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Laos, and the Philippines. We pride ourselves in creating meaningful and sustainable travel experiences for our guests, whilst promoting socially responsible tourism.