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 “Smokey, this is not  Nam. This is Beer Pong. There are rules!!!


#1. (and most important) No elbows over the line!!! This is on the Extension after the throw!!!
#2. An air shot is worth one cup. A bounce shot is worth two cups, the first removed is the cup the ball went in the second is the shooters choice. Any trick shot is also worth two cups.
#3. On a bounce shot (it has to be an intentional bounce) you are allowed to hit the ball away.
#4. If you backhand a bounce shot and say “Steven Seagal !!!  Who ever is hit with the ball has to drink one beer. No cup is taken away.
#5. If any player catches the “Steven Seagal” shot and says Super Ninja!!! The player who hit the ball has to drink. No away cup is taken.
#6. If a ball is bounced off a cup (or a player) and it is still on the table. You or your teammates can rebound, and you are allowed to reshoot.
#7. If two players make a ball in the same cup it is called an “explosion” and every cup that is touching including the made cup is taken away.

Epic Games of Beer Pong at Mad Monkey

#8. When all team members make any cups in the same round, the balls are returned for another round after removing already made cups.
#9. When a single player makes three shots in a row that player can say “I’m on fire” then the ball is returned and continues to shot till he or she misses.
#10. As a team you are allowed to re-rack the cups in any order only twice. When down to the last cup it is placed in the back centre of the table.
#11. When a team makes the last cup the opposing team can shoot for a redemption to be allowed the removal of more cups. What ever cups are left are consumed
#12. If a team also makes the last cup in a redemption the game continues
#13. A team is allowed one celebrity guest shot a game where they can call on an outside person to take their shot.
#14. (just as important as #1) HOUSE RLUES !!! ……if you don’t like it don’t play.

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