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Alright ladies and gents, we’re here to bring you PART 3 of our list of the Top 250 Most Influential Travel Instagrammers of 2019! Be sure to check out PART 1 (#1-50) and PART 2 (#51-100) as well! We love to follow the adventures of these incredible travelers as they photograph their way through both famous sights and places unknown.

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#101 – @philngyn

An LA Based Photographer Chasing Stories Across the Globe

Phil Nguyen is a photographer and videographer based in Los Angeles, California. He picked up photography as a means to make sense of his changing environment, and he hopes to stir emotion and create stories in photographic work. He has traveled extensively and has seen places such as Japan, Peru, and numerous locations around North America. He’s worked with world-renowned brands and is a proud ambassador for Sony Alpha. For unfailingly striking photography, both in natural settings and foreign cities, we highly recommend giving him a follow. Learn more about him here.



#102 – @bokehm0n

A German Nature Photographer Stirring a Sense of the Timeless

Johannes Hulsch is a talented nature and landscape photographer from Leipzig, Germany. He’s traveled far and wide across Europe, capturing places such as the Czech Republic, Ireland, Spain, and numerous others. He picked up photography shortly after graduating high school, at age eighteen, and since then, he’s developed a great passion for the craft. Johannes has a knack for capturing a sense of ancient history, something timeless and ageless, in every hidden corner. For magical photos taken all across Europe, you’ll definitely want to keep up with his journey. See his Instagram page here.



#103 – @alexstrohl

Experience Authentic Moments with one of Instagram's Top Nature Photographers

For spellbinding icy landscapes and fascinating earth formations, Alex Strohl’s Instagram collection is what you need. Alex is easily one of the most successful and most followed nature photographers on Instagram. This Madrid-born French photographer has been featured in a number of well-known publications, such as Forbes and Vanity Fair. He aims to create authentic moments, instead of contrived shots, shooting moments exactly as they unfold. Although he is based in Montana, he spends most of his time traveling the world with his partner, Andrea. Together, they try to explore the less-traveled corners of the planet. See more of his work here.



#104 – @julia__huber

A Landscape Photographer Chasing Towering Forms and Magical Greenery

Artist Julia Huber hails originally from Northern Italy but is currently based in Austria. She claims her parents helped shape her love for landscape photography, as they made frequent trips to the mountains when she was a child. Julia has been all over the world, but her favorite places are Scotland and Lofoten in Norway, both locations covered in greenery and fascinating mountains. Her stunning photos feature a number of mountainous forms, and it’s clear that this is where the source of her inspiration lies. To all who are interested in starting photography, Julia advises that you should be yourself, steer clear of copying others, and to create something that only you can create. See her Instagram page here.



#105 – @pterx

A Mysterious Photographer Capturing the Earth's Rich Beauty

Whether it’s a glimmering city shot or a powerful depiction of nature’s beauty, Peter Xiao’s page captures it all. This Bay Area photographer has visited a vast range of gorgeous countries including Iceland, Croatia, and Japan, snapping eerily beautiful photos of some of their most famous landmarks. Each photo is screensaver-perfect, and this is all thanks to his highly skilled composition. Unfortunately, Peter doesn’t share a lot of personal information on his page, but we hope we get to learn more about the man behind the camera in the future. See his Instagram page here.



#106 – @_traveljewels_

A Passionate Traveler Seeing the World with her Own Eyes, on her Own Terms

Jewels Rhode is a digital content creator who was born and raised in New York City. Growing up in one of the most diverse cities in the world, Jewels was exposed to a variety of different cultures, but the opportunity to travel didn’t arise until she was in university. Her first trip was to South Africa, and it was after this experience that she discovered she loved stepping out of her comfort zone. Realizing that Africa was not at all how it was normally represented in the media or school textbooks, she was overcome with the desire to see more of the world for herself. And this was how her travel lifestyle unfolded. For sunny, positive photos taken all across the globe, give her page a follow. Learn more about Jewels here.



#107 – @lennart

A German Photographer Inspired by the Vastness of America

Based in the heart of Germany, Lennart Pagel is a photographer who can capture just about anything and make it look incredible. From European architecture and remote villages to sprawling mountains, and rushing waterfalls – Lennart can do it all. He claims his love for landscape photography began during a trip to the United States when he became enraptured by the vast American landscape. Upon returning to Germany, he found himself seeking out similar places. He is also a member of the Roamers, a German travel community consisting of only the best outdoor photographers in Germany. See his Instagram page here.



#108 – @ali_olfat

Capturing the Stories in the Earth's Shadows

San Francisco photographer, Ali Olfat, brings a sense of looming mysticism to all the sites he captures. Each image is smooth, rich with color and deeply shadowed, achieving a dark storybook perfection that almost looks too gorgeous to be real. His collection features images all over the world, namely places such as Indonesia, India, and Vietnam. This Thailand-born adventurer is a self-taught photographer with a gift for aerial shots. With honest and sometimes witty commentaries on his travels, you should absolutely keep up with his journey. See his Instagram page here.



#109 – @roundtheworldgirl

A Fun-Loving Photographer Awakening Your Inner Adventurer

Elise Sterck is a talented adventure and travel photographer, based in the United States. She has always felt at home in the wilder parts of nature, having grown up in the mountains of Wyoming. Her photos are dynamic, wild, filled with motion, adventure, and at times, a sense of quiet wonder. Elise is particularly passionate about capturing interactions between people and the natural world. If you’re a lover of the outdoors, and photos that spark a fiery wanderlust, you’re going to want to keep Elise on your radar. Learn more about her here.



#110 – @issyong

A Malaysian Content Creator Sparking Self-Love and a Thirst for Adventure

Isabelle Yong is one to watch. This content creator and avid traveler from Malaysia creates stunning vlog-montages from her travels, all of which are superbly edited, and are guaranteed to ignite a sense of wanderlust in you. Her Instagram page is just as wonderful. Isabella’s sparkling confidence, body positivity, and knack for capturing artistic, immersive shots are bound to add that much-needed spark to your Instagram feed. Her photographs are rich, vibrant, and feature a number of worldwide locations, including Japan, Australia, and Thailand. With such a gift for content creation, we’re pretty sure we’ll see her follower count skyrocket soon. See her Instagram page here.



#111 – @journeywonders

A Mexican Traveler Chasing Dreams and Leaving No Stone Unturned

Before Raphael Alexander embarked on his big adventure, he worked a nine-to-five job in Acapulco, Mexico. It wasn’t a bad life, he claims, but a sense of dissatisfaction continued to gnaw at him. While he acknowledges he never hated it, he didn’t love it either, and deep down, he knew things could get much better. Since leaving his ‘ordinary’ life, he has not looked back once, and today, he is a travel photographer, influencer, and adventurer living the life he didn’t think was possible. His page is a fascinating array of colorful experiences, and vibrant depictions of foreign cultures. Learn more about him here.



#112 – @mblockk

Showing You Picture Perfect Magic from Across the Globe

We don’t know how he does it, but Michael Block’s entire Instagram page looks like it’s soaked in sunset light. It’s a stunning mosaic of oranges, blues, and greens, and if you’re a sucker for nature shots, we know for a fact you won’t be able to resist that ‘follow’ button. His fairytale-like photographs are from all over the globe, featuring places like Slovenia, Croatia, and his home state of California, in the United States. To reignite your belief in a magical earth, make sure to follow his journey. See his Instagram page here.



#113 – @ryandyar

Chasing an Enchanting, Alien World

If you’re an escapist looking for alien landscapes, Ryan Dyar and his camera are all you need. Calling his work ‘otherworldly’ feels like an understatement. Each image transports you elsewhere, where shadows are darker, forms are stranger, and everything feels like a towering, powerful force. Ryan is from Seattle, Washington, and he humbly describes himself as someone who ‘points cameras at stuff.’ According to him, photography is not just his career, but an art form that his entire existence revolves around, and a pursuit that he feels has turned him into a better human being. For a dose of something out-of-this-world, follow his journey. Learn more about him here.



#114 – @ovunno

Capturing a Quiet, Magical Moment Between the Trees

Oliver Vegas is a photographer from Barcelona, Spain. He grew up surrounded by nature, as his parents were travelers too, who enjoyed visiting Spain’s national parks. In his teen years, he discovered photography and filmmaking and focused all his efforts on perfecting the craft of each. On his page, you’ll find an array of earth tones – warm, sandy desert hues, as well as splashes of grey-green. His photos truly convey a sense of being on the journey of a lifetime, and a quiet moment amidst the trees, or colossal mountains. For an adventure blog that’s rich with tone and beauty, we highly recommend following Oliver’s work. See more of his work here.



#115 – @monascherie

A Photographer with a Gift for Capturing the Great Outdoors

Mio Monasch picked up his first camera at age six, a gift from his grandfather, who was a reporter and a sailor. His younger years were spent in Seattle, where he grew up camping and getting lost in nature. These experiences inspired him to take photography more seriously, as he found himself wanting to document the vast landscapes that captivated him. And from then on out, he knew that behind the camera was where he wanted to be. Mio hopes to help people reimagine their perspective of the planet, and this is evident in his photography, which captures the richness of the earth in all its wonder. Learn more about him here.



#116 – @thefella

An Irish Photographer Capturing the Worlds Wonders and More

Conor MacNeill is a travel and landscape photographer hailing from Northern Ireland, who’s been practicing his craft for over twenty years. He is renowned for his impressive landscapes, cityscapes, and his stunning astrophotography, though you’ll find many other gems on his Instagram feed. He’s seen over 70 countries, capturing the unique essence of each one, and inspiring audiences across the globe. The brands he’s worked with include The Lonely Planet, National Geographic, and Nikon. He also runs international workshops for all those who are interested in learning from his great talent. Keep up with his work here.



#117 –

A Travel Couple Capturing Real Stories and Raw Moments

Charlie and Jess’ photographs allow us to feel like we’re really seeing the world through their eyes. There are no pretenses here, only candid and intimate portraits, wild scenery, and other caught-in-the-moment gems that convey the rawness of travel life. It all began in 2016 when they quit their jobs to begin their new, adventurous lifestyle. Unmoved by the paths forged by previous travelers, they decided to do it their way, so as to see new cultures and countries through the eyes of their locals. Follow them for photos filled with real stories and genuine smiles. See more of their work here.



#118 – @tommy.clarke

Aerial Photography That'll Make You Swoon

For eye-melting drone photography, Tommy Clarke’s page has all you need and more. This London based photographer grew up on the South coast of England, spending nearly every holiday he can remember from his childhood by the beach. These experiences shaped a deep interest in the connection that people have to such a location. With a particular love for aerial photography, Tommy has shot from the windows of helicopters and small aircrafts over locations such as Utah and Mexico. His photo collection is an inviting array of color, form, and almost alien landscapes. Such a talent as Tommy’s will most certainly brighten up your Instagram feed. Follow his journey here.



#119 – @lebackpacker

One of Instagram's First Travel Influencers Capturing Natural Beauty Across the Globe

Johan Lolos, a Belgian-born and self-taught photographer, was one of the first travel influencers to truly make it in the industry since he began using Instagram in 2013. He has a deep passion for the wilderness and the outdoors, and these are the primary subjects of his photo collection. For sharp, vivid imagery of nature all over the world at its most majestic, you’ll find yourself head-over-heels with his creations. His photos have been published by National Geographic, Huffington Post and Outside Magazine. Learn more about him here.



#120 – @harimaolee

A Hong Kong Photographer Making a Masterpiece of Every Moment

Harimao Lee’s photo collection is an irresistible array of vibrant patterns, and you’ll be aching to click that ‘Follow’ button after a single glance at his page. He effortlessly captures the unique intricacies of foreign architecture, cityscapes, street shots, and from top-down angles of the earth. This Hong Kong-based travel influencer delivers material that is consistently striking, and a true feast for the eyes. A self-described urban explorer, Harimao has traveled extensively throughout the world, photographing countries such as Jordan, China, Turkey, and many more. He’s developed a fantastic eye, and each shot on its own is an absolute masterpiece. See more of his work here.



#121 – @hebdomania

A Parisian Photographer Obsessed with Lines

Thibault Charpentier is a travel and lifestyle photographer from Paris, with an eye for interesting forms and the art in everyday life. He is a self-proclaimed lover of lines, and this fact makes itself apparent in his work, where linear patterns and forms are prevalent. He has shot photographs in a variety of places across the globe, such as Cambodia, Taiwan, and numerous locations in Europe. If you’re a fan of interesting juxtapositions and the occasional quirky photograph from a foreign land, then go ahead and give his page a follow. Learn more about him here.



#122 – @delphinepolson

A Trip to Set Your Soul Alight

Belgian photographer Delphine Polson is addicted to travel and enjoys nothing more than crossing a border into another country, filled with excitement about the new culture that awaits. She lives and works in Liège, but always makes the time for a new adventure. Her Instagram page is a gorgeous collection of raw, real-life scenes from across the globe, that allow us to feel like we’re peeking into a wild, exhilarating journey. She also creates travel vlogs from her various wanderings and frequently travels alongside @LeBackpacker. See more of her work here.



#123 – @jaxsonpohlmanphotography

A Photographer Bringing Imagination to Life

Jaxson Pohlman’s creations are surreal and one of a kind, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anything else like it on social media. While that is a big claim, we’re sure that you’ll agree. Close-ups of the moon and dreamy landscapes from all over North America, these are some of the many jaw-dropping, eye-melting images that you can expect from his page. Over the last few years, Jaxson has become a leader in astrophotography and surreal landscape photography, and after a scroll through his impressive collection, you’ll know exactly why. Keep up with his journey here.



#124 – @kevouthere

Capturing the Beauty of Asian Cityscapes

For portrayals of Asian cities that resemble something from science fiction, you need to see Kevin’s photo collection. This Singapore based photographer and designer has a gift for colorful cityscapes and capturing the uniqueness of each country’s architectural forms. His creations are startlingly beautiful, and if you’re an urban explorer with a zest for city life, then you’ll want to climb onboard his follower list immediately. According to Kevin, he strives to achieve adaptability in both photography and his real life. See more of his impressive work here.



#125 – @loic.lagarde

Capturing a Glowing World

Loic Lagarde is a travel photographer based in Paris, who specializes in destination and luxury photography, His images are extremely inviting, brightly toned, and every structure through his lens seems to emit an otherworldly glow. Loic first picked up photography while backpacking through Australia in 2003, a digital camera with low-resolution being his first piece of equipment. Over many years, he developed a passion, until eventually Airbnb sought his services and asked him to thousands of properties all around the world. Learn more about him here.



#126 – @thesundaychapter

A Travel Blogger Chasing Sunday Freedom Every Day

If you’re looking for feminine charm, and gorgeous rose-hued aesthetics, you’ll want to take a look at Angela’s blog. This travel and fashion influencer is based in Melbourne, and she created the Sunday Chapter to inspire others to live a stylish, adventurous life. Her blog takes its name from the sense of freedom she used to feel on Sundays, as a child, with it being the only day of the week she didn’t have to study. She claims to be equally obsessed with filling up her passport as she is with finding the perfect pair of jeans. Her photos are warm, inviting, and effortlessly glam. See more of her work here.



#127 – @thetravelpro

Mikki Tenazas, also known as the Globe Wanderer, is a self-taught photographer from the Philippines. He specializes in luxury travel and adventure, chasing experiences around the world that offer a little extra comfort, and a lot more glamor. If you’re interested in indulgences around the globe, then Mikki’s Instagram is likely what you need. His page features a diverse array of locations such as Seychelles, Dubai, and the Maldives, and offers hotel recommendations with nearly every post. If you’re planning you’re next flashy getaway, check out his Instagram page here.



#128 – @kympham

A Traveler on a Journey of Magic, Mess and Miracles

Kym’s page truly takes us on a fascinating journey, from quaint villages in Norway to temples in Nepal, and between each, glorious sunsets with splashes of fuchsia. This international explorer was born in Paris but spent significant years of her life in New York City. She has been traveling around the world since 2011 and has seen 98 countries and counting. Kym also hosts group journeys all around the world, allowing creative people from all walks of life to join her on her adventures. These journeys have been highly-praised, with many participants calling the experience life-changing. Learn more about her here.



#129 – @ilhan1077

An Award-Winning Photographer Capturing Fairytale Perfection

Ilhan Eroglu is a Turkish traveler and photographer based in his hometown of Izmir. His travel and landscape photography have been highly lauded, earning him a number of awards, and he’s been featured in prestigious publications like the National Geographic, Digital Photo, and numerous others. His photos are rich, vivid, and achieve a level of perfection that brings to mind a fairytale, where all is magical beyond words and not of this world. Follow him for that extra dose of magic in your feed. See more of his work here.



#130 – @briyoumetravel

An American Wanderer Fueled by Poetry, Food and the Unknown

Bri is a traveling poet from Maryland in the United States, who currently resides abroad in London. She claims her wanderlust is fueled by a love for food, the unknown, and a deep desire to explore the corners of the globe she has yet to see. Of all the countries she has seen, her favorites remain Morocco and Italy. For intimate, real portraits taken around the world, and hard-hitting poetry with pearls of wisdom interspersed, we highly recommend giving her account a follow. Learn more about her here.



#131 – @a_ontheroad

Capturing the Beauty Almost Unseen

Alex Zouagi is a passionate traveler, blogger, and influencer, who has led an international life for about as long as he’s lived. Born in Paris, based in London, and irrevocably shaped by his years in New York. He began blogging over a decade ago, after studying abroad in Beijing. He greatly enjoyed writing and sharing his travel experiences with an online audience, and these days, he does it professionally. His travel blog bears a unique charm, displaying a collection of photos from, what feels like, real life; wisteria-covered buildings, scrumptious pastries, particularly striking street corners. The beautiful parts of a city any of us might see, but would easily overlook. He portrays a life of travel is something welcoming, filled with comforts, and surrounded by beauty. See more of his work here.



#132 – @davideor94

Capturing Europe's Best Gems

Davide Oricchio is a photographer and content creator based in Paris, France. His Instagram collection features stunning sights from all across Europe, capturing famous landmarks as well as the hidden corners. Expect warm tones, creative compositions, and overall striking aesthetics that feel like they belong in glossy print. His portrayals of European architecture are vivid and vibrant. A scroll through his impressive imagery is likely to ignite a sudden wanderlust for Europe. See his Instagram page here.



#133 – @nastasiaspassport

A Solo Traveler Empowering Women to See the World

If you’re looking for a travel influencer with an inspiring mission, look no further than photographer and blogger, Nastasia Yakoub. This former nurse is the founder of Dame Traveler, an online community that empowers women to seek out more adventures. Completely defying the cultural norms of her family, Nastasia broke away from the isolation she was subjected to due to her gender and went out to see the world. Today, she’s seen over fifty countries, and many of these travels were done solo. For a peek into the life and travels of one of Instagram’s most inspiring influencers, we highly recommend giving her a follow. Learn more about her here.



#134 – @cesaref

A Maltese Photographer Capturing the Essence of the World

Felix Cesare is a travel photographer from Malta, who’s always been drawn to sights and experiences just off-the-beaten-path. Wherever in the world he goes, he seeks to experience the true culture of the locals, delving deep into the heart of a new country, and not just grazing the surface of it for a photo op. He left his career in engineering to pursue photography head-on, and explore the world. His photographs are intimate, candid, capturing the true essence of each new culture. Learn more about him here.



#135 – @doitforicecream

Enjoying the Good Things in Life, Everywhere

Gracie is a traveler, content creator, and a self-proclaimed ice-cream monster. Her photo collection is rich with rosy-peach and pink hues, capturing glamorous corners all over the globe. Gracie conveys positivity, joy, and total confidence in where she is, and where she’s going. She keeps it real and lively with the occasional food shot or moments of laughter with friends. For an influencer that’s guaranteed to bring some color into your feed, we recommend giving her a follow. See her Instagram page here.



#136 – @packslight

Helping Millenial Travelers Pack Light and Spread Light

It’s exactly what it sounds like: Gabby packs light. On virtually all of her travels, she aims to bring carry-on luggage only, placing greater value on the experience instead of the possessions she carries – but this mantra has many layers. Gabby also believes in packing light, in a figurative sense. To her this means moving into the future without emotional or baggage and treading lightly through life, spreading positivity and empowerment. With such a great message, it’s no wonder her photos convey the same lightness and zest for life. Follow her journey here.



#137 – @delafuentecam

Experiencing All the Colors of the World

For a wonderland of vibrant color, you’ve found the right Instagrammer. Miguel Angel is a travel blogger and photographer who aims to explore all the colors of the world, and it appears as if he’s seen most of them already. From Morocco to Barcelona, Miguel has found its brightest corner. The result is an Instagram feed that feels uplifting, exhilarating, and brimming with possibilities. For an extra dose of something whimsical, give him a follow. See his Instagram page here.



#138 – @fortheloveofwanderlust

A Travel Blogger Embarking on a Lifetime of Adventure

According to travel blogger Paige, she’s never quite recovered from the travel bug – and it’s unlikely that she ever will. She’s been traveling since she was four years old, growing up with parents who frequently took her to historic sites and national parks. She wishes that more people realized that travel could be extremely affordable, given the right amount of creativity is put into making it work. Today, she travels the world with her husband, Matt, and they document their adventures in striking imagery. Learn more about her here.



#139 – @_deepsky

A Japanese Photographer with an International Mission

Tatsuto Shibata is a photographer hailing from Ibaraki, Japan, who began his career in 2016. Currently based in New York City, he described himself as someone with creative eyes, and with an international vision shaped by all his past travel experiences. He has a gift for capturing the beauty of cities, combining both the traditional and cultural elements of various places, with the ultra modern. With startlingly good compositions and photos that convey a sense of dynamism and motion, you’ll absolutely want to give him a follow. See more of his work here.



#140 – @dennisschmelz

A Traveling Filmmaker Searching for New Stories

This immensely talented filmmaker and globetrotter is Dennis Schmelz from Erfurt, Germany. According to him, his work is not merely an occupation but a tremendous passion that he enjoys. Through his work, he has been lucky to experience exhilarating new places, meet people from all walks of life, and immerse himself in new cultures, and stories. Wherever he goes, he hopes to absorb different lessons, so that all his future creations maintain a sense of authenticity. With such a varied and visually stunning collection, Dennis’ photos are bound to add a vibrant spark to your Instagram feed. Learn more about his work here.



#141 – @een.wasbeer

Capturing Cities in Shades of Amber

If you’re a sucker for city and architecture photography, then Christina Kooiker, also known as Een Wasbeer, will absolutely captivate you. In her collection, you’ll find images from all over the world, including the Netherlands, Japan, Portugal, and much more. Through her lens, cities are filled with warm amber-hued light, creating an atmosphere that feels extremely welcoming, and cozy. If you’ve ever had the inclination to explore Europe, then Christina’s gorgeous photos just might get you packing your bags immediately. See more of her work here.



#142 – @indie.marea

A Sunny Swiss Jetsetter Chasing Soul-Centering Travel

Laura is a travel influencer, designer and painter from Lugan in Southern Switzerland. With such a deep passion for traveling and photography, she finds herself chasing creative adventures all over the world. Between travels, however, she’s based in Mauritius. Her photos convey the joyous, sunny side of travel, where comforts are plentiful and every corner contains a new wonder. If you prefer trips that are laid-back, serene, and soul-centering, Laura will likely inspire you to take your next one. See her Instagram page here.



#143 – @fredericlagrange

Capturing the Souls of the World

Real, raw life, exactly as it is, with beautiful and sometimes heart-rending stories staring you in the face: New York-based photographer Frederic Lagrange has a gift for capturing exactly this. His photography bears no pretense, it is only interested in souls, and the deep, lurking emotions that reveal themselves in between moments. His portraits are personal. If you’re looking for the type of photography that brims with real stories, the type that takes foreign cultures and makes them appear familiar, then do not hesitate to follow Frederic’s Instagram page. His recent passion project has involved the country and people of Mongolia. See more of his work here.



#144 – @thehatchling

A Quirky Australian Traveler Capturing a Modern Fairytale

For all things quirky, stylish with a dash of hipster dust, follow travel and lifestyle influencer, Bec Williams. Based in Perth, she claims to have a deep appreciation for fluffy socks, cute stationery, and Harry Potter. She captures cozy moments, human connections, stylish spaces, as well as quiet moments out in beautiful nature. Her photo collection features a variety of places across the globe, including Malaysia, New Zealand, and Iceland. Learn more about her here.



#145 – @alyssaya

A Socially Conscious Wanderer and Entrepreneur to Inspire You Daily

It’s hard to not love everything about Alyssa Yamamoto. Currently based in Guatemala with her husband DJ, this American entrepreneur and traveler founded Hiptipico, an ethical fashion brand connecting consumers with indigenous artisans in the region. Her work with female communities is nothing short of inspiring. Understanding the hardships that marginalized populations experience in trying to escape poverty, Alyssa aimed to do what she could to help. She continues to stress that these artisans do not work for her, but that she works for them, helping them find clients for their handicrafts. If your Instagram feed is lacking something strong, motivational, uplifting, and socially conscious, we highly recommend giving Alyssa a follow. See more of her work here.



#146 – @wanderingkamya

A Traveler Getting Lost on Purpose

Kamya is a digital nomad and photographer who’s been on the road since 2015. This international traveler is from India originally, but studied extensively in the United Kingdom, earning a Masters degree in Economics for Warwick. Fresh out of university, she claims she had no idea what to do with her life. She decided to take a year off to travel South-East Asia – and that was when the travel bug bit her. Before she knew it, she’d been on the road for three years, and was a full-fledged digital nomad. This impressive traveler also runs an NGO that raises awareness about plastic, green living, and sustainable travel in India. Keep up with her journey here.



#147 – @thewanderleaf

A Sustainable Traveler Inspiring Others to Follow their Dreams

Behind the Wanderleaf is an avid traveler, Leah, who never thought she’d see as much of the world as she has today. In 2015, she got her very first passport, traveled to Mexico, and later that year, zipped off to Bangkok to study abroad. Since then, she has traveled extensively and believes strongly in sustainable living and travel. Through her blog and images, she hopes to inspire others to travel more, seek out more adventures, and follow their dreams. Learn more about her here.



#148 – @lostwithjess

A Conscious Traveler Getting Beautifully Lost

Jessie is a self-proclaimed conscious traveler, who believes in the value of slow travel, and advocates for sustainable living. Originally from New York City, she’s been on the road for over two years, immersing herself in nature as well as foreign cities. Since she set off on her big adventure, she’s seen Cambodian temples, the Australian outback, the gorgeous greenery of New Zealand, and much more. She hopes to show people that anyone can travel and that everyone should. See more of her work here.



#149 – @loki

An Adorable, Adventuring Wolfdog Exploring the Great Outdoors

If you’re an animal lover, this one is for you. Meet Loki the Wolfdog, a canine adventurer who’s now an Instagram celebrity. His page is run by Kelly Lund, his owner, a California native who grew up in a Redwood forest. Kelly is an avid adventurer who loves experiences that take her out of her comfort zone. After Loki came into her life, it was only natural that he join her in her outdoor experiences. Loki is a husky, arctic wolf, and malamute mix. Before his third birthday, he’d seen almost the entirety of the Western United States. Kelly and Loki hope to inspire people to get out, explore the world, and of course, make great memories with their pups. Learn more about Loki here.



#150 –

A Travel and Fashion Influencer Living the Glam Life

Katie Giorgadze describes herself as a London girl with Parisian style. Truth is, however, she’s even more international than that. Born in Georgia, she also spent significant years of her life studying in Russia, and from there, France, which is where her love for Paris truly began. Katie travels all over Europe and credits her husband with the photography on her account. For a blog that’s just as much about fashion as it is about travel, go ahead and give her a follow. See more of her work here.



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