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Mad Monkey, A Year in Review! by Mad Monkey

Celebrating Resilience + Innovation in Travel

To the dedicated team at Mad Monkey,

As we embark on the exciting journey of 2024, it’s important to pause and reflect on the remarkable year that was 2023. It was a year that not only tested our resilience but also showcased our unwavering commitment to innovation and teamwork.

Innovation and Learning

Throughout the year, we embraced a culture of continuous improvement, transforming our business approach daily. Our dedication to innovation has been a driving force behind our success, leading to significant growth and development.

Expansion and Achievement

We proudly expanded Mad Monkey in 2023 to 22 locations, ranking us among the top 10 hostel companies worldwide and number one in Asia. Our new openings in Siquijor, Phuket, Dumaguete, Panglao, Koh Rong, Vang Vieng, Hanoi, and the reopening of Chiang Mai, Pai, and Luang Prabang were milestones in our journey.

Team Growth and Safety Initiatives

Our team grew significantly, with hundreds of new members joining the Mad Monkey family. We focused on thorough training and onboarding, ensuring everyone was aligned with our values and standards. Safety was a top priority, leading to a substantial reduction in serious incidents, a testament to our commitment to our guests.

Customer Service and Partnerships

Our response to customer inquiries was exemplary, with a 24×7 support system that garnered excellent feedback. We also expanded our offerings, partnering with Air Asia and enhancing our occupancy rates through new distribution channels.

It was a year free of serious legal issues, a significant achievement for our team. We also made substantial investments in technology, launching new apps and websites that enhanced our operational efficiency.

Skill Development and Community Contribution

We focused on providing our team with transferable skills and real-world certifications. Our community contributions were noteworthy, including supporting our 800+ team members and their families, organizing blood donations, cleaning local areas, and supporting educational and clean water initiatives.

Events and Marketing

Our hostels buzzed with exciting events, many supporting local communities. Our marketing efforts were relentless, creating thousands of campaigns and ensuring high occupancy rates.

Gratitude and Acknowledgement

The past year has been a remarkable display of what we can achieve together. Every team member has played a crucial role in our success, turning the impossible into possible.

As the founders and leadership team, we extend our heartfelt thanks to every one of you. Your hard work and dedication have been the backbone of Mad Monkey’s success. We wish you and your families the happiest New Year and look forward to continuing our journey together in 2024.

With love and appreciation,

Steve, Tom, Ollie + Alex
Founders of Mad Monkey

About the Author

Mad Monkey is Southeast Asia’s leading hostel operator — born in Cambodia with more properties in Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Laos, and the Philippines. We pride ourselves in creating meaningful and sustainable travel experiences for our guests, whilst promoting socially responsible tourism.