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Indonesia is a popular destination among travelers and if you’re visiting popular islands like Bali and Lombok, you won’t be having difficulty speaking English. However, it’s always fun to communicate with locals in their native language to get to know their culture better.

Indonesia’s local language is Bahasa — here are some useful phrases from English to Bahasa that might be helpful during your trip.

The TLDR version:

  • Indonesia is a popular destination among travelers
  • English to Bahasa: Greetings and Basics

English to Bahasa: Greetings and Basics


Hello, Hi Halo, Hai
How are you? Apa kabar? 
Good, not good Baik, tidak baik 
Good morningSelamat pagi 
Good night Selamat malam 
GoodbyeSampai jumpa
Excuse me Permisi
Thank youTerima kasih 
Yes, noYa, tidak
You’re welcomeSama sama
I don’t understandSaya tidak mengerti
Do you speak English?Apakah kamu bisa bicara Bahasa Inggris?


Top Indonesian Phrases for Travelers
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English to Bahasa: Shopping

Indonesia’s currency is the rupiah and 1 USD is equivalent to around 14.000 IDR. While you are shopping in Indonesia you usually don’t need to use thousands and can just say 10 instead of 10k. Most of the shops will understand numbers in English but here are the numbers in Indonesian and some useful phrases that will help you to communicate in Indonesia.


How much is this? Berapa harganya? 
100,000 rupiah (100k IDR)Ratus ribu rupiah
Too expensive Terlalu mahal 
Can it be cheaper?Bisa lebih murah?
How much is a coffee?Berapa harga kopi?
Can I try this on Boleh coba?
Is there any other color?Ada warna lain?
This one, that oneIni, itu 


English to Bahasa: Making Friends


What is your name? Nama kamu siapa?
My name is ______   Nama saya ______  
Nice to meet you Salam kenal 
It’s nice to see you again.  Senang bisa bertemu dengan Anda lagi.
What country are you from?Kamu dari negara mana?
I am from AustraliaSaya dari Australia
Cheers!  Bersulang!


English to Bahasa Top Useful Phrases
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English to Bahasa: Directions


Turn left, turn right  Belok kiri, belok kanan 
Near, farDekat, jauh
Go straightLurus
Stop here please Tolong berhenti disini
Where is the bathroom?Di mana toilet? 
I’m looking for..Saya mancari.. 
Where can I find the taxi?Cari taksi dimana?


English to Bahasa Useful Phrases
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English to Bahasa: At the Restaurant


I’d like to orderSaya mau pesan 
Don’t make it too spicy pleaseJangan terlalu pedas silakan
Do you have a menu?Apakah kamu punya menu?
Can I have the bill?Bolehkah saya minta bill?
I don’t want it spicySaya tidak mau pedas 
I don’t want sugarSaya tidak mau gul
Can I have water?Boleh saya minta air?
Can I have ice?Boleh saya minta es?
I’m a vegetarianSaya vegetarian
Two beers pleaseMinta dua beer boleh?



English to Sasak Language: Basic Useful Phrases 

In Indonesia, some islands have different dialects, and if you travel to Lombok and the Gili Islands you will hear their own language called Sasak. The majority of local people also speak Bahasa and in touristy areas, you can also easily communicate in English. However, for those who are interested in this language here are some useful phrases. 


How are you?Jekem kembe 
Fine, thank youMatur tampi asih 
What is your name? Sai aranm side 
My name is ______Arank aku______  (informal) Arank tiang ______ (formal)
Nice to meet youDemen bedait dait side
Thank youTampiasih 
You’re welcomePade pade
Do you speak English? Side bau base inggris? 
How much is this?Pire ajin?
Where is the toilet? Mbe taoq wc


More Sources for English to Bahasa

If you wanna learn more words in Bahasa here are some useful websites for travelers where you can find useful phrases from English to Bahasa:


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