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Coron Island is home to world-class dive destinations all around its coastline. The island is seemingly the perfect diving cocktail, with an adventurous combination of wreck dives (six fully intact ones, to be exact), unique lake dives, reef dives, and many more. It has even been dubbed by many as one of the best places to go wreck diving in the world. The plethora of diving spots in combination with cheap and accessible dive shops and gear make it a coveted destination for divers in the Philippines.

Whether you’ve never seen a scuba tank or are an experienced diver, Coron Island in the Palawan province has a dive spot for you. Check out the best Coron diving spots for beginners and experts alike! 

Wreck Dives on Coron Island

The coastline of Coron Island is adorned with 12 Japanese shipwrecks. These were sunk by an aggressive American air raid during the Second World War on the morning of September 24, 1944, during which 24 Japanese ships went down. The planes reached Coron Bay by 9 AM and within 15 minutes of firing, it is believed that all the ships, including oilers, cargos, and seaplane tenders went down and sunk within the day.



This tragic event led to Coron Bay to be one of the most stunning places to dive. These ships are all quite well-preserved, making them incredibly desirable diving destinations. Some of the wrecks are visible even on the surface, while others require advanced Padi certification in order to enter the shipwrecks. 


The Best Diving Spots on Coron Island, the Philippines
Wreck Dives on the island of Coron


Okikawa Maru

As the largest wreck dive on Coron Island, it only makes sense to put Okikawa Maru at the top of our list as being one of the best on the island! Situated in Coron Bay, it is 160 meters in length. Since it sunk over 70 years ago, the ship has been able to acquire a number of coral and is now home to a wide and colorful array of marine life. Be prepared to see a Lion Fish (or two). The Okikawa Maru for advanced divers only! 


Siete Pecados

Siete Pecados appeals to both snorkelers and divers in Coron! Its name translates to “Seven Sins,” and this is because according to local legend, seven sisters drowned here as a result of disobeying their mother, which explains how the total of seven islands formed – one for every sister. Whether you believe the legend or not, this is certainly one dive spot you need to add to your underwater itinerary of Coron Island.


Morazan Maru

Morazan Maru is another Japanese shipwreck that sunk during the air raid. It is about 15-25 meters down, so you’ll need to be deep-sea certified to be able to see the ship up close and personal. You can also go inside of the ship if you have your advanced PADI certification. Expect to see incredible sea life and even better visibility! 


Reef Dives on Coron Island

If you aren’t advanced Padi certified, you may be better off diving and exploring some of the reef dives around Coron Island. Check out Mad Monkey’s favorites below. 


Reef Dives on Coron Island - The Best Diving Spots on Coron Island, the Philippines
Kayangan Lake with wooden motorized boats


Kalumbuyan Reef

Get up close and personal with the marine life residing near the Kalumbuyan Reef off Coron Island living amongst the colorful coral. Boasting of excellent visibility and being that it is only 30 minutes from the amazing Okikawa Maru, this is one reef you certainly need to check out. 


Bugor Reef

Following the sloping and stunning Bugor Reef during your underwater exploration of Coron Island. The bottom of the reef is 35 meters deep, so you’ll have to be deepsea certified to be able to go all the way down. Luckily for newbies, however, it is said that this reef is the most beautiful at around ten meters deep because the sun hits the water and enhances the beauty of the reef. Be on the lookout for marine life including sea turtles, guitar sharks, leopard sharks, and more. 


Lake Dives on Coron Island

Even if you prefer ocean over lake dives, the lakes around Coron Island are guaranteed to stop scuba divers in their tracks. Barracuda is certainly the most incredible of them all. Keep reading to discover the best lake dives off the island of Coron! 


Lake Dives on Coron Island - The Best Diving Spots on Coron Island, the Philippines
Dive in hot spring, the hot water makes the vision blurry – Barracuda Lake, Coron, Philippines


Barracuda Lake

The thermocline of the incredible Barracuda Lake is one of the top reasons to go diving here. It is almost worth getting your certification for this reason alone! Tucked between large rock formations, this lake reached temperatures of over 80 degrees Fahrenheit but goes down to 45-50 as you go deeper and deeper into the lake – no wetsuit needed here! 


Barracuda Lake - Lake Dives on Coron Island - The Best Diving Spots on Coron Island, the Philippines
Diving at Barracuda Lake of Coron Island


Kayangan Lake

Proclaimed as one of the cleanest and clearest lakes in the Philippines, Kayangan Lake is one that you must add to your diving itinerary of Coron Island. 


Best Dive Shops on Coron Island

If you are ready to get to Coron and start diving, be sure to check out some of the top dive shops on the island of Coron Island. 


Corto Divers

We highly recommend Corto Divers. The team there is both fun and professional, informative, and are incredibly knowledgeable about literally everything in regards to Coron – both the island and it’s amazing dive sites! Corto Divers offers a number of packages for potential divers to choose from, including:

  • Fun Dives
  • Open Water Course
  • Advanced Open Water Course
  • Nitrox Speciality
  • Wreck Speciality

Contact: +63 091 572 62248 | Website


Neptune Dive Shop

Dive in small groups with the experienced professionals at Neptune Dive Shop. Their fun dives are inclusive of:

  • Basic equipment
  • Tanks
  • Weights
  • Boat
  • Divemaster
  • Lunch & beverages

Contact: +63 921 760 7492 | Website 
Courses: Visit their website for more information about packages and prices 



Coron Divers Dive Center

Coron Divers Dive Center offers two main types of dive packages – PADI and SSI Dive Courses. Find more information about prices and packages on their website! 
Contact: +63 920 945 7637 | Website


Fun & Sun Dive & Travel

Fun & Sun Dive & Travel has been a staple shop in the diving community shortly after it opened in March 2014. The guides here have over 17 years of experience, specifically around Busuanga, so you know you’re in good hands. Allow this amazing dive company to take you to some of the amazing dive sites around the island, including Okikawa Maru, Barracuda Lake, and Cathedral Cave. Some of the dive courses that Fun & Sun Dive & Travel include:

  • SSI Open Water Course
  • Dive Safaris
  • PADI Elearning 

Contact: +63 929 261 7818 | Website  


When to Dive on Coron Island

Luckily for divers traveling in the Philippines, the island is great for underwater exploration all-year-round. With that being said, it is best to avoid diving during the rainy season, which is from June to October. The best time to dive is during the dry season in the Philippines, which is from October to June (there are only two seasons). Typhoon season is from June until about October, but storms are typically random and hard to forecast. Either way, prepare yourself for the occasional storm. The average temperature of the water is normally in the late 20 celsius – luckily for divers, the water is often so warm you don’t even need a dive suit and can simply go in your swimsuit! 


When to Dive on Coron Island  - The Best Diving Spots on Coron Island, the Philippines
Scuba diver toward a rock in Lake Barracuda, Coron Island, Palawan – he rock looks like sphinx statue in a specific angle


How to Get to Coron Island in the Philippines

Coron is one of the largest islands in northern Palawan in the Philippines. It is southwest of Manila, and visitors can get here by plane or boat – sometimes by both! The most convenient way to get to Coron Island is by flying into the Coron Airport on Busuanga Island, otherwise known as the Busuanga Island Airport. Be sure to check out the regular flights from Manila to Coron, which only takes about 1.5 hours by plane.

Coron Airport on Coron Island

Location: Coron Island, 5316 Palawan, Philippines, Coron
Contact: +63 48 723 2886
You can also get to Coron by boat, which can take anywhere from four to eight hours. The two main ferries that you should look into are:

  • Montenegro Lines High-Speed Ferry
  • Phimal Fast Ferry High-Speed Ferry


How to Get to Coron Island in the Philippines - The Best Diving Spots on Coron Island, the Philippines
A diver walking underwater, below the hot spring, the different density of hot and cold water makes the vision blurry – Barracuda Lake, Coron, Philippines



More Information About Where to go Diving on Coron Island

Did you love this article about where to go diving on Coron Island? Do you want even more information about where to explore under the sea in the beautiful Philippines? Then check out these articles we’ve rounded up for your viewing (and diving) pleasure! This is surely one island in the Philippines you don’t want to miss out on visiting.


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