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Unlike Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, Battambang nightlife certainly isn’t a destination that is renowned for its late night antics. Which some may find surprising as it’s actually Cambodia’s second largest city.
Rice rice baby…

Founded in the 11th century by the Khmer Empire, the once small village has come leaps and bounds to become the leading rice-producing province in the country.
The city is located alongside the tranquil waters of the Sangkae River, a tranquility that is reflected in all elements of the Battambang lifestyle. Especially the nightlife.
It’s a massive rarity that you’ll come across any all night parties with people throwing shapes that they really shouldn’t be throwing on the dance floors.
That being said…
Battambang has some outstanding low key bars, chilled riverside drinking spots, and a couple of romantic rooftop bars. Here we go ladies and gents. It’s rum o’clock…

Battambang Nightlife


Battambang Nightlife: Best Bars In Battambang 2017

If like Captain Jack Sparrow, you start losing your marbles without the alcoholic nectar of the gods, don’t worry, there’s still plenty on offer amongst the Battambang nightlife scene.
Our Battambang party brigade has been bar hopping around the city to unearth the best, brightest, and most buoyant nightlife vibes the city has to offer.
In this article we are going to give you the full run down of the best bars, drinking spots, and Battambang nightlife options that you simply cannot miss out on during your backpacking adventure here. For obvious reasons we are not going to cover Battambang girly bars, Battambang hostess bars, or any other shadiness
Right, so without further ado, it’s about time we hooked you up with the Battambang nightlife goodie bag.
Once again…
This really isn’t a party city at all, and tends to be pretty timid after 9pm. However, there are still some great spots to check out while you’re in town.
Who knows, maybe even a cheeky bit of water-ski funneling on the Sangkae River. Bottoms up…


Battambang Nightlife - Best Bars In Battambang


Best Bars In Battambang 2017

The Battambang nightlife brigade is bringing the best 8 bars in Battambang to the party today. That’s a pretty darn good bar crawl…

Battambang Nightlife: Here Be Dragons

The first stop on the Battambang bar crawl is Here Be Dragons. One of the liveliest hostels in Battambang. Well worth the check in. However, if you’re napping somewhere else, definitely drop by for the bar and the Dragon Drop!
Right, onto the juicy stuff…
Happy Hour runs from 4pm till 8pm, and usually has a very buzzy atmosphere.
Ye who believes they can slay the dragons, must prove their worth at the bar…
This is the hostel’s most famous drink, but what lies in this evil concoction…
For those that succeed…
The blessings of pride.
For those that fail…
The death penalty of the infamous chili shot.
Step forward all those who believe themselves to be worthy, and leave your mark in Battambang backpacker folklore.
The hostel’s bar also has a massive garden and terrace chill zone that is filled with hammocks, bucket chairs, and a whole lot of tanning time.
Cometh all ye who want the time of their lives!


Battambang Nightlife: Here Be Dragons - Battambang Nightlife: Backpackers Guide To Best Drinking Spots 2017
Here Be Dragon © Courtesy of


Location: 159 D, Krong Battambang, CambodiaVIEW MAP
Contact: +855 89 264 895


Battambang Nightlife: Riverside Balcony Bar Battambang

For the next stop on the Battambang bar crawl, we’ll be chilling right on the banks of the Sangkae River.
Top marks for whoever named this establishment…
Riverside Balcony Bar. It’s right on the river, has a balcony, and is utilising both these two features to be a pretty BattamBANGING bar.
This watering hole is perfectly located in a rustic old wooden house that overlooks the river.
Part of the party furniture…
Riverside Balcony Bar Battambang is one of the longest standing watering holes in Battambang. The bar is constantly oozing mellow vibes and is a great spot for a sundowner.
Inside scoop…
Happy Hour runs from 5pm to 7pm, and 6pm to 9pm on weekends. Be sure to try and reserve a spot if you’re heading down there on the weekend. It usually gets pretty busy in the evenings.
Oh yes, and their pizzas are top notch as well.


Battambang Nightlife: Riverside Balcony Bar Battambang - Battambang Nightlife: Backpackers Guide To Best Drinking Spots 2017
Riverside Balcony Bar Battambang © Courtesy of Tripadvisor


Location: Rd No 1, Krong Battambang, CambodiaVIEW MAP
Contact: +855 81 208 106 | 
Hours: Daily from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m.


Battambang Nightlife: Jewel In The Lotus Bar & Gallery

Next up on the Battambang nightlife bar crawl. Soaking up some culture while sipping on some scintillating cocktails.
Come one come all…
Jewel In The Lotus Bar & Gallery awaits.
You guessed it…
This wonderful establishment is a bar that also doubles up as an art gallery. It’s an incredibly welcoming place, that does all it can to help promote local and talented artists.
The lotus stays open relatively late and has an endless selection of cocktails, wine, beer, and cider to choose from.
You heard us right…
Cider. Like stumbling across Mewtwo on your Pokemon adventures, cider is an incredibly rare find in Cambodia. Savour it.
Be sure to find out whether Lotus be having on of their popular movie nights while you’re in town. They usually have a screening of documentary on Thursdays and a feature film hitting the big screen on Saturdays.

Location: Rd No 1, Krong Battambang, Cambodia –VIEW MAP


Battambang Nightlife: Vintage Wine Bar Mezze

Keeping it classy. Next up in the alcoholic assault on Battambang, Vintage Wine Bar Mezze.
This is a very relaxed joint, and a great place to take a perch and start chatting the night away.
Rice rice baby…
Given we’re in the rice producing capital of Cambodia, it would be rude not to sample the local rice wine. An acquired taste, but a new experience nonetheless.
If you’re not feeling a rice wine session, don’t worry, the bar is fully stocked with loads of the other goodies you’d wish to find in your parents’ alcohol cupboard.

Location: 5 Num 84 Street 2Battambang 02000, Cambodia  – VIEW MAP
Contact: +855 71 202 6527
Hours: Monday to Saturday from 3:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.


Battambang Nightlife: Buffalo Alley

Buffalo Alley is a real home away from home kind of drinking spot.
The bar is usually filled with a young crowd and a lively atmosphere, which is only helped by the German style beer tables and 50 cents Angkor draft beers from 4pm to 7pm. A truly Happy Hour.
As the witching hour approaches the magic of the fairy lights hanging from the ceilings grows and the intricacy pieces of artwork around the joint becomes even more impressive.
Sing it to win it…
After the 50 cent beers have settled in, you may feel like evoking your inner Celine Dion. Cue the perfectly located karaoke rooftop bar upstairs.
How you doin’…
With ‘Friends’ playing all day on the TV in the karaoke lounge upstairs, you’ll think you were slumped back on your sofa at home with Joey, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler & Phoebe.


Battambang Nightlife


Location: Road No 1.5, Krong Battambang 02360, Cambodia – VIEW MAP
Contact: +855 69 692 726


Battambang Nightlife: Buffalo Alley - Battambang Nightlife: Backpackers Guide To Best Drinking Spots 2017


Battambang Nightlife: Smokin’ Pot On The Rooftop

A wonderfully misleading name, and an incredibly beautiful setting.
We know what you’re thinking. Smokin’ Pot On The Rooftop, must be an array of weirdly shaped bongs and hazey herbs underneath the star-studded sky.
Unfortunately that’s not what Smokin’ Pot means in this time round folks.
Fortunately, it’s a very ethical enterprise that brings the Cambodian restaurant and educational worlds together. A cutting edge cookery. A Smokin’ Pot of tasty treats, alluring aromas, and fantastic food.
Smokin’ Pot is one of the newest additions to the Battambang nightlife scene and is a great rooftop plot. Choose from a wide selection of cocktails and take your seat in the heavens looking over Battambang.

Location: 1 Street 121, Krong Battambang, CambodiaVIEW MAP
Contact:  +855 12 821 400


Battambang Nightlife: Madison Corner

Madison Corner is doing an exceptional job at bringing the pub culture to Battambang’s nightlife.
The watering hole is perfectly perched right on the corner of two junctions, and has plenty of tables outside.
Beer o’clock…
This is the best place in town to enjoy a pitcher of beer, and even a glass of pineapple palm wine if you’re feeling a little adventurous.
Happy Hour is from 4pm till 7pm, and they sometimes stay open after hours if there’s enough of you thirsty travelers still buying beers of them. It’s a ‘Lock In’ baby!


Location: Rd No 1, Krong Battambang, Cambodia – VIEW MAP
Contact: +855 12 415 513


Battambang Nightlife: Sky Club

If you’re wanting to keep the party going until the hours of the morning, Sky Club is the one and only place that’s really rocking until then.
Drinks here can be pretty pricey, the clientele can be pretty debatable, the music can be pretty cheesey and the neon lights can be pretty tacky.
Saying that, it’s pretty much the only place open this late, so party on if you want to party on.
We’d personally prefer trying to persuade one of the other establishments to have a lock in at Madison Corner or grab a couple drinks from the shop and chill.
The choice is yours sweet rave party animals…

Location: Street 208, Krong Battambang, CambodiaVIEW MAP
Conatct: +855 96 539 9003



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