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Gearing up for an electrifying night in Manila? You’re in for a treat! In this bustling city, we’ve handpicked the top 10 backpacker bars where unforgettable evenings are guaranteed. Expect a heady blend of dance, mirth, and mesmerizing drinks as you explore these gems from sunset to sunrise. Ready to experience Manila like never before?

1. Mad Monkey Hostel Bar – Where the Party Never Ends

Mad Monkey Hostels stands out as more than a mere stopover; it’s the heart of the party. Dive into a social pool scene, join the buzz at our bar, and meet travelers eager to share their journeys. Here, every night is a celebration with themed parties and live tunes, crafting an electric vibe you’ll want to experience again and again. 

Location: MAP

Contact: +63 915 842 9571 | Facebook

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Girls savoring the fun at Mad Monkey Hostel Bar, photo courtesy of Mad Monkey Hostels

2. Abraham Manila – Sky-High Chill Vibes

Abraham’s 7th Floor Bar is the epitome of cool. By day, it’s a chill spot for coffee and work (thanks to super-fast internet). By night, it transforms into a buzzing hub with killer drinks and music. The terrace view? Simply breathtaking​​.

Location: MAP

Contact: +63 956 843 2835 | Facebook

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Sips, smiles, and good vibes, photo courtesy of Abraham Manila

3. The Filling Station – Retro Vibes

Step into the 1960s at The Filling Station, a bar decked out in neon lights and old movie posters. Known for its American and Filipino cuisine, it’s a great place to socialize and enjoy hearty meals without breaking the bank​​.

Location: MAP

Contact: +63 917 833 7837 | Facebook

Sip, groove, and transport to the swinging ’60s spirit, photo courtesy of The Filling Station

4. Z Hostel – The Social Hub

Z Hostel’s rooftop bar is not just about the view; it’s a social hub for backpackers. With affordable cocktails and local beers, plus live events on weekends, it’s a must-visit for any social traveler​​.

Location: MAP

Contact: +63 917 889 8531 | Facebook

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Clink, giggle, and perfect company, photo courtesy of Z-Hostel

5. Nokal – Craft Beer and Cocktails

Nokal offers an extraordinary cocktail experience with its selection of local and craft beers. Each floor of this three-story building brings a different vibe, making it a versatile choice for a night out​​.

Location: MAP

Contact: +63 917 139 5178 | Facebook

Bar beats and best mates, photo courtesy of NoKal

6. Polilya – Craft Beer and Cocktails

Known for its local craft beers and innovative cocktails, Polilya offers a unique atmosphere with its blend of beer and cocktail offerings. It’s a family-owned joint that’s become a staple in the backpacker bar scene in Manila​​.

Location: MAP

Contact: +63 917 714 5406 | Facebook

The vibes speak louder than words, photo courtesy of Polilya

7. The Spirits Library – For the Bookish Booze Lover

A book café by day, and a classic bar by night, The Spirits Library is a dream for those who love their spirits as much as their novels. This spot boasts one of the largest selections of beverages and top-notch mixologists​​.

Location: MAP

Contact: +63 917 160 1162 | Facebook

Bookish charm by day and sophisticated bar by night, photo courtesy by The Spirits Library

8. Agimat – Mystical Filipino Magic

Delve into Filipino folklore at Agimat, where enchanting beverages and indigenous cuisine come together. It’s a foraging bar that celebrates the mystical and the local in a way you’ve never experienced before​​.

Location: MAP

Contact: +63 960 388 2024 | Facebook

Unveiling Filipino folklore through unique drinks and indigenous dishes at Agimat, photo courtesy of Agimat

9. Run Rabbit Run – The Cocktail Wonderland

Find this hidden gem and get ready for an unforgettable cocktail experience. Their whisky sours and unusual blends will make you hop with joy​​.

Location: MAP

Contact: +63 926 986 8786 | Website

Unforgettable whisky sours and unique blends, photo courtesy of Run Rabbit Run

10. Firefly Roofdeck – High in the Skies

Perched in the heart of Makati, Firefly Roofdeck is an urban escape offering stunning vistas and a laid-back vibe. It’s a gem for those seeking a quiet corner in the vibrant Manila nightlife.

Location: MAP

Contact: +28 888 8181 | Facebook

An urban oasis with breathtaking views, perfect for relaxed Manila nights, photo courtesy of Firefly Roofdeck

And There You Go!

Manila’s backpacker bars are a melting pot of cultures, flavors, and experiences. From rooftop bars with stunning views to cozy speakeasies offering local flavors, these spots are perfect for travelers looking to explore the city’s nightlife without stretching their budget. Join the fun and make memories at these Top 10 Backpacker Bars in Manila!

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