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Indonesia is one of the top backpacker-friendly countries, thanks to many inexpensive hostel options, restaurants, and cafes. That being said, traveling to Lombok on a budget is easy and you will be able to find plenty of activities from waterfall hunting and beach hopping to discovering traditional foods and cultures. Check out this guide to discover the best things to do in Lombok on a budget.


Lombok on a budget | ocean swing
Top Things to do in Lombok on a Budget © Courtesy of Unsplash


Explore the Beaches: Top Things to do in Lombok on a Budget 

Lombok is known for its beautiful white-sand beaches and luckily, there’s no entrance fee to any of them. If you want to rent a sunbed and umbrella, it usually costs around 50k IDR — but if you consume food or drinks, you won’t even need to pay that amount. Here are some of our favorite beaches in Lombok:


Kuta Beach: Explore the Heart of the Island

Located in the main town of the island, Kuta Lombok, Kuta Beach is a long stretch of sand with views of lush green mountains. Take a dip in the water, get a suntan, and check out the nearby restaurants and shops. Here you can buy colorful sarongs and bracelets from the locals on the beach and find many local restaurants to have an inexpensive meal.


Lombok on a budget | buffalo
Lombok beaches © Courtesy of Unsplash


Selong Belanak: Beach for Surfing and Swimming 

Selong Belanak is one of the must-see beaches in Lombok that is popular for swimming, surfing, and relaxing. Sunbeds can be rented for 50k IDR and there are many beach shacks offering traditional foods between 40k IDR–70k IDR. 


Mawi Beach: Perfect for Chilling  

Thanks to its white sand and crystal clear water, visiting Mawi Beach is one of the best things to do in Lombok on a budget. Enjoy swimming in the turquoise water, sip a coconut on the powdery sand, and enjoy a beach day with roasted corn in hand. 

Semeti Beach: Enjoy the Scenic Views

If you are looking for picturesque views, you should definitely visit Semeti Beach. Unlike the other beaches, you will see a lot of different rock formations covered with green foliage. Spend a chilled day on the beach or give cliff jumping a try!


Watch Sunset in Lombok: Budget Friendly Things to do in Lombok

Thanks to its amazing landscapes, Lombok offers amazing sunsets. Here are three spots where you can catch the island’s best sunsets.


Lombok sunset surf
Lombok sunsets © Courtesy of Unsplash


Kuta Beach

Due to its central location, Kuta Beach is the most easily accessible in Lombok and is one of the best places to watch the sunset. Take a stroll along the beach and watch a spectacular sunset with a drink in hand. You can buy beer for 25k IDR from the market and grab corn from the street vendors for 15k IDR. 


Siwa Cliff 

Set literally on a cliff, Siwa Cliff is a restaurant and cafe in Kuta Lombok where you will have a panoramic view of Lombok. There is an epic infinity pool that’s complimentary to use if you order food or drinks. They also have breakfast and lunch promotions for 100k IDR if you want to spend your day here and end it with a stunning sunset. 


Siwa Cliffs, Lombok
Siwa Cliffs, Lombok © Courtesy of Kirsten Joelle/Mad Monkey


Bukit Mesere

Located at Tanjung Ann Beach, Bukit Mesere is a viewpoint that offers incredible views of Lombok. There’s no entrance fee and parking costs 5k IDR. You can grab snacks and drinks on the way from the nearby local shops and enjoy watching a surreal sunset. 


Try local food

Indonesia’s cuisine is quite unique so you should definitely try some local bites during your trip. The local restaurants in Indonesia are called “warungs” and you can get fresh and delicious meals on the cheap. Some of our local foods are nasi goreng (fried rice with vegetables), mie goreng (fried noodles), and gado gado (Indonesian salad made with steamed vegetables and egg). In the local warungs, meal prices range between 20k IDR–50k IDR.


Traditional Indonesian food
Traditional Indonesian food © Courtesy of Kirsten Joelle/Mad Monkey


Explore Waterfalls

Lombok is home to many beautiful waterfalls and exploring these natural beauties is one of the best things to do on a budget in Lombok. Here we’ve gathered the most famous and beautiful waterfalls on the island. 


Lombok on a budget | trek
Lombok waterfall treks © Courtesy of Unsplash


Tiu Kelepand and Sendang Gile Waterfalls

These two impressive waterfalls, Tiu Kelepand and Sendang Gile Waterfalls are ten minutes walking distance to each other. You can rent a scooter for 50k IDR to explore them or arrange a driver to take you for around 500k IDR for three people. 


Benang Stokel 

Benang Stokel is a spectacular park with three scenic waterfalls. It’s a great place for trekking, cooling off in the fresh water, and getting those perfect Insta shots. The entrance fee to the waterfall is 30k IDR. 


Benang Kelambu 

This waterfall is one of our favorites in Lombok. These falls rush over lush foliage, offering otherworldly views. If you are into hiking, there is a great trail that is suitable for all levels. You can arrange a local guide for 200k IDR to explore Benang Kelambu and surrounding trekking paths.


Have a coconut at Tanjung Aan Beach

Just a 15-minute ride from Kuta Lombok, Tanjung Aan Beach is our favorite place to sip a coconut on the beach. You’ll find lots of local beach shacks with iconic swings and thanks to its calm water, Tanjung Aan Beach is also one of the best beaches to swim at. When you buy a coconut (only 20k IDR!) you can use the sunbeds for free. We also recommend Tanjung Aan for sunset watching.


Lombok beach coconut
Things to do in Lombok on a budget © Courtesy of Unsplash


Where to Stay in Lombok

Stay in the center of town at Mad Monkey Kuta Lombok! Not only do we have a spectacular pool to cool off in after your day adventures, but we’ve got a kitchen and bar serving up all your favorite dishes and drinks. Be sure to stick around from 4–6 p.m. to enjoy two cocktails for 100k and 150k Bintang buckets during happy hour! We’ve got both private rooms and dorms and the same Mad vibes we’re famous for!


Mad Monkey Kuta Lombok


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Things to do in Lombok on a Budget

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