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If you are are going to be in Cambodia for this years 4th of July, but at the same time you want to shake your legs and party like it’s 1999 this July 4th, then this guide is written for you.  It is our definitive guide to this years July the 4th parties in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Kampot and Sihanoukville.  So if you are worried about missing the American Independence Day party, you need to worry no more.

Americans all over the world often welcome the 4th of July celebrations with a lot of joy and entertainment. Celebrating the day America broke free from the British imperialists is something celebrated throughout of Cambodia and not only by Americans. In true local spirit the natives and expats will pounce on any opportunity for a party and Cambodia is set for massive events this 4th of July with several parties across the country. Here are some of the best parties Cambodian cities.


4th of July Parties in Siem Reap

It is only Siem Reap that can come close to Shiankoonville and Phnom Penh when it comes to partying. Some great parties to attend on the 4th of July include the following;

The Mad Monkey 4th of July Party – If you are young and you want to party with backpackers and the younger crowd then head out to The Mad Monkey any time after 3pm, they have a pretty legendary pool party during the day, including an all American BBQ before adjourning to the only rooftop beach bar in Cambodia from 7pm until just after midnight.  Certainly the place to be for backpackers, possibly not the place to be if you want to avoid loud music.  Let’s make no mistake this will be a massive party atmosphere with most of Siem Reaps backpacker crowd packing in to The Mad Monkey before hitting pub Street. With a free keg, all types of drinks, amazing crowds and free shots. Enjoy the rooftop beach party and some incredible American barbeque with these crazy party junkies. The free keg comes from 1200 and free shots every hour from 9pm.

Charlies Bar – A great little bar located just near pub street, look for the Neon deck out and Charlies sign, American Music and BBQ this bar is very popular with the expat crowd and is best suited to those over the age of 30+ that want the party atmosphere without being bothered by backpackers making out and dry humping in the corner.

Zone one club party – Zone one is one club that has a knack of turning everyday into a weekend and the partying never stops. 4th of July will only pump up adrenaline as all of the towns resident and visiting Americans are invited to enjoy their freedom away from the British Yoke only to be tortured by Khmer mixes of techno, karaoke and disco dance.
Expect a room packed with locals and foreigners who care about nothing other than where the next beer is.  This is a late night venue so you could well be piling into “The Zone” after getting completely plastered at either The Mad Monkey of Charlies Bar, which will make up for the prices you will be paying per drink to hob nob with the locals.

Pub Street – After Charlies or the party at The Mad Monkey then head to pub street, Pub Street has a party every night of course, but on the 4th of July some bars will make the extra effort to play wholesome American Joe music and you may even see a few star spangled banners adorning the street.  Do not go here too early, the party does not even get started until after midnight most nights.


4th of July Parties in Phnom Penh

Mad Monkey July 4th Party – The Independence day party at Mad Monkey Phnom Penh, This is the party everyone in Phnom Penh is talking about. The Mad Monkey fun will begin on the 4th of July at the rooftop bar and then it will be taken into the other bars around the BKK1 backpacker area. Join the 130 backpackers who are already in the Mad Monkey hostel and enjoy great American music all night. Other things to look forward to include a traditional American barbeque, a free beer keg from 7pm, and bazookas at half price for all Americans. Located on Street 302, it will be filled to the brim with backpackers and is open until 11 pm, after closing be prepared to hit Blue Dog bar and Top Banana.

Top Banana Bar – Located on street 278 this iconic backpacker bar is going to get busy from about 10 pm, with most of the Mad Monkey customers doing the slow walk around the corner to the bar with the required 40 minute stop at Blue Dog prior to partying until about 1am at Top Banana and then hitting pontoon. If you want a quieter night without the ruckus then put your nose into the posher Duplex over the road, normally not as busy and with different clientele, it may be more suitable if you want to avoid the backpacker vibe and quaff a few beers with friends.

US Embassy “Fun 4th celebrations”The US Embassy promises to celebrate their 4th of July holiday in grand style in Phnom Penh this year. Catch the annual “Fun 4th” celebrations at the US Embassy compound starting a day earlier on 3rd July and continuing until the 4th. Headlining the event are dance and cover band Section 5 who have been preparing and rehearsing American-themed songs and are ready to get the crowd wild with joy. Expect pie-eating contests, dunk tank, free kids giveaways and on-site vendors. You will need a US passport and possibly an invite, great for families and the old’s that want the traditional experience.

Buffet At Alley Cat Cafe – All-day BBQ with burgers, hot dogs, chicken, and sides. Hot Dog Eating Contest starts at 6:00 pm.  The First prize will be a $50 voucher for Dan Meats, 2nd place will receive a $20 bar tab. FREE Entry! followed by Phnom Pehn’s Biggest Burger buffet with all the trimmings, just $6 for all you can eat!  Great for expats of the older generation that don’t want to be Twerking at Mad Monkey or Top Banana until 1am. – American-owned!

Pontoon – This is where everyone will be heading after the Mad Monkey and Top Banana route, anyone still standing that is! Expect to be oggled as you shake your stuff on the dance floor until the early hours of the morning.  Pontoon normally has a great DJ line up and the American Independence Day normally results in Pontoon booking a decent headliner for the 4th of July. Check the Pontoon website for info.


4th of July Parties in Kampot

Kampot is a great place to be on any day, although it is really not known as the most exhilarating party town, even on America’s birthday.  However you can catch some great fun at the few parties going down across the town. The best places to show up to include the following;
The Mad Monkey Kampot – There is no other bash that can even come close to this, with an all day pool party, BBQ and then a party on the rooftop after the 4th of July BBQ.  Expect great American tunes playing all night, free shots and many interesting people including other tourists, backpackers and many of the ex-pat locals who have all come to share the fun. You also get a look in on the free beer keg starting 4pm onwards and drinks are cheap.


4th of July Parties Sihanoukville

If you want the greatest place to party hard and are not worried about the murkier elements, then head straight to Shianhookville. The 4th of July simply has  too many options to choose from. Nonetheless, here are the banging parties that will go down on America’s Independence Day that we would attend if we were in town.
Beach Sessions Party – If you are on the beach side of Shianhookville, then Sessions is the place to be. This amazing joint is already a reckoning destination even without any major 4th of July event. With all its reputation and hundreds of visiting tourists, they will be throwing a grand party for the 4th of July. Catch the best breeze, drinks and food. If you like backpacker conversations and tourist indulgences, then it is the ultimate place to be and it will be busy!
The JJ’s Meet up Party – The JJ’s is where everybody ends up regardless of where the fun began. If you are already a few sheets to the wind with booze then this should be your ultimate destination. What’s more, it is on the beach and everyone there will be dancing their hearts out.


4th of July Parties in Battambang

Buffalo Alley Party – This joint is all about attracting young backpackers, they already offer 50-cent Angkor drafts during a fantastic 3 hour (4-7) happy hour period and have American TV playing in the upper lounge 24/7. However, the party is all going to be about fun, dancing, drinking, eating and fun until morning. Expect a large crowd of young adults just parting, drinking, dancing and having the maximum amount of July 4th fun.
Riverside Balcony Bar Party – Succinctly, the nightlife in Battambang is not as blistering as in Phnom Penh or that witnessed in Shiankoonville. However, Riverside Balcony Bar has always thrown in some amazing events to liven up the town and they will be doing it once again this 4th of July.
There are other parties going on across Cambodia on the 4th of July, but these are the ones that we would be attending and have always proven to be the best Independence day parties on July 4th.

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