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Songkran in Bangkok can be one of the best experiences of your life if you know where to go! We hope this article helps your planning for Songkran in Bangkok 2020. This year’s Songkran just passed so now we’re helping you plan for next year!

What is Songkran?

Songkran is a five day national holiday in Thailand signifying the Thai New Year. While Songkran itself is April 13, the celebration period is traditionally April 13-15. In 2018 the Thai government extended the national holiday from three to five days.
While Thailand has officially recognized January 1 as the first day of the year since 1940, Songkran is still an extremely celebrated national holiday.


How is Songkran celebrated?

Songkran celebrations slowly evolved to what they are today. Originally during Songkran it was expected to calmly pour water on the hands of elders as a sign of respect. In modern day, however, it has changed into a massive country-wide water gun fight.
The streets of Thailand are lined with locals and tourists alike playing with water. Many have hoses, water guns, buckets, and ice – ready to splash and be splashed at all times. Songkran in Bangkok is the wildest in several locations.
Check out a video by Steve Yalo below!



Khaosan Road

Located near the heart of old town Bangkok, one of the most famous areas to play water for Songkran in Bangkok is the Khaosan Road area. With tens of thousands of party-goers filling the streets, this area is loud and wild. The party gets started early in the day and continues on very late into the night. Khaosan Road itself is packed with bars blasting music, vendors selling drinks, and thousands of people dancing. If you want your Songkran in Bangkok experience to be all about drinking and partying, you certainly need to celebrate at least one night at Khaosan Road.
Our Mad Monkey Bangkok location is right in the middle of the action of Songkran in the Khaosan area so getting involved is easy if you stay with us! We also run a three day pool party that guests love getting started at before partying into the night!


Khaosan Road - Songkran in Bangkok – 2020
Songkran being celebrated during the day Khaosan Road



Located at BTS station Sala Daeng or MRT station Silom, Silom Road is also another traditional location for Songkran. The long street beneath the BTS SkyTrain is quite popular with foreigners. Silom Road is also quite a wide road so with more open space than packed Khaosan the experience is different. During the day there are many people who walk up and down the street getting into random water fights with others.
Although traditionally loud and wild, the 2019 celebration on Silom Road did not allow loud music or alcohol. No one can be sure for 2020 and beyond.


Silom - Songkran in Bangkok – 2020
Songkran being celebrated on Silom Road



Located between Rama IX Road and Phetchaburi Road, RCA is a long strip of bars and clubs. The experience at RCA is possibly the wettest that Songkran in Bangkok has to offer. With many stages set up featuring a DJ or live music, venues often have constant water flow on the audience. If you are looking for a concert or festival-style place to celebrate in Bangkok, RCA offers this experience with a few different options within it.



SHOW DC Center

The SHOW DC Center offers the either the Siam Songkran Festival or the S2O Festival during Songkran. The S2O Festival has world famous EDM headliners like Tiesto, Fatboy Slim, and Steve Aoki. As you may guess, this event is not free. Tickets in 2019 started at 2000 baht ($63USD) and went much, much higher for VIP and beyond. If you are looking for a true concert or festival experience, look no further than S2O Festival for Songkran in Bangkok.


What is best for you for Songkran in Bangkok?

When deciding what you want to do for celebrating Songkran, it’s best to think about what you’re looking for.
Are you interested in a pool party and big water fights with music? Stay with us at Mad Monkey and go to Khaosan Road!
Are you looking for more of a focus on the water gun fight and less about the partying? Silom Road
Is the experience you want based on the feeling of a concert or festival? RCA or the SHOW DC Center are probably your best bet!
Just remember though, Songkran is celebrated for a minimum of three days in Bangkok so you have the opportunity to go to more than one location. Just make sure you’re not too hungover 😉



More Information on Songkran in Bangkok

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