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Travelers will go to some pretty incredible lengths to save room in their suitcases. Whether they want to bulk up on souvenirs or just do not want to carry around loads of items while travelling, Thailand is the perfect place to visit for those wanting to pack light. For those who do not know where to start, we at Mad Monkey present the ultimate guide on what to pack when you’re planning a trip to Thailand. Take out your suitcases and take notes!


Planning a trip to Thailand?

Here’s what to pack during the rainy season

From July to October, Thailand is usually experiencing its rainy season. This is also known as the monsoon season. As its name suggests, the rainfall can be aggressively unbearable, making it necessary for visitors to pack either an umbrella or a light rain jacket to avoid getting soaked. Rainfall happens sporadically and forcefully during this time: there is no such thing as a light sprinkle in Thailand during the monsoon season. Because of this, it is often best to avoid traveling down south during these months, as well, as the islands are prone to flooding.


Planning a trip to Thailand?
Rainfall on Koh Chang © Courtesy of Kelly Iverson/Mad Monkey


Planning a trip to Thailand?

Here’s what to pack during the dry season

In November to February, Thailand has its high season. During this time, it is okay to leave your umbrella at home and pack some summer-inspired outfits. Thailand experiences some of its coolest temperatures in the high season (or cool season), and there is little rainfall for visitors to worry about. This is when the country receives a massive influx of tourists, as well, so prepare for larger crowds.


Planning a trip to Thailand?
Erawan National Park during the dry season © Courtesy of Kelly Iverson/Mad Monkey


Planning a trip to Thailand?

Here’s what to pack during the hot season

The hottest months of the year are March, April, May, and June. It is during this time that temperatures can reach 95° degrees Fahrenheit / 35° degrees Celsius, so visitors should try to pack light and breathable clothing in addition to plenty of swimwear. During the hot season, it is best to head to Thailand’s immense coastline and park it at one of the many beaches to try to enjoy the stifling weather. During April, Thailand also celebrates the festival of Songkran, the perfect holiday for this brutally hot month. The week-long celebration is mostly a giant water fight and makes visiting during the boiling month of April worth it.


Planning a trip to Thailand?
Cooling off in the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok © Courtesy of Kelly Iverson/Mad Monkey


Planning a trip to Thailand?

Bring those strappy sandals

Thailand is equipped with many national parks that are crisscrossed with hiking trails and even a few waterfalls along the way. Both hiking boots and sandals will come in handy while exploring these rural terrains, and long socks are suggested if you really want to travel off the beaten path, like in a national park, for example. While it may be tempting to throw your newest pair of gym shoes in your suitcase, these may not be the best option for footwear for muddy and mountainous trails, especially during the rainy season.


Planning a trip to Thailand?
Waterfall on the island of Koh Chang © Courtesy of Kelly Iverson/Mad Monkey


Planning a trip to Thailand?

Here’s what to pack if you want to visit temples

There are thousands of temples scattered throughout Thailand. To visit many of them, visitors must have some type of clothing that will cover their knees and shoulders. At Wat Phra Kaew found on the grounds of the Grand Palace, for example, both men and women must cover their ankles, chest, knees, and shoulders. To avoid being turned away from any of the fantastic temples found throughout the country, be sure to pack a few articles of clothing that are temple appropriate.


Planning a trip to Thailand?
Monks at a temple in Ayutthaya © Courtesy of Kelly Iverson/Mad Monk


Planning a trip to Thailand?

Here’s what to pack for the nightlife

In addition to bringing clothing to cover up while visiting Thailand’s temples, it is also important to note that there are many nightlife venues that have strict dress codes visitors must abide by. For those tourists who are keen on spending a classy night out while visiting the Land of Smiles, be sure to bring nice shoes, dress pants, or a skirt to be allowed in. Open-toe shoes will not fly in a rooftop bar such as Le Bua, one of the most well-known sky bars in Bangkok, for example.


Planning a trip to Thailand?
Chinatown at night in Bangkok © Courtesy of Kelly Iverson/Mad Monkey


Planning a trip to Thailand?

Leave your playing cards and e-cigarettes at home

Thailand has its fair share of seemingly strange laws. Some of the laws will require visitors to leave a few items at home before making a trip here. Two of the most important things to leave at home are playing cards and e-cigarettes. It is illegal to gamble in Thailand, so even though travelers may bring a deck of cards in hopes of playing a round of ring of fire, it is best to keep these stowed away so as to not have any problems. There is even a law (the Playing Cards Act of 1935) that prohibits anyone from possessing more than 120 cards in Thailand. More recently, e-cigarettes became illegal in Thailand, so be sure to leave these at home, as well.


Planning a trip to Thailand?
Locals gather for a happy hour in Chinatown, Bangkok © Courtesy of Kelly Iverson/Mad Monkey


Planning a trip to Thailand?

Stock up on those prescriptions

Be sure to prepare any medicines you may need before visiting Thailand. Though the country is equipped with many pharmacies and hospitals, it is best to arrange any prescriptions at home and stock up before your epic adventure. This will help visitors avoid from having to deal with a language barrier in case of an emergency while travelling abroad. There are also a number of vaccinations that the CDC recommends for travellers to get before coming to Thailand, including Hepatitis A and Typhoid.


Have a look at some other things to pack:

  1. Mosquito repellent
  2. Toilet paper
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Power banks
  6. Power adaptors
  7. Kindle
  8. Refilling water bottle
  9. Anti-diarrhea pills
  10. Combination lock
  11. Bluetooth speaker
  12. Laundry bag
  13. Copies of your passport
  14. Passport photos
  15. Travel insurance documents
  16. Money belt
  17. Light jacket for when you travel by airplane, bus, or train
  18. Travel cubes
  19. Ear-plugs
  20. Headphones


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