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Welcome to PART 2 of our list of the Top 250 Most Influential Travel Instagram Accounts of 2019! (Go here for Part 1 and Part 3) Read on for the best travel instagram accounts that are sure to inspire you to book that next flight!

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#51 – @saltinourhair

Sunkissed Wanderers Seeking New Horizons

Hannah and Nick are the free-spirited Dutch couple behind the popular blog, Salt in Our Hair. In May 2016, they set off on a world adventure and shared their experiences with the world. Their goal: to remind everyone there’s more to life than a nine-to-five job and that there are adventures out there waiting to be lived. Their photos are vibrant, masterfully edited, and so well composed they bring to mind a high-end fashion magazine. In their collection, you’ll see photos from Turkey, Hungary, the Philippines, and that’s just the beginning of the list. Follow their journey here!



#52 – @cherrielynn

A Classy Californian with an Eye for the Finer Things

If you like crisp, colorful, modern photography, you might want to take a peek at Cherrie Lynn’s blog. Hailing from the Bay Area, Cherrie is a successful travel blogger, who began documenting experiences so she could have an outlet for her travel adventures, food experiences, and of course, the occasional rant. Through imagery, she hopes to inspire people to get out of bed and seek new experiences. And for those who are interested in pursuing the same lifestyle, she occasionally hosts group expeditions, allowing other people to explore new cultures with her, and learn the tools of her trade. Learn more about her here!



#53 – @ourkindlife

Empathic Explorers Seeking Kind Adventures

For a travel-influencer couple with big hearts as well as top-notch photos, we highly recommend supporting Heather and Martin from Our Kind Life. When they aren’t traveling, Heather works as a registered nurse in the Intensive Care Unit, and Martin is a martial and family therapist. Their experiences have taught them deep compassion, and they hope to inspire that in others as well. Despite working full-time jobs, they are still insatiable adventure-seekers. Their blog features photos from all over the world, including countries like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Mexico, and many more. Follow their journey here.



#54 – @oneikatraveller

An Accomplished Adventurer Empowering Others

It’s a given that travel influencers are constantly roaming new countries, but we’ll tell you now, not many of them have seen 114 countries. Oneika Raymond has. And that’s not even the most impressive thing about her. This travel journalist has an award-winning blog, one that aims to empower women and people of color to seek adventures around the world. She is a highly sought after orator, she speaks three languages fluently (English, French, Spanish – and German soon!), and she’s been featured in major publications, such as the BBC, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and many others. There’s no way to sum up this classy, confident, and inspiring lady – so we’ll just recommend that you give her a follow. Her photos are vibrant, lively, and full of character. See more of her work here.



#55 – @chrisburkard

A Californian Photographer Making Waves

We’d say that Chris Burkard is another one to watch, but it seems clear that people are already watching. Hailing from Pismo Beach in California, this photographer, explorer, creative director, speaker, and author is easily one of the most influential figures in the online travel community. His photos are more than just snapshots, they convey real experiences, which are dynamic, raw, and personal, just as much as they are epic and insanely cool. He travels throughout the year, claiming to pursue the farthest expanses of the earth, hoping to inspire other people to consider their relationship with nature. Through social media, he shares his love for wild places with others, and you’ll likely want to climb onboard. See more of his work here.



#56 – @taramilktea

Glitz, Glam and Globetrotting with one of Instagram's Top Influencers

When we think of the masters of travel influencing, Tara Whiteman from Sydney aka. Tara Milk Tea, is easily one of the first that spring to mind. Unknown to most, Tara has traveled and worked full-time for the last four years, all while completing her design degree from the University of New South Wales. This penchant for design is certainly evident in her photography. A scroll through her page will have you burning to click that ‘Follow’ button as Tara is agreed by most to have some of the best content on Instagram. Her photos are vibrant, rich – a spectacular array of color covering almost every shade in the vast spectrum. For classy confidence, glamor, scrumptious food, and of course, a wonderland of color, Tara is your girl. Follow her journey here!



#57 – @mena_shootz

A Nomadic Photographer Seeing the World From All Perspectives

The man behind the camera of Mena Shootz is Egyptian-American travel photographer, Mena Gobran, who is currently based in California. His mostly nomadic lifestyle has taken him to fascinating corners of the globe, and in his collection, you’ll find brilliant, vibrant photographs from countries such as India, Myanmar, Japan, and famous national parks in the United States. Travel has greatly shaped the last four years of his life and he believes it’s changed the way he views the world. He captures, both, prominent landmarks and the more intimate moments of travel, allowing you to experience a new culture up-close and personal. See more of his work here.



#58 – @chelseakauai

A Hawaiian Traveler Seeking the Extraordinary in Every Day

Chelsea Yamase’s message is something everyone needs to hear: this Hawaii-based athlete, writer, and adventurer believes we all need to learn to cherish the entire journey and not just a single epic moment. Through her images and words, she hopes to inspire others to see the world as a special place where all things are interconnected, as opposed to somewhere intimidating, and unfamiliar. For an adventurous spirit that glows with confidence and compassion, and beautifully composed, creative photographs that are top-notch in quality, you must give Chelsea a follow. Keep up with her journey here.



#59 – @thecatchmeifyoucan

An Inspiring, Unstoppable Force on a Quest to See the Entire World

To call Jessica Nabongo inspirational would seem a little bit like an understatement. While she certainly has travel-influencing under her belt, Jessica is far more than that; she’s also a writer, photographer, entrepreneur, and public speaker. This globetrotter from Michigan has seen 167 (out of 195) countries – and counting. Her quest? Not just to see the world, but to be the first black woman to see every single country. Her journey is nothing short of incredible and motivating, and we highly advise following it. Her classy confidence will add a special spark to your feed that, let’s face it, we all need. Learn more about her here.



#60 – @migrationology

Experiencing the World through Food

If the only way to your heart is through your stomach, then you’ll want to keep a close eye on Migrationology, the food and travel blog of Marc Wiens. Even if it’s not, however, we highly recommend taking a peek at his blog. It doesn’t matter where we come from, food is something we all have in common, and this is something Marc presses on his blog. This Bangkok-based traveler and food connoisseur travels frequently with his wife, and for this adventurer, eating is a major highlight. Expect highly entertaining blogs and videos on authentic local food, wherever he stops on his journey. Keep up with his work here.



#61 – @freyadowson

A Photographer Capturing the Interconnectedness of All Things

Freya Dowson describes herself as a restless traveler and someone who’s happiest when behind the camera, creating something meaningful. This Bermuda-born editorial documentary photographer claims to find peace in movement and in a life on the road. For moments of stillness, however, she is based in London. The raw side of travel is most appealing to her: campfires, ghost stories, quiet, greenery, and the vastness of nature. Follow her for nature photography that is intimate and real, capturing the true interconnectedness of all beings in the world. An absolute must for all nature and animal lovers. Follow her journey here.



#62 – @andyto

A Bay Area Explorer Seeing Beauty in All Things

Andy To grew up in a rough part of Oakland, California, and he attributes his ability to see the beauty in all things to this early exposure to adversity. Life wasn’t easy growing up, and getting involved with the wrong crowd eventually led to some run-ins with the law. But a fresh start opened itself up to him on Christmas day, many years ago, when a police officer offered him a second chance at life. It was uphill from then on, and Andy discovered his love for filmmaking and photography. According to him, he found his voice behind the camera, and these days, he travels the world, devoting himself to his passions. But it’s not just his story that’s incredible, his photographs are one-of-a-kind and utterly enchanting. We get the sense there’s a piece of him in each and every image. See more of his work here.



#63 – @doyoutravel

Authentic Adventuring with one of Instagram's Top Influencers

Jack Morris was born in a small village just outside Manchester, and prior to taking on his current lifestyle, he worked as a carpet cleaner for four years. Today, however, he’s one of Instagram’s most successful travel influencers, exploring hidden corners of the world, and relishing total freedom. He and his partner (@Gypsea_Lust) are in the midst of building a house in Bali, they’ve been open about enjoying the slow, tropical lifestyle that it offers. Despite making his living the same way other influencers do, he claims to only promote or post what he truly likes or believes in. Keep up with his journey here.



#64 – @spiritedpursuit

A Graceful Globetrotter that Oozes Class

Lee Litumbe is absolutely nailing the Instagram game. This Cameroonian-American claims her blog was born out of a quarter-life crisis, but the word ‘crisis’ is far from our thoughts when we consider her online presence. Lee’s mission is straightforward: she is in spirited pursuit of travel, adventure, and new cultural experiences. Since the beginning of her nomadic life, she’s been featured in a number of impressive publications, including Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes, Huffington Post, and many others. Believe it or not, Lee is a self-taught photographer, though one wouldn’t guess it at all. Her photos are brilliant, rich, and brimming with a graceful confidence. See more of her work here.



#65 – @easternsuns

A Way with Words and Windows to the Soul

Visual and verbal storytelling is at its best on Eastern Suns. There’s something heart-melting about each photograph, a story perfectly captured in a stranger’s eyes, and this is why you’ve got to keep photographer Jonathon Collins on your radar. His images are genuine and unpretentious, collecting moments from around the globe that convey a true sense for the soul of each culture. He claims that his goal is to show that every corner of the world has a story to tell and that for every portrait, there’s a novel. Has he succeeded in this endeavor? We’d give him a resounding yes. Keep up with his journey here.



#66 – @splendid_rags

Leslie's Travels in Wonderland

We’ll say it now: Leslie Schneider’s travel blog is one-of-a-kind, and you’ll be hard pressed to find anything else like it on social media. Leslie is a magician with color and composition, and if we called her Instagram an absolute wonderland, that would be an accurate statement. She calls her style ‘visual optimism,’ as each photograph is heightened in vibrancy, brimming with fun, and just the right amount of quirky. Leslie finds the colorful corners of our world and brings them to life. This smorgasbord of color will definitely brighten up your feed and demonstrates a perspective on travel that you won’t find elsewhere. Learn more about Leslie here.



#67 – @girlborntotravel

A Thrill-Seeker with Untameable Wanderlust

Hélène has been traveling the world since she was eighteen-years-old. Since then she’s seen over 40 countries (and counting) and has even lived in a handful of them. This France-based traveler describes herself as an adventure seeker and explorer, with a passion for live music, festivals, and of course, photography. Her marvelously composed photos convey a sense of exhilaration and the thrill of a new adventure. Follow her for consistently stunning photographs that will brighten up your feed and instill in you an untameable wanderlust. See more of her work here.



#68 – @mrbenbrown

An Award-Winning Kayaker Capturing the Exciting Things in LIfe

In 2012, Benjamin Brown made the transition from athlete to photographer, aiming to tell stories through photography, and capturing the things he loves most about life. Unbeknownst to many, this successful Cape Town-based influencer is also an award-winning kayaker, and his organization Atlantic Outlook offers kayaking tours daily in the Cape Town region. Ben claims that he feels his best when he’s near water, and this fact certainly makes itself clear on his Instagram feed. For gorgeous photos that truly feel like a slice of his exciting, adventure-seeking life, go ahead and give him a follow. Learn more about him here.



#69 – @wallyfound

Finding Wally All over the World

If you’re looking for something unconventional and a little silly, here’s a page that’ll likely crack a smile on your face. On Wally Found is a collection of travel photos from around the world, depicting a partially obscured man in the famous red-and-white costume from Where’s Waldo. It turns out Wally is everywhere: traipsing through York with balloons, doing yoga at London Bridge station, and even strolling through Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the man behind this page is just as elusive as the character he portrays. We hope to learn more about him eventually. In the meantime, check out his Instagram page here.



#70 – @karl_shakur

Crafting New Worlds for Dreamers

Fantasy lands might not really exist, but at least Karl Shakur’s nature photography does. This Kansas-based travel photographer and visual artist has a gift for finding the stories in stillness and finding an unseen perspective, even for frequently photographed sights. Every form captured through Karl’s lens is majestic, divine, and like something torn straight from a wild dream. His collection is rich with deep color, achieving a storybook quality, where each image feels dreamlike, yet as vivid and sharp as reality. If any part of you is an escapist or a dreamer, we absolutely think you should give him a follow. Learn more about him here.



#71 – @samhorine

A New York Photographer Capturing the Forgotten

For stunning city shots and enchanting landscapes, you’ll want to keep an eye on Sam Horine, a New York City-based photographer and educator. His Instagram has been voted the best in NYC by the Village Voice and the Daily Beast – and it’s no wonder why. All over the globe, no matter the city, Sam’s photographs capture an untold story. He claims to be a regular explorer of forgotten, abandoned, and under-appreciated places. Publications that have featured his work include NY Magazine, Time Out New York, and the Gothamist. For a fascinating playground of shapes, form, and color, give him a follow. See more of his work here.



#72 – @stolbyshkin

A Russian Photographer Turning the World on its Head

Anton Charushin’s Instagram account is not your average travel blog. In fact, it’s so far out of the ordinary that we’re pretty sure you’ve never seen anything like it before. This Moscow-based photographer is well-known for traveling to beautiful locations across the globe and taking a snapshot of himself standing on his head. Whether it’s on a boat in Vietnam, on a cliffside in Iceland, or on a surfboard in Sri Lanka, Anton’s brought his hilarious stunt everywhere. For photos that are lighthearted and unfailingly amusing, we highly recommend giving him a follow. See more of his professional work here.



#73 – @fearlessandfar

An Adventurer Uncovering the Weird and Wonderful

Mike Corey is the adventurous spirit behind Fearless and Far. This marine biologist turned Adventure Travel YouTuber enjoys highlighting the weirder parts of our world and believes strongly in the value of experiences over material possessions. His love for wildlife was what first led him to a life of travel. On a two-month volunteer project in Indonesia, Mike discovered that he thrived on being out of his comfort zone. From then onwards, he began chasing similar experiences, suddenly filled with restless energy. Today, he’s found incredible success at what he does. He’s been featured on travel shows such as BBC World’s ‘The Travel Show’ and the Discovery Channel’s ‘Fun Taiwan Adventures.’ Follow him for photos that are gorgeously composed and full of vibrant life. Keep up with his work here.



#74 – @jetsetchristina

For a Travel Experience that Sparkles

If you’re looking to experience the glamorous side of travel, Christina Vidal has everything you need. Her blog Jet Set Christina was voted Travel and Leisure’s top luxury travel Instagram, and we think that title is much deserved. This Californian girl claims that her perfect day involves brunch, drinking champagne, snorkeling, and a great sunset. She’s the one to follow if you’re looking for a world-class resort and only the best of the best in town. Sunny vibes, crystal turquoise waters, and practically dripping with class – Christina’s photos are bound to brighten up your feed and inspire you to chase that extra sparkle. Learn more about her here.



#75 – @stefan_haworth

Capturing the Lightheartedness of Travel

Stefan Haworth calls Queenstown, New Zealand, home. A gifted photographer, he has over a decade’s worth of experience under his belt, and this is evident in his startlingly brilliant imagery. He is a self-proclaimed lighting addict, with a deep passion for the ocean and great outdoors. His images are bright, uplifting, and full of vibrant energy, capturing the atmosphere of a beautiful, soul-centering road trip. Expect to see wildlife, camping trips, sandy beaches, travels with friends, and glimpses into foreign lands. He’s visited countries such as Japan, the Philippines, Morocco, and many more. See more of his work here.



#76 – @youngadventuress

A Normal Girl Living her Biggest, Messiest Dreams

Meet young adventuress, Liz Carlson, an American traveler currently based in New Zealand. Prior to beginning the nomadic life, she expected to go to graduate school and begin a career as a medieval history professor. But alas, she caught the travel bug. Today, this globetrotter blogs full-time and chases adventures whenever she can. Expect photos of nature, wildlife, and the occasional beaming portrait to brighten up your feed – but we should mention that Liz has far more than just great photos. We love her wit, charm, and genuine commentaries on her life experiences. Oh, and did we mention her website is hilarious? Learn more about her here.



#77 – @kirstenalana

An Engaging Explorer Sharing Her Experiences

If you’re looking for a helpful travel resource without any fuss, then head on over to Kirsten Alana’s blog. Kirsten has a knack for keeping her audience engaged with detailed personal stories, useful travel advice, and the occasional fun history fact from wherever she’s currently visiting. Kirsten is based in Los Angeles, and she’s a photographer who aims to be environmentally responsible and socially conscious. She’s worked with a number of brands, including the Four Seasons, Ted Baker, and Travel + Leisure. See more of her work here.



#78 – @laurenepbath

Australia's First Professional Instagrammer Inspiring New Adventurers

In 2012, Lauren Bath quit her job as a professional chef and turned to a career in social media. What happened next? Well, believe it or not, she was Australia’s first professional Instagrammer, making a living from the platform long before travel influencing became a hot pursuit. Needless to say, she found great success as a digital influencer, and today she runs the Travel Bootcamp, an online course to help other aspiring travel influencers pursue the same lifestyle. And as if her incredible story wasn’t enough to hook you in, her photos are fabulous and a true tribute to the majesty of the earth’s creatures. Learn more about her here.



#79 – @siddharthajoshi

Experiencing New Cultures with One of India's Best Travel Bloggers

Siddhartha Joshi is an Indian designer, photographer and travel blogger, consistently voted as one of India’s best. He’s the founder of Sid the Wanderer, a blog on which he shares his stories and tips about traveling and social media. He’s extremely passionate about stories and claims that there’s little he loves more than engaging with others and learning more about their culture through story-telling. Unlike a number of travel bloggers, Siddhartha still keeps his nine-to-five job but travels on weekends. This impressive and immersive photographer has been featured in a number of different publications, including CNN and the Huffington Post. Follow him for raw, intimate moments of travel all over the globe. Learn more about him here.



#80 – @everythingeverywhere

A Photographer, Writer, Wanderer Sharing His Craft with the World

Gary Arndt has a lot to be proud of: not only has he seen over 130 countries, but he’s been voted best photographer of the year three times by various publications. His travel blog is an extremely helpful resource for travelers, aspiring travel writers and budding photographers alike, as he constantly shares tips and tricks for all those who want to learn. And if you need a little advice, why not ask the man who has seen most of the world? As you’d expect, his photos are top-notch, sharp, and vivid enough to make you forget you’re seeing it through a screen. See more of his work here.



#81 – @jannikobenhoff

Roaming the Rich Earth with One of Instagram's Most Influential Photographers

Believe it or not, German wanderer Jannik Obenhoff is only eighteen-years-old. You wouldn’t guess it after seeing his photographs, which display the immense talent you’d expect someone honing their craft for decades. This Munich-based photographer is particularly specialized in outdoor, landscape, and adventure photography. He has a deep passion for travel and enjoys capturing the world’s diverse beauty in a photograph, playing with light and perspective. He is frequently voted one of Instagram’s most influential photographers, and we know this isn’t the last we’ll see of him. He is also one of the German Roamers, an outdoor and travel community. See more of his work here.



#82 – @thesandyfeet

A Sydney Girl Seeking Sunkissed, Sandy Footed Freedom

The owner of these sandy feet is none other than Freya, a nature-lover and adventure-seeker from Sydney. After becoming dissatisfied with the daily grind of ordinary life, Freya embarked on a life of travel, beginning with a one-way ticket to Tahiti. She claims that travel was always a part of her life growing up, so it’s in many ways, no surprise that she finds her freedom on the open road. Today, this environmental scientist travels, hikes, and eats her way around the world. Follow her for beautiful photographs, as well as travel advice, and essential tips for all those looking for a new adventure. Keep up with her latest adventure here.



#83 – @wanderreds

A Spanish Explorer on a Mission

Alvaro Rojas’ mission is simple: he wants to be the youngest Spaniard to see every single country in the world. Do we think it’s possible? Absolutely. Alvaro has seen 165 countries and counting. And perhaps most impressively, this avid traveler still works a nine-to-five job. HIs photo collection is certainly a feast for the eyes, each post beautifully toned, full of life, and conveying his untameable zest for life. Alvaro has seen a number of countries that you won’t find on many other travel blogs, namely Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and of course, more popular destinations such as Indonesia or the Maldives. Follow him to keep up with an inspiring mission through superb photography. See his Instagram page here.



#84 – @tiffpenguin

A Travel Photographer Chasing the Foreign and Unfamiliar

Tiffany Nguyen is a dentist and travel photographer, based in California. She claims she’s fueled by her love for the unfamiliar: new countries, cultures, and adventures. Traveling is a huge part of her lifestyle, and she hopes that through her images, she’ll inspire others to get outside and create their own adventures. This experienced traveler has worked with a number of different brands including BMW. Amazon, and Sony, and has even been featured in publications such as Huffington Post, Travel + Leisure, and Cosmopolitan. Follow her for unfailingly brilliant nature photography, with coherent color schemes that are an absolute pleasure for the eyes. Learn more about her here.



#85 – @wheresmollie

Saying No to Regrets, and Yes to Adventure

Mollie from the United Kingdom does not do regrets. This is something she makes clear on her adventure lifestyle blog Where’s Mollie. She believes strongly that if your heart is pulled towards a particular experience, you absolutely must pursue it, or you’ll be left with a heavy sense of regret that may never fully disappear. Mollie pursues her dreams fearlessly and she hopes to be the encouragement that everyone needs to be pushed towards their goals as well. Among her many impressive accomplishments, Mollie is the CEO of Where’s Mollie Global Travelers (WMGT), a tour operator launched to give all people the chance to join Mollie on adventures around the globe. Keep up with her fantastic work here.



#86 – @treyratfliff

A World Famous Photographer Inspiring Artists and Aspirants Alike

J. J Abrams, the director of Star Trek, once called Trey Ratcliff’s work otherworldly, inspiring and real. Hans Zimmer, composer of music from the Lion King and Batman, called him a daily inspiration. As far as praise goes, we aren’t sure it gets any better than that. Despite being blind in his right eye since birth, Trey has become a world-renowned photographer, notable for his mindblowing HDR photography. His travel blog Stuck in Customs has been voted the best travel photography blog in the world, and frankly, no list would be complete with a mention of this immensely talented man. Today, he’s based in New Zealand with his family. See more of his work here.



#87 – @shadowontherun

A Lone Traveler and Photographer Capturing the Beauty of Abandon

If you’re looking for photography that borders on poetry, you’ll want to take a look at Chiara Zonca’s photographs. This Canadian photographer claims to love isolation and documenting the moments where light and weather conditions alter our perceptions of the world around us. The main focus of her work, according to her, is to capture a moment of unfamiliarity and abandon. Her images are almost eerie in their beauty, portraying landscapes that look like desolate, alternate realms. People don’t make an appearance, but you’ll see the occasional wild creature. Chiara has a gift for making something that should feel familiar seem alien and new. Her unique perspective is inspiring, and we highly recommend following her journey. Learn more about her here.



#88 – @gmr83

A Freedom-Loving Traveler Capturing Fascinating Forms

George Rishan is a Dubai-based photographer with a passion for nature, short walks, history, and food. With a true gift for capturing the unique beauty of each foreign city, his photo collection is rich with vivid imagery, fascinating architectural forms, and the occasional splash of greenery. His blog is a helpful resource for other travelers, and he is even open to being contacted for travel recommendations. This is one of three Instagrams, with the other two devoted to different aspects of travel, namely food and hotel recommendations. Follow him for consistently stunning photography and helpful travel tips. Keep up with his work here.



#89 – @lucylaucht

A Visual Playground Capturing All Sides of Culture and Travel

Of the many things that spring to mind when looking through Lucy Laucht’s impressive body of work, ‘honesty’ is one of the most resounding. These snapshots from across the globe feel like real glimpses, something unpretentious caught between moments. A photographer, content creator and travel expert, Lucy is a full-time world-wanderer, discovering new places just off the beaten path. Her Instagram collection is a playground of form and color, documenting all aspects of travel and culture. All her work is remarkable, diverse, and will certainly keep your Instagram feed interesting. See more of her work here.



#90 – @calsnape

A Gifted Photographer Crafting Dreamlands for Escapists

Callum Snape’s photography is an escapist’s dream. His images perfectly encapsulate that pocket of reality we all long to escape to: distant, dreamlike, and inviting. An extremely gifted adventure and travel photographer, Callum hails from Vancouver, where he’s built one of the largest digital followings in the adventure and travel community, in Canada. He claims that spending time outdoors has had a profound impact on his life, and through his images, he hopes to inspire greater appreciation for nature, so more people might want to protect it. For vivid, dynamic shots that guaranteed to spark your inner wanderlust, give his page a follow. See more of his work here.



#91 – @girlunspotted

A Traveler Chasing Magic and Enjoying the Ride

Erica Villas sums it up pretty well on her page: she’s showing you the pretty things, but also telling you what’s real. This upbeat traveler claims to be a sucker for magical places and is engaged in a continuous search for the world’s most gorgeous locations. We think she’s certainly succeeded at finding some of them! Her Instagram feed features photos from pristine islands in the Philippines and numerous other captivating places in South East Asia. On her blog, she shares her most helpful travel tips as well as her most inspiring tales. For sunny, positive photos, and refreshingly candid commentaries, you must give her page a follow. Learn more about her here.



#92 – @jakeanddannie

A Free-Spirited Family of Big-Hearted Wanderers

Photographers Jake and Dannie travel the world with their small daughter, Lisa. They are ‘slow travelers,’ staying in each new place for a month at a time, before moving on to the next destination. They claim it is less like visiting and more like living all over the globe for a period of time. For inspiring and heart-melting snapshots of their family adventures, we highly recommend giving them a follow. Their main objective on their travels is to teach their daughter how to live and love on a diverse planet. Their heart-warming story is one worth following. Each photograph feels like a real, raw moment, but beautifully composed and filled with color tones that will make you swoon. Follow their journey here.



#93 – @eyeofshe

From the Ocean to the Mountains, and Everything Beautiful in Between

Bree from New York City always wanted to see the world. After building a strong social media portfolio, she decided to take a leap of faith and chase that dream, beginning with a one-way ticket to South America. Today, she is a full-time traveler and a big proponent of conscious travel. In her photo collection, expect a sense of dynamism and adventure alongside powerful depictions of nature. Bree has a gift for photo composition, and we recommend giving her a follow to experience it for yourself. See more of her work here.



#94 – @paperboyo

Around the World in Cut-Outs

If you want a fresh spin on travel and photography, London-based Rich McCor is the man to watch. Using skillfully crafted paper cutouts and a camera alone, Rich began the journey of Paperboyo. His collection features various cutout silhouettes against foreign backdrops or landmarks, and the results are highly amusing. His creations are genius, creative, and extremely refreshing in an industry where so much content is alike. The cutouts are made using a scalpel knife, cutting board, and of course, his imagination. He claims it is a very therapeutic process, even when a mistake is made. We highly recommend giving him a follow – he’ll make your Instagram feed a lot more interesting. See his Instagram page here.



#95 – @polabur

A Russian Travel Blogger Chasing Glitz and Glamor Across the Globe

Florals, glamor, and lots of feminine charm: this is what you’ll find on Polina’s blog. This classy travel blogger from Russia claims to be addicted to traveling, but when she’s not on the road you’ll find her in Amsterdam, where she’s based at all other times. For food, coffee, and hotel recommendations from across the globe, you’ll find all you need on her travel blog. She’s also the proud shop owner of Polaberry, a shop in Amsterdam selling premium chocolate-dipped strawberries. If your Instagram feed is missing a splash of pink and a classy girl, follow her journey. You can learn more about Polina here.



#96 – @josemostajo

A Peruvian Photographer Capturing the Powerful Forces Nature 

For moody nature photography that’s all you never knew you needed, take a look at Jose Mostajo’s page. Through his lens, nature is a towering force, with secrets hidden in its corners that we can scarcely imagine. Though he hails from Peru originally, he can usually be found adventuring across the globe with @EyeofShe, trekking through countries such as Indonesia, Brazil, and Chile. Unbeknownst to many, Jose is also a talented guitarist, and he occasionally shares videos on his social media. Follow him for consistently striking photographs that never fail to captivate. See his Instagram page here.



#97 – @giuligartner

The Girl with the Yellow Jacket

Giulia Woergartner grew up in the Dolomites, the heart of the Italian Alps, completely surrounded by towering beauty. This shaped her love for photography and her deep appreciation for natural beauty – something she seeks to capture in her photographs. Her earliest photographic subjects were the Dolomites themselves. She is known for exploring the world in her yellow jacket, which makes an appearance in a number of her photos. Giulia is also extremely passionate about environmental causes and feels strongly about the conservation of our precious planet. For scenery, landscapes, and portraits that are nothing short of breathtaking, give her a follow. See more of her work here.



#98 – @kuhrmarvin

A German Photographer Creating a Visual Feast that Stirs the Soul

Marvin Kuhr might only be twenty-three years old, but you’d never think so after seeing his photography. Based in Leipzig, Germany, Marvin is actually an athlete who trains often. He, like everyone else, however, needs an escape every now and then. This is when you’ll find him exploring nature, or traveling around the world with his camera in tow. He enjoys being creative and finding new perspectives for his art. Through his images, he hopes to stir emotion in his viewers, and he hopes to make them feel like they’re on the journey alongside him. For epic nature photography, you’ve got to follow his journey. Learn more about him here.



#99 – @simplycyn

An Attorney by Day, An Adventurer By Night

Confidence, class, vibrance, and just plain ol’ good vibes: these are some of the many wonderful things we love about Cynthia’s blog. Her photographs are lively and effortlessly stylish, with that splash of color all our Instagram feeds need. This New York City-based traveler is also an attorney, but this doesn’t stop her from chasing new experiences and brightening up other corners of the globe. She’s visited places like Hong Kong, Mexico, and Grenada, capturing various impeccably styled outfits against foreign surroundings. Learn more about her here.



#100 – @charlottelittlewolf

A Gifted Artist Capturing the Wild, Wonderful Souls of the World

Charlotte has spent most of her life moving and traveling around the world. Born in Bristol, she later moved to the West Coast of the United States, all the while with a camera in hand. She’s an incredibly talented artist, with degrees in Photography, Graphic Design, and Scientific Illustration. Today she combines her artistic skills with her love for travel and adventure. She captures nature, landscapes, wildlife, and the occasional portrait. Her depictions of wild beasts in their natural habitat are photos you absolutely cannot miss. There’s no doubt about it: Charlotte has a gift. Keep up with her journey here.



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