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Lombok is Bali’s neighboring island on the east known for its epic surf spots, stunning beaches, and hiking trails. Thanks to its pristine white sand beaches, jaw-dropping waterfalls, and scenic volcanoes, this beautiful island offers many outdoor activities, from hiking to snorkeling to surfing. Here is our Lombok travel guide that will help you to have a hassle-free holiday!


Lombok Travel Guide: Things to Know Before Visiting Lombok
Tanjung Aan Beach, Lombok © Courtesy of Mad Monkey 


Regions of Lombok Islands

  • West Lombok (Bangsal, Lembar, Mataram, Tanjung, Senggigi)
    This is the administrative center and where Lembar Harbor is located, which is the gateway to the Gili Islands and Bali.
  • North Lombok (Mount Rinjani, Senaru)
    You can find the famous Mount Rinjani hiking trail and beautiful waterfalls here.
  • Central and East Lombok (Praya, Labuhan Lombok, Selong, Tetebatu)
    In this area, you will see quiet villages, pristine beaches, and ferry departures to Sumbawa and Flores.
  • South Lombok (Kuta, Sekotong, Tanjung Aan)
    Kuta is the center of Lombok island and this area is the most developed area where you will find white sand beaches, cool cafes, and epic surf breaks.
  • Gili Islands (Gili Air, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan)
    These tiny islands are located on the west coast and are famous for spectacular diving and snorkeling spots and a thriving nightlife scene.


Regions of Lombok Islands - Lombok Travel Guide: Things to Know Before Visiting Lombok
Tanjung Aan Beach, Lombok © Courtesy Mad Monkey Hostels


Lombok Travel Guide: Top Things to do on Lombok

Are you curious about what to expect on Lombok Island? Here is a sneak peek!


Hiking Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is a 3,726m-tall (12,224ft) active volcano and has an epic hiking trail offering spectacular views of a crater lake. If you are into camping and want to do the whole tour you can join 2-day tours and camp one night on the mountain. Otherwise, you can join the sunrise day trekking tours which start at midnight, and after 5-6 hours of hiking, you will be rewarded with amazing views.


Pink Beach

Looking for that perfect Instagrammable spot? Discover the famous sandy beach that has a unique rosy pink color and take a short boat ride to Gili Petelu to enjoy snorkeling with starfish.


Tanjung Aan Beach

Wanna see a postcard kinda beach? This white sand beach is perfect for chilling, swimming in the turquoise-colored water, and a sunset coconut or beer session.


Breathtaking Waterfalls

Why not chase some waterfalls with us at Mad Monkey, experience our Waterfall Tour and see some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Lombok, capture some classic Bali Instagram content at the waterfalls and also in the rice fields on the way back. If you’re prepared to drive 3.5 hours across the island, Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile are two famous waterfalls that are worth the journey.


Perfect Surf Breaks

There are so many good surf spots in Lombok that are suitable for beginner and intermediate surfers. Some of the famous ones are Kuta Lombok Beach, Gerupuk and Selong.


Snorkeling and Partying at Gili Trawangan

Gili Islands have one of the best diving and snorkeling spots in Indonesia. Plus, you will find vibrant nightlife here.


Lombok Travel Guide: Top Things to do on Lombok
Snorkeling in the Gili Islands © Courtesy of Kirsten Muolic


Getting to Lombok

  • By Plane: The easiest way to get to Lombok Island is by taking a flight to Lombok International Airport. You can take direct flights from Jakarta and Bali and the journey takes about 2 hours from Jakarta and 40 minutes from Bali. From the airport to the main town Kuta, the only option is to take a taxi and it costs around 150k IDR.
  • By Ferry: There are 2 ferry options that depart from Bali — the fast ferry and public ferry. You can take both ferries from Padang Bai Harbour in Bali to Lembar Harbour in Lombok. The fast ferry takes 1.5 hours and the public ferry takes around 5 hours. You can also take your scooter with you if you use the public ferry. From the harbor, you can take a taxi at a cost of around 150k IDR to the center. From Lombok mainland to Gili Islands check out the ferry options here.


Getting around Lombok

There is no public transportation in Lombok Island and on the contrary to Bali, popular ride apps like Gojek and Grab are not available. However, renting a scooter and taxis are commonly used to get around. Daily scooter rental prices are between 50k–100k IDR.


Getting around Lombok - Lombok Travel Guide: Things to Know Before Visiting Lombok
Sunset in Lombok © Courtesy of Mad Monkey 


When to Travel to Lombok: Seasons in Lombok

  • High/Peak Season: From April to September, it is the dry season in Lombok Island and there are few rainy days. You can enjoy the pristine beaches and do outdoor activities without worrying about the weather.
  • Low Season: From October to March, it is the rainy season in Lombok Island and you can expect more rainy days. However, you can enjoy discovering the island without the crowds and enjoy good surf conditions in this period.


Culture, Custom, and Etiquette on Lombok

Indonesia is a majority Muslim country and you can expect to see many mosques. Don’t be surprised to hear praying coming from the mosque 5 times a day. When entering a mosque, men and women should wear clothes covering legs and arms and women should also cover their hair with a scarf. A man should never shake hands with a Muslim woman unless she extends her hand first and it can be interpreted wrong if you look with a sullen face. Local people in Lombok Island are friendly and helpful and it is important to be respectful of their religion and greet them with a smiling face.


Useful Phrases in Sasak Language

Indonesia’s official language is Bahasa Indonesia but Lombok also has its own language called Sasak. Especially in the touristy areas and main towns like Kuta, the majority of the locals speak some English. However, why not learn a couple of useful words in the Sasak language:


Hello  Helo
How are you?  Jekem kembe 
Fine, thank you.  Matur tampi asih 
What is your name?  Sai aranm side 
My name is ______ .  Arank aku______  (informal) Arank tiang ______ (formal)
Nice to meet you  Demen bedait dait side
Please   Silak 
Thank you.  Tampiasih 
You’re welcome.  Pade pade
Yes  Aoq 
No  Ndeq
Do you speak English?  Side bau base inggris? 
How much is this?  Pire ajin
Where is the toilet?  Mbe taoq wc


Lombok Travel Guide: What to Eat in Lombok

Lombok has its own special flavors that you can only taste here. The local restaurant in Indonesia is called “warung” and you can find these dishes in any warung. If you are a fan of local food, here are some foods that are definitely worth a try!

  • Ayam Taliwang: grilled chicken served with rice and vegetables, usually with water spinach
  • Nasi Balap Puyung: steamed rice served with several side dishes such as shredded chicken cooked with chili, soybeans, or shrimp
  • Sate Bulayak: skewed beef meat served with peanut sauce or curry sauce
  • Bebalung: soup made with beef and herbs such as chili, garlic, onion, galangal, and turmeric
  • Sate Rembiga: skewed beef meat that is marinated with sweet soy sauce, garlic, and brown sugar
  • Sate Pusut: spicy minced beef served with grated coconut


Lombok Travel Guide: What to Eat in Lombok - Lombok Travel Guide: Things to Know Before Visiting Lombok
Lombok Traditional Foods © Courtesy of Kirsten Joelle/Mad Monkey


During your trip to Indonesia, you should definitely add the paradise island, Lombok to your travel itinerary to explore magnificent beaches and landscapes.
If you are looking for a place to stay in Lombok Island check out the newest Mad Monkey located just at the heart of Kuta and a few minutes walk away from the white sand beaches.



Madventures — Experience the Best of Lombok

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure in Kuta Lombok, where we’ve handpicked the ultimate experiences to ignite your senses and make your trip unforgettable. Say goodbye to FOMO and get ready to dive into the thrill of this vibrant destination. And the best news? We’ve made it super easy for you to book them! Check out the links below or even better, download our app, Mad Monkey Experience, to also gain POINTS for booking a Madventure tour and event! More points = more discounts + free perks to make your Mad Monkey trip even more epic (and cheaper😉)!

  • Waterfall Tour: Come chasing waterfalls with us! See some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Lombok, enjoy a homemade lunch, and on the way back, get some insta content in the rice fields!
  • Beginner Surf Lesson: Ride the waves like a pro in no time, with expert instructors and the coolest surf spots.
  • Indonesia Family Dinner: When it’s time to refuel, join us for a Family Dinner where you’ll indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of authentic Indonesian cuisine.
  • Tanjung Aan Beach Trip: Explore pristine white sand, iconic swings, and crystal clear water — it’s a must see!
  • Mad Monkey Pool Party: Get your tan on with a live DJ, free shots every hour, and let’s not forget, Happy Hour!

More Useful Information About Lombok

Are you already excited for your trip to Lombok and looking for more information about the island? Here are some useful websites that will be helpful for your holiday:


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