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Cinema Bangkok – The Best Movie Theatres in Bangkok, Thailand

Looking for a Cinema in Bangkok? You’d be surprised how amazing cinemas in Bangkok are. From luxurious VIP movie houses to charming retro-cinemas, they have it all. The city is filled with high-tech cinemas to choose from, with awesome perks for a more exciting movie-watching experience.
Here we give you the top 8 Bangkok cinemas worth visiting!


1. Bangkok Airways’ Blue Ribbon Screen – The best cinema in Bangkok

This VIP cinema in Bangkok is garnering rave reviews from both locals and tourists alike. Designed to treat you with a luxurious and ultra comfortable movie-watching experience, the cinema seats at the Blue Ribbon Screen are adjustable reclining armchairs that come with pillows and blankets. Now, if the movie becomes too boring to bear, and you just want to sleep the rest of it, just push a button on your seat, and it will go completely horizontal for a good night’s sleep. Let’s just hope you’re not a loud snorer.
The block seats are paired up by twos, designed not for snuggling, but for a private movie discussion with your movie buddy. Your blankie can come in handy during frightening scenes, or if you need something to cry on.
Before the movie starts, you will be served with a complimentary drink and snack (get to choose: a muffin and drink from the Starbucks tea/coffee set; soda and popcorn; or red wine and almonds), and—get this—a 15-minute massage.

Location: 5th Floor, Siam Paragon (BTS Siam)
Budget: B1,000 per person; B1,800 for two.
Tickets, showing times, reservations and cinema times – VISIT WEBSITE


2. Century Movie Plaza – Soi Rang Nam Movie Plaza Cinema Bangkok

Although chiefly a place to go see a movie, the eight-story Century Movie Plaza is essentially an entertainment and lifestyle mall complex. Apart from eight movie houses inside the Century Movie Plaza’s fifth floor, there’s also an edutainment area for schools and institutions in other floors, shopping and dining areas, food courts, supermarket, and a karaoke club. Now, there are plenty of places to kill time with while waiting for your screening schedule.
At the cinemas, you can choose from digital or 3D digital, with your choice of luxury or super luxury seat.

Location: Soi Rang Nam, Phaya Thai Road
BTS: Victory Monument
Budget: B150 to 260
Tickets, showing times, reservations and cinema times – VISIT WEBSITE


3. Embassy Diplomat Screens – Phloenchit Luxury Cinema Bangkok


3. Embassy Diplomat Screens - Phloenchit Luxury Cinema Bangkok
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The Embassy Diplomat Screens, designed by the international architecture firm Rockwell Group Europe, is comprised of five VIP movie houses. Upon entering the cinema complex, you’ll pass through an impressively film-strip golden hallway.
Each of the five cinema (Cinema I to V) has 30 seats and features the latest Real DXL technology—which means sharp, crisp screens and first-rate audio experience.
Cinema I is littered with various seating styles—sofas and daybeds, and you choose your seating based on the size of your movie-watching group. It also has its own reception area, lounge, and a mini bar where you are treated to an unlimited supply of soft drinks.
The rest of the cinemas, on the other hand, have cocoon-like seats: joint leather recliners complete with a lamp, USB slots, and a Concierge button.

Location: 6/F, Central Embassy, Phloenchit Road,
BTS: Phloenchit or Chidlom
Tel No.: 02-160-5999
Budget: B900 per person for Cinemas II-V (Mon-Wed); B1,100 per person for Cinema I (Mon-Wed). Extra B100 per person on Thu-Sun.
Tickets, showing times, reservations and cinema times – VISIT WEBSITE


4. House RCA – Ratchada Art House Cinema Bangkok


4. House RCA - Ratchada Art House Cinema Bangkok
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Indie film lovers, this is your cinema in Bangkok. House RCA Bangkok is a boutique indie cinema to catch not just Thai—but also European and Asian art-house films. From Chinese dramas to obscure French films, to experimental films, RCA caters to the art-house film buffs. But they also screen the occasional blockbuster hits in case mainstream peeps are looking around the area for a cheap cinema.
Found in the Ratchada area, in a Petchaburi side street, you’ll easily spot “Royal City Avenue” (RCA). The RCA has two cinemas with comfy plush leather seats and wooden floors. The vibe is completely charming and old-fashioned, complete with a very audible hum of the projector.
Apart from the movie houses, RCA also delightfully features a Film Library! And a DVD Library offering a 10-baht lifetime membership fee, giving you the privilege to borrow a max of three movies at a time without charge. And they have a café to provide you and your friends the much-needed post-screening discussion. Wi-fi access costs 50 baht.

Location: House RCA, 3/F, RCA Plaza, 31/8 Petchaburi Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Budget: 100 baht
Hours: Open today · 11AM–9:30PM
Tickets, showing times, reservations and cinema times


5. Krungsri IMAX Theatre – Paragon Complex Siam


5. Krungsri IMAX Theatre - Paragon Complex Siam
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An IMAX screen is personally my favorite, as it provides the most immersive movie experience. IMAX is the acronym of “Image MAXimum.” It’s basically a giant screen with greater resolution. And when the movie is in 3D, and a sci-fi, expect to be transported into the movie.
At Kungsri IMAX in Siam Paragon, the IMAX screen is eight storeys high, exactly measuring 21 x 28 meters, with awesome sounds for a full immersive experience. The seats are big, and you just have to pick the middle row, or perhaps a little at the back, because being too close to the screen will inhibit you from seeing the entire picture.

Location: 5th Floor, Siam Paragon
Budget: 200 – 500 baht
Tickets, showing times, reservations and cinema times – VISIT WEBSITE


6. Major Cineplex – Sukhumvit


6. Major Cineplex - Sukhumvit
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Located at the Esplanade Shopping Mall, Major Cineplex is comprised of 12 movie theaters, most of which are designed for superior movie-watching experience, with varying levels of seating experience to choose from: from the basic, individual seat, to the ultra-comfy twin seats with adjustable leg rest. The entire Cineplex boasts 3,000 seats.
The theaters are equipped with the latest digital technology and 3D, and two theaters are BSC Diamond Screens for private, VIP screenings, with ticket prices depending on the class of the theater.

Location: The Esplanade Cineplex Ratchada; Sukhumvit (Ekamai)
Tickets, showing times, reservations and cinema times – VISIT WEBSITE


7. Paragon Cineplex – Siam Paragon


7. Paragon Cineplex - Siam Paragon
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The Paragon Cineplex is a sprawling 14-screen multiplex movie theater, which includes an IMAX theater, the Enigma Shadow Screen (night-club vibe complete with love seats perfect for advance-booking parties), the lavish Nokia Ultra Screen, a 4DX theater (motion seats, plus other external effects like smells) and the large Siam Pavalai amphitheatre with 1,200 seats.

Location: 5th Floor Siam Paragon
BTS: Siam
Tel: +66 (0)2 129 4635, +66 (0)2 129 4636
Budget : 220 baht (single chair) and for special theaters, up to 1000 baht.
Tickets, showing times, reservations and cinema times


8. Scala Cinema – Siam Square Bangkok


8. Scala Cinema - Siam Square Bangkok
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Built in 1967, the Scala Cinema Bangkok up to this point is still amazingly preserved. Like stepping into a time warp and back to the past. It is a modest, one-screen cinema with 1000 red-velvets seats, retro style, complete with a domed ceiling at the entrance, a giant chandelier, and art deco bronzed flowers. The ticket guy even wears a yellow jacket-and-bow tie uniform.
Don’t worry, though, they upgrade the cinema technology to provide you with quality movie-watching experience. The architecture is simply a treat!

Location: Scala Theatre, Siam Square Soi 1, Rama I Rd
Budget: 100 baht
Tickets, showing times, reservations and cinema times – VISIT WEBSITE



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