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Boracay nightlife is pumping. The Boracay bars and clubs are non stop. If you are a backpacker about to arrive on the island’s shores, our guide to Boracay’s nightlife should help you find your way around the best bars, clubs and nightlife on the island.
Next stop, euphoria…

Boracay Nightlife: The Best Bars and Clubs on the Island

This island is not just sun, sand, and beaches; Boracay nightlife has also seen a major boom as more tourists have rolled up their dancing socks and flocked to the small island. Whether you are looking for a bar to hang out with friends for some sun-downer cocktails, or a nightclub to party till morning, this Boracay nightlife guide has got you covered.

Of course, the problem with writing guides like this is that they are often out-of date a few weeks after publishing. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but if you are a backpacker and ready to party then the following drinking and partying guide should provide you with a great starting point to get the most out of your trip to the Boracay nightlife.


Boracay Nightlife: Best Day Drinking Bars

So you just finished on the beach, it’s before dark, and you want to head out for some early drinks and potentially some food.

“Where are the best places to get the day drinks?” is the question on everyone’s thirsty lips.
Say no more, here are our suggestions for the best afternoon bars to head out to…


Mad Monkey Hostel Pool Bar – Boracay


Mad Monkey Hostel Pool Bar - Boracay - Boracay Nightlife, Bars and Clubs – Backpackers Guide


First and foremost, we want you to know our doors are always open and the red carpet is constantly rolled out for any travelers that are wanting to come and kick back by the pool for a few cold ones. The bar is usually buzzing with other travelers that are preparing themselves for another epic evening amongst the Boracay nightlife opportunities.

If you’re in town on a Sunday or a Thursday, we’ve got a fiesta treat especially for you…
Our All-Day Pool Party Sessions are going down in Boracay nightlife history.
Happy Hour is in full flow all the way from 8am through till 6pm. The DJ will be spinning some sensual beats and there’s no shortage of cheeky games and contests for you to join in with.
Don’t miss out on these famous festivities!


Sandbar Beach Club – Boracay (Station 1)


Sandbar Beach Club - Boracay (Station 1) - Boracay Nightlife, Bars and Clubs – Backpackers Guide
© Courtesy of


Sandbar Beach Club is the perfect place to relax after spending hours in the water or on the beach. Lay back on a beach bed as the afternoon sun slowly turns into a mesmerizing sunset.
This is where guys and ladies who swear by their fancy bikinis & budgie smugglers come to hang out, making it a great place to meet people and make new friends to head off into the Boracay nightlife scene with. Drinks start at 100 pesos ($2).
The party not to miss out on…

On Saturdays, make sure you swing by for Sandbar Beach Club’s famous day party; Saturday Shindig. On Sundays, the club becomes more a family shindig with a children’s beach party from 11am.


White House Boracay Beach Lounge & Wetland Bar (Station 1)


Donald Trump doesn’t know what he’s missing out on…

This White House puts its architectural cousin in Washington DC to shame. The outdoor beach-side lounge is a prime spot to burn the daylight away. You can also relax beside the pool while sipping on your favorite drink. Drink prices start at 80 Pesos ($1.60) and happy hour runs the whole day long from 7am to 7pm every single day.

If you happen to be in Boracay during a holiday, check whether the bar is holding one of the famous Ibiza-like parties. It’s always a wild treat and a highlight on the Boracay nightlife scene.


Pool Bar at Boracay Regency Resort (Station 2)

Boracay Regency Resort in Station 2 has not one, but three large swimming pools and a Jacuzzi. The pool bar provides an opportunity for guests to inject a dose of luxury into their Boracay nightlife scenes. Perch up by the bar and weave your way through their vibrant drinks menu in a serene and relaxing location with friends.

So the next time you are coming to Boracay, consider booking a room at the Boracay regency Hotel * (see our accommodation guide to Boracay)  to enjoy their pool bar. There are also several restaurants including one located right on the beach.
Visit their website for queries on available drinks, prices, and hours:


Alon Bar – Boracay (Station 3)

There’s nothing like a bit of peace and quiet every now and again…

Located in the quieter part of White Beach, Station 3, patrons at Alon Bar can chill with the feel of sand caressing their feet. The bar is famous for its wide selection of tropical drinks, perfect for when the sun is especially scorching. There are also light snacks for those who want a quick bite.
Other drinks include cocktails and mojitos with prices starting at 150 Pesos ($3).

If you stick around for longer, you could catch the Happy Hour starting at 5pm accompanied by a live acoustic band that will serenade you through the magical Boracay sunset.


Nigi Nigi Nu Noos Bar – Boracay (Station 2)


Nigi Nigi Nu Noos Bar (Station 2) - Boracay Nightlife, bars and clubs
© Courtesy of


Sit down to some friendly company and relaxing classic rock music. Nigi Nigi Nu Noos Bar is a favorite daytime bar especially among expatriates based in Boracay. There is a large flat screen TV where they sometimes air sports and it’s a popular bar on Boracay to watch the football.

Happy hour starts at 5pm until 7pm but the bar itself is open as early as 7am and closes at 10pm. So whatever the time of the day, cruise on over to Nigi Nigi Nu Noos for some good drinks and even better company. Drinks start at 50 Pesos. You can get the popular San Miguel Beer for 65 Pesos.


Boracay Nightlife: Best Sundowner Bars


Boracay Nightlife: Best Sundowner Bars - Boracay Nightlife, Bars and Clubs – Backpackers Guide


Ok, so you have been lounging around all afternoon and now you want to find a base to take in the sunset (whilst sipping away at a salacious cocktail, no doubt).
Here are our best spots on Boracay to experience the sun gradually glowing its way beneath the horizon…


Chill Out Bar – Boracay (Station 2)


Chill Out Bar - Boracay (Station 2) - Boracay Nightlife, Bars and Clubs – Backpackers Guide
© Courtesy of


The ultimate chill pill…

Chill Out Bar is always relaxing at its spot at Station 2, just a few steps away from D’Mall. Its beachside location ensures that patrons can view the sunset in all its beauty without ever having to leave their drinks.

As dusk sets in, there is often live music with acts releasing their reggae musical magic for the crowd. Now it’s time to start practising those cutting edge dance moves of yours before hitting the late night Boracay nightlife festivities.

Good music, beautiful sunset and your choice of drinks… See you there.


Red Pirates Pub – Boracay (Station 3)


Red Pirates Pub - Boracay (Station 3) - Boracay Nightlife, Bars and Clubs – Backpackers Guide
© Courtesy of


Yo, Ho Ho, and no shortage of rum!

This is one of the most popular bars on the of Boracay nightlife scene. It is a great place to experience native culture, music and drinks. It is run by a very lively guy called Captain Joey. With many people flocking here in the evenings and live music playing, the place can be a little rowdy.

The pub sometimes arranges paraw sailing trips for tourists which we highly recommend. Grab your drink, rent a boat and enjoy the sizzling sunset on the water.

Happy hour runs from 4pm to 7pm. Drinks start at 60 Pesos (you must try the cocktails).


CocoLoco Bar – Boracay (Station 3)

This is mostly a daytime / sunset bar. Once the Boracay nightlife witching hour has passed, you will normally find this bar to be quieter. But if you are looking for a great place to wrap up the day while basking in the setting sun, it’s perfect.

The bar’s open plan design goes hand in hand with the welcoming family vibes you’ll receive upon arrival, the cool sea breeze making sure you stay fresh as you nurture one of their killer cocktails. For an even better sunset view, claim yourself one of beach chairs available outside.

Happy hour begins at 3pm till 7pm, but you can get a drink at any time starting from 7am in the morning. If you get hungry, there are snacks available.


Wahine Beach Bar – Boracay (Diniwid Beach)

The bar has beanbags set up on the beach perfect for slouching. You can sit there, drink in hand and watch as the lazy waves and beautiful sunset come together to create the perfect day’s end.

If you do not have a date to accompany you, there are plenty of people around to try out your latest chat up lines on. Work your magic! There is live music to ensure that your evening is as relaxing as it can be. In terms of Boracay nightlife, this is often the rallying point for many before heading out to the late night bars and pubs.

Happy hour begins at 5pm and runs until 7pm. A beer will cost you around 90 Pesos ($1.80) while cocktails can be a bit more expensive, around 200 Pesos ($4).


Crafts Rooftop Bar – Boracay (Station 2)

The bar is part of a rooftop restaurant located above a department store in Boracay’s Station 2. If you are wanting to escape the sand for sunset, this is the next best alternative. From the top, the sunset views have been known to bring a tear to the eye’s of the beholder. Magnificent scenes.

You can also get food from the restaurant to accompany your sun-downer drinks. Indian cuisine is especially popular here and its delicious, so if you want to combine sunset drinks with an Indian then this is the spot.


Boracay Nightlife: Best Early Evening Bars

So the sun has set, the buzz is starting to set in, now its time to take it up a notch and head out to catch the early evening party vibe. The atmosphere is just starting to heat up and the bars are starting to get busy!

So, where are the best spots to really get the Boracay nightlife action started? We’ve got you covered.

Check out these best early evening watering holes on Boracay to track down the party…


Aplaya Beach Bar – Boracay

Before you get into the party mode that the Boracay nightlife is famous for, you need something to get you juices and loosened up. At Aplaya Beach Bar, the atmosphere and drinks are lit enough to get you into the right mood.

You must try the Aplaya, the signature drink. It will make sure you keep on through till sunrise. Alternatively, drink the creamy and sweet Mango Mojito. If you do not want any drink, just slump into one of the bean bags and enjoy a hookah.


Pats Creek Bar – Boracay (Station 1)


Pats Creek Bar - Boracay (Station 1) - Boracay Nightlife, Bars and Clubs – Backpackers Guide
© Courtesy of


Pats Creek is another laid back bar with reggae, jazz and acoustic tunes to transition you smoothly from the sunny day and into a party-filled night. This is where you come to let your dinner settle and your body to relax, ready for a great night ahead. You can sit inside or outside on the beach area.
Drinks include cocktails and beers (70 Pesos for a San Miguel beer). You can also enjoy hookah here. The bar opens at 5pm, closing at 1am.


Shantals Resto Bar – Boracay (Station 3)


Shantals Resto Bar - Boracay (Station 3) - Boracay Nightlife, Bars and Clubs – Backpackers Guide
© Courtesy


If you are looking for a cheap place to drink, Shantals Resto Bar has one of the cheapest beers on the Boracay nightlife strip. For just 30 Pesos you can get one San Miguel beer. Backpackers and other budget travelers, take note. Golden nectar for days!
The sitting area is situated right on the beach, providing partiers with a cool breeze and great sights of the sunset.

Happy hour is from 2pm till 8pm but the bar opens at 8am, closing at 11pm.


Boracay Uptown (Station 2)

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ favourite Boracay nightlife spot. The Boracay Uptown funk will certainly be giving it to you right here.

Boracay Uptown is a perfect combination of a dining, drinking and relaxation. One of the most popular tipples is the bucket of beer, simply order a bucket of beer to sip down under the stars, if you need some energy before you head out into Boracay nightlife proper then we can suggest their iced tea and coffee.
As the evening progresses, so does the entertainment. A live acoustic band and island fire dancers take to the stage to dazzle the crowd. If you stay for longer (past 10pm) the music and the crowd get louder, with popular tunes getting everyone off their seats.


Levantin Bar Bulabog Beach – Boracay


Levantin Bar Bulabog Beach - Boracay - Boracay Nightlife, Bars and Clubs – Backpackers Guide
© Courtesy of


This is the biggest bar along Bulabog beach and is popular with the surfing crowd. One advantage of its location is the lack of thronging tourist crowds, although it does busy with surfers most nights who are looking to ride the alcohol waves till the early hours. You can enjoy your evening in some quiet before venturing out to White Beach later in the night to get wild.

The bar opens from 7am to midnight. Popular drinks include the San Miguel beer, Vodka, mojitos, cocktails and their signature Godfather shot. If you are hungry, the hotel that owns the bar also operates a restaurant within the same building.


Boracay Nightlife: Best Party Bars

The Boracay nightlife witching hour is upon us ladies and gents…
Now the party is well and truly started let’s hit some of the best party bars on the island. We’re going all in to make sure that all elements of FOMO are buried deep beneath the sand.
These are some of the best party bars to hit on the island, and what we consider to be the best party bars that Boracay’s nightlife has to offer. Bottoms up…


Mad Monkey Hostel Paint Party – Boracay


Mad Monkey Hostel Paint Party - Boracay - Boracay Nightlife, Bars and Clubs – Backpackers Guide


Every night is new adventure at our party palace. However, if you’re feeling like the perfect cocktail of alcohol and artistic vibes, make sure you pop across to our Paint Party. Every Monday night!
The modern day Van Goghs and Picassos that are the wonderful Jasmin and Alexa of Vagabond Artists will be in the house to fix you up with some trippy body paint. The DJ will be throwing out some mesmerising tunes as paint your way through one of the messiest shindigs in town.
Come and join the masterpiece!


Boracay Coco Bar – Boracay (Station 2)


Boracay Coco Bar - Boracay (Station 2) - Boracay Nightlife, Bars and Clubs – Backpackers Guide
© Courtesy of


Ed Sheeran wasn’t wrong… We’re in love with the Coco.

This vibrant bar combines gaming and drinks to create a partying experience of a lifetime. Jenga and darts are always a good way to get started. The games and the drinking continue to get more wild as the night progresses. Coco tends to get very lively, who knows who’ll you topple the Jenga castle onto before you go off exploring the Boracay nightlife together…

As for the drinks, you have to try their daring Brain Train! If you can drink it, Coco will hook you up with a free t-shirt proclaiming your victory. There are also mojitos, cocktails and beer.
Happy hour is between 4pm and 8pm. On Thursdays, Ladies Night is one not to miss if you want to hang out with the island’s single hotties.


Juice Bar – Boracay (Station 2)

Juice by name, and getting regularly juiced by nature.

This bar is larger than life and its design gives it more of a club feeling. But where it matters most, having fun, it passes with flying colors. They play some buoyant house music, pumping positive vibes into a fun party atmosphere. Juice bar is popular with expats, locals and tourists, and is a must stop on the route of your Boracay nightlife adventure

Happy hour is between 4pm and 8pm. The partying itself goes all the way into the night until 3am when the bar closes. You can get a San Miguel beer for 50 Pesos and Rum Coke for 100 Pesos.


Wave Bar and Lounge at Boracay Regency Resort (Station 2)

While the pool bar at Boracay Regency Resort is ideal for day and sunset drinks, their Wave Bar and Lounge is perfect for all night partying. It’s time to get waved partiers! The bar is a 2-tiered alcohol palace, the second floor club is usually popping which of course makes it a popular late night Boracay nightlife destination. There is also a very stylish open-air lounge.

The DJ keeps the waveyness going all night, the music is good and the drinks are cheap (especially for a late night bar with prices starting at only 110 Pesos).

Happy Hour kicks off at 5pm and goes onto 10pm.


Cocomangas Shooter Bar – Boracay (Station 1)

Cocomangas has been part of the Boracay nightlife furniture for decades.
Having opened its doors all the way back in 1987, the bar is most famous for its shots challenge called ‘Still Standing After 15’. If you win your Boracay claim to party fame, you’ll can get your name engraved on the wall.

There are also the famous cocktail jars and shakers. Whether you are looking for a hard party drink or a light sweet drink just to relax, you will get it here. The music only serves to enliven the party, if you are looking for a historical Boracay nightlife experience then this is it, a must visit at least once although we do not recommend the shot challenge.


Exit Bar – Boracay (Station 2)


Exit Bar - Boracay (Station 2) - Boracay Nightlife, Bars and Clubs – Backpackers Guide


Enter the one and only Exit…
This is one of the most popular budget bars, a favorite for many backpackers. You can get a wide range of cheap cocktails and beers as well as dub music to get you into the party mood. Be there every weekend for a live tribal drum performance.
Popular party music includes reggae, Dub and Hip Hop. Prices start as low as 50 Pesos making it the backpackers choice on the Boracay nightlife scene.


Boracay Nightlife: Best Nightclubs

It is late and that dancing sensation is beginning to reach its peak. After partying with the best of them its now time to strut our stuff until the early hours of the morning and go mental in Boracay nightlife’s hottest nightclubs.
Here is our choice of the best Boracay Island Nightclubs to shack out at until sunsrise…


Paraw Club – Boracay (Station 1)


Paraw Club - Boracay (Station 1) - Boracay Nightlife, Bars and Clubs – Backpackers Guide
© Courtesy of


The Boracay locals really know how to get down…
This club is more popular with locals than foreign tourists. It is a great place for all-night fun and to meet lots of new faces. The dance floor is especially large, enabling you to step into the future and throw some big robotic dance moves to the music.
Happy hour is from 4pm to 9pm. Opening hours are 10am to 3am Sundays to Thursdays and 11am to 4am Friday and Saturday.


Epic Club – Boracay (Station 2)


Epic Club - Boracay (Station 2) - Boracay Nightlife, Bars and Clubs – Backpackers Guide
© Courtesy of


First and foremost, this bar is exactly as it says on the tin…
The club’s name is enough to tell you what to expect; the best, most epic dancing and partying in Boracay. It is right next to D’Mall so you can expect huge crowds in the club at night. As the pace picks up during the night, tables are pushed away to create more room for dancing.
Happy hour is between 12pm and 10pm and opening hours are 11am to 4am.
This is the tourist’s favorite Boracay club, but if you are hear for a week you should get chance to try them all!


Summer Place – Boracay (Station 2)


Summer Place - Boracay (Station 2) - Boracay Nightlife, Bars and Clubs – Backpackers Guide
© Courtesy of


Summer is in the house! This is where western tourists flock for some of the hottest and wildest parties in Boracay. Since there are plenty of bars around, it’s super easy to quickly catch some warm up drinks before getting into the club for some serious fun.
During busy nights, there is an entrance fee of 300 Pesos ($6). At other times when there aren’t many people, you can get in free.

Opening hours are 6pm to 4am, meaning that you can roll out, catch a beer on the beach with some friends and watch that sun rise once again!


Boracay Stars – Boracay (Station 3)


This is a fairly recent club having opened its doors in 2014. However, it has already burst onto the Boracay nightlife scene in a big way, having gained a reputation as one of the best places to party on the island.

Happy hour runs from 5pm to 8pm. Opening hours for the club are between 8.30pm and 3am. Entrance is free.


Guilly’s Island – Boracay (Station 1)

This is a great place to relax with some drinks and food. As night falls, it transforms into a club, with loud music and equally loud party-goers. Happy hour is between 5pm and 9am. The club opens at 5pm and closes at 4am. Party on!



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