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Smart Traveling –  Boracay Budget for Backpackers

One of the highly recommended places for backpackers is Boracay Island in the Philippines. But because Boracay is a much-advertised destination, the prices can be very high. So if you are a backpacker and want to keep within your Boracay budget, here are some guides for you on how you could enjoy this paradise island without spending too much.

Boracay Budget Guide

Budget your trip

List down everything you would need to spend on such as transportation, accommodation, food, recreational activities and miscellaneous. Remember that most of your budget will go to accommodation.
It is important that you choose a place where you know you will feel comfortable and will be within your Boracay budget to stay, our guide to Boracay accommodation may help.  Also, you may want to consider travelling with a group. This will definitely lower your accommodation expense when you split the bill among yourselves.
Before making a reservation, inquire via email or phone call if the hotel offers free shuttle service from the Boracay port directly to the hotel.  Ask if they also provide free rides for touring the island.
Also, inquire about free meals such as complimentary breakfast or if they provide special reception snacks.
You don’t need to bring toiletries since these are usually provided free at the hotel. If you plan on staying at cheaper accommodations such as hostels, you may want to buy sachet ones (such as toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, etc.) for small or one-time use only.


Check out Boracay Backpacking Promos


Check out Boracay Backpacking Promos - Boracay Budget Travel Tips for Backpackers
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Check online for hotel promos and discounts and other travel booking hacks to get the best deals in Boracay. When it’s off-season (June to October), there are usually more promos available and most room rates are cheaper.
Sometimes, early-bird reservations come with perks and additional discounts when you book online.  If you are a backpacker and want to stay at The Mad Monkey, ensure you sign up for the Mad Monkey club discounts from this page, you will instantly save 10% or more on your accommodation costs.
If you plan to travel during the lean months, inquire about buffet serving and bottomless drinks instead of the usual complimentary meals. Sometimes hotels offer these packages when there are a few guests.
There are also a lot of Airline promos for the off season. Cebu Pacific sometimes offer Piso fares or very minimal plane fare. Check out their website.



If you really don’t want to spend too much, avoid the peak season!  Remember, accommodation is the biggest expense in your travel budget. Low season is from early June till October 31. This means there are less people and you’ll have the beach to yourself.  This is also the time when rooms are a lot cheaper, sometimes even half the usual price.
Stroll around Station 3 along the main road.  This is where you will find the cheapest places to stay which is only 5 minutes walk from the beach. Invest in a couple of hours in finding a good place for a good price. It will be worth it.
For more information on accommodations in Boracay, check out Mad Monkey’s  Boracay Accommodation Guide.


Cheap places to eat in Boracay

There is plenty of cheap food in Boracay.  Food is the next big chunk of your budget. Take a stroll down Station 3 where you will definitely spot some restaurants that sell food for reasonable prices.
One way to save money on food is to take a cue from the locals. Most of these food joints are located along the major streets in the island where you can find a satisfying meal for only less than PhP100.
Another tip is to cook your own meals.  Go to Boracay Talipapa Bukid at Station 3 for fresh produce, Boracay Mini Mart for groceries, and at D’Mall Market.  For water, you can refill your reusable water bottles for  five to seven pesos  a liter. There are a couple of water refilling stations along Bulabog Road.


Activities:  The best things in life are free

One of the best cost-free activities that you can do in Boracay is enjoying the sunset view. Take your camera and click away at one of the world’s most beautiful sunsets. Every evening, the sunset offers a different stunning view.
Other things you can do is just bum around and soak in the sun to get that tan. Do a little swimming or go snorkeling. During the high season the sea is mostly calm but on off season, the sea is a bit rougher. You can also go for a night swim when the water is much warmer.  And if it’s not cloudy, you’ll get to see thousands of stars in the sky.
Walk around the island and meet the locals who are often very friendly and courteous. The other side of the island is far different than the tourist side. Explore. You won’t get lost in this small island.
With smart planning, you can still get the best Boracay experience with just a few bucks. Just remember, always haggle!



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