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Dumaguete is your ultimate destination for thrill-packed adventures! If you’re a water enthusiast with a craving for underwater marvels, Dumaguete should be right at the top of your travel bucket list. Nestled in the heart of the Philippines, this charming city is a gateway to some of the most breathtaking diving spots you’ll ever encounter. So, strap on your flippers and let’s delve into the best diving spots in Dumaguete!


Apo Island’s Marine Wonderland

Just a short boat ride away from Dumaguete, Apo Island is a diver’s utopia. The crystal-clear waters here play host to an awe-inspiring display of marine life. Get up close and personal with gentle sea turtles, vibrant coral gardens, and an array of tropical fish that dance around you in a mesmerizing underwater ballet. Apo Island isn’t just a dive; it’s a magical journey into a vibrant, untouched world, making it one of the must-visit diving spots in Dumaguete.

Getting There: Hop onto one of the boats in Dumaguete that will take you to Apo Island, which is approximately an hour away.

Dive Sites: Explore sites like Chapel Point, Cogon, and The Sanctuary, each offering unique experiences. Encounter gorgeous steep walls adorned with healthy hard coral, spot large moray eels, and observe fascinating critters like clownfish and shrimp gobies.

What to Expect: Be prepared to be amazed by more than 30 meters of visibility in most spots. Apo Island is renowned for big schools of fish, vibrant hard coral walls, and exceptional opportunities for wide-angle photography.

arieal view of apo island in the philippines
Aerial view of Apo Island, photo courtesy of Cris Tagupa

Dauin’s Macro Paradise

Calling all macro photography enthusiasts! Dauin is your playground. One of the top diving spots in Dumaguete, this unassuming town hides a treasure trove of tiny critters waiting to be discovered. From flamboyant cuttlefish to elusive ghost pipefish, Dauin’s black sand beaches are like a secret garden of miniature wonders. So, grab your macro lens and prepare to capture the intricate beauty of Dumaguete’s underwater microcosm.

Getting There: Dauin is conveniently located near resorts and can be reached by boat or shore dives.

Dive Sites: Explore sites like Mainit, San Miguel North and San Miguel Reef. Experience sandy slopes where triggerfish, parrotfish, moray eels, surgeonfish, and an array of marine life reside. Discover artificial reefs that attract critters and juvenile fish.

What to Expect: Dauin’s dive sites cater to all levels of divers and offer a chance to encounter a variety of colorful marine species. If you’re a fan of macro photography, you’re in for a treat!

turtle and marine lide in dauin, philippines
Sea life in Dauin’s oceans, photo courtesy of Giachen’s World

Siquijor’s Enigmatic Depths

Venture a bit farther to the mystical island of Siquijor, one of the captivating diving spots in Dumaguete, known for its enchanting landscapes and folklore. But beneath the waves lies another world of wonder. Drift along vibrant coral walls, where curious batfish accompany you on your journey. Don’t forget to explore the eerie marine sanctuaries, where the corals seem to glow with an otherworldly light. Siquijor’s diving spots are a blend of adventure and mysticism that will leave you breathless.

Getting There: Siquijor is accessible from Dumaguete by boat, offering a journey into a realm of underwater mysteries.

Dive Sites: Explore sites like Ma-iti, Paliton Wall Sur and Paliton Wall Norte. Dive into vibrant coral walls and marine sanctuaries that harbor a diversity of marine life, from batfish to mystical glowing corals.

What to Expect: Siquijor’s diving spots are a fusion of adventure and mystique, offering unique underwater landscapes and the chance to encounter captivating marine creatures.

cambugahay falls in siquijor philippines
View of Cambugahay Falls in Siquijor, photo courtesy of Canva

Best Diving Spots in Dumaguete

Dumaguete is a diver’s paradise just waiting to be explored. From the tranquil shores of Apo Island to the enigmatic depths of Siquijor, every dive promises a new adventure, a new discovery, and a deeper connection with the world beneath the waves. Remember, these are just a few of the incredible diving spots that Dumaguete has to offer. So, pack your swimsuit, grab your sense of wonder, and get ready to dive into Dumaguete’s underwater wonderland!

diver in the ocean
Photo courtesy of Chase Baker

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