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Australian COVID-19 Travel News

So what’s up with COVID-19 in Australia right now and what does it mean for your stay in Coogee Beach? We know things are strange at the moment so we’ve compiled some COVID-19 news and information to help you stay informed and keep on top of your travel plans. Our Australian COVID-19 Travel News should provide you with an update as of May 2020.

What’s the go with COVID-19 in Australia?

Along with the rest of the world, Australia has been affected by COVID-19 with the virus having a huge impact on health, lifestyle, travel, business, and the economy. Australia has however fared relatively well (to date) comparative to many other countries across the world.


So what are the COVID-19 restrictions in place in Australia?

Yes, the Australian government has put a number of social distancing and other restrictions in place to attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19 throughout the community.


What are these restrictions?

Travel restrictions limiting entry into and within Australia currently apply as well as social distancing rules affecting the number of people allowed to gather together.
From Friday 15th May public gatherings outdoors are restricted to groups of maximum 10 people and you’re only allowed to visit a different household to your own with up to 5 other people at any one time. On Monday 1st June these restrictions will be eased for restaurants/café’s/pubs and they will be allowed to operate with a maximum of 50 diners within their establishments at one time. It’s worth noting these numbers are space-dependent and groups dining together are still restricted to a maximum of 10 guests.


What about travel in Australia?

We’re stoked that travel restriction will be eased in NSW from 1st June 2020! The NSW Government has confirmed that from this date regional travel within NSW will be allowed for any reason, including holidays. Other states across Australia have different rules and things change frequently so we recommend checking with the respective State or Territory you wish to visit to ensure you have the most current information.
For the latest NSW info be sure to check out:


And what’s happening at Mad Monkey?

We’re all good here at Mad Monkey Coogee Beach! We’re absolutely open and loving getting to know the fab people staying here with us during COVID-19.


And what’s happening at Mad Monkey?


Within Mad Monkey the government imposed social distancing rules apply. You’ll notice some changes to the layout of our rooms and common spaces to allow for more space between guests. And yep hand hygiene remains super important so there are sanitiser stations all round the hostel to ensure we all do our bit. We’re taking more precautions than usual to ensure the strictest cleaning and hygiene standards are in place and we’re absolutely committed to ensuring your stay is as safe and comfortable as possible. If you’ve got any questions, please reach out to our friendly front desk team and we’re more than happy to help!
While health is obviously top of mind and there’s a bit more space than normal, things otherwise haven’t changed at Mad Monkey Coogee Beach. We’re still here to make sure you have an awesome time in Coogee and if you’ve stayed with us before you know you can rely on our super fun and friendly vibe. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Australian COVID-19 Travel News Coogee

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