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Gday mate! New to Australia? Deadset no idea what people are talking about? Yes we know it doesn’t always make a lot of sense and no you can’t chuck a U-ey in the middle of Coogee …
Australian’s have a unique way of expressing themselves. They love to abbreviate words, almost every ‘thing’ has a nickname and they love a good old colourful saying.  If you’re ever in doubt, just shorten a word, add an O, or IE to it you’re somewhat on the right track lol 🙂

Here’s a translation of some fun Aussie slang to help you make sense of your time in Australia.

Ankle biter : small child
Arvo : afternoon
Avos : avocados
Barbie : BBQ
Battler : someone who struggles by working hard and only just making a living
Beaut, beauty : awesome, great, fantastic
Big Smoke : a big city, especially Sydney or Melbourne
Bikkie : biscuit
Bloke : man, guy
Bloody oath! : For sure. Definitely true
Blowie : blow fly
Bludger : lazy person,
Blue : fight
Bogan : similar to a redneck, someone uncouth and of low social status
Bonzer : great, awesome, ripper
Boogie board : a hybrid, half-sized surf board that you don’t stand up on
Boozer : a pub
Bored shitless : very bored
Bottle-o : liquor shop
Brekkie : breakfast
Brick shit house, built like a : big strong bloke
Brisvegas : Brisbane, state capital of Queensland
Budgie smugglers : specific type of men’s swimming costume similar to underwear
Bushman’s blow : Blowing your nose without a tissue/handkerchief by placing one finger on the outside of the nose (thus blocking one nostril) and blowing. P.S – don’t do this it’s gross!
BYO : Bring your own alcohol
Cark it : to die
Chook : a chicken
Chips: Potato crisps. Yep just to confuse you!
Chrissie : Christmas
Chuck a sickie : a fake sick day.
Chunder : vomit
Cleanskin : Bottle of wine without a label that’s usually cheaper than normal.
Cobber : friend
Cockie : cockroach
Corker : something excellent
Crook : sick
Cut snake, mad as a : very angry
Daks : trousers
Deadset : true, the truth
Dinkum, fair dinkum : true, real, genuine
Donger : penis
Dunny : toilet
Durries: cigarettes
Esky : large insulated food/drink container for picnics, barbecues etc.
Exy : expensive
Fair dinkum : true, genuine
Franger : condom
Give it a burl : try it, have a go
Good onya : good for you, well done
Grog : liquor, beer, booze
Hooroo : see you later, goodbye
Longneck : 750ml bottle of beer in South Australia
Mate’s rate : cheaper than usual for a friend
Moolah : money
Mozzie : mosquito
Mushies: mushrooms
Nipper : young surf lifesaver
Nuddy : naked
Oldies : parents
Rapt : stoked, pleased, delighted
Ripper, you little! : exclamation of delight or as a reaction to good news
Roadie : a beer you buy to take away with you
Sanger : a sandwich
Seppo : an American
Schooner : large beer glass in Queensland; medium beer glass in South Australia
Servo : petrol station
She’ll be right : it’ll turn out okay
Shrimp: prawns. But just to confuse things Aussies don’t actually call them Shrimp – they are definitely called Prawns..
Slab : a carton of 24 bottles or cans of beer
Snag : a sausage
Strewth : exclamation, eg No way!
Stubby : a 375ml. beer bottle
Stubby holder : an insulated holder for a stubby
Sunnies : sunglasses
Thongs: these are flip flops and definitely do not refer to underwear
Too right! : definitely!
Trackkie Dacks: trousers
U-ey or Youey: U-turn in a car
Veggies : vegetables
Whingeing Pom : an Englishman who is always complaining – particularly about the weather
Woop Woop : invented name for any small unimportant town – “he lives out in Woop Woop”
XXXX : pronounced Four X, brand of beer made in Queensland




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