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Are you planning an adventurous escape to the mesmerizing island of Siquijor in the Philippines? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the 7 Best Hostels in Siquijor to make your stay unforgettable. From budget-friendly options to vibrant social atmospheres, these hostels have it all.


1. Mad Monkey Hostels

Let’s kick off our list with a gem that’s a traveler’s favorite, Mad Monkey Hostels. Situated in the heart of Siquijor, this hostel offers much more than just a place to rest your head. With a vibrant social scene, an on-site restaurant serving delicious local dishes, and a variety of room options, it’s perfect for backpackers seeking adventure and community.

Location: MAP

Contact: +63 956 520 7746

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Clean hostel beds and good vibes, photo courtesy of Mad Monkey Siquijor

2. Tori’s Backpacker’s Paradise

Tori’s Backpacker’s Paradise is a tranquil haven for travelers looking for a peaceful escape. Nestled amidst lush greenery, this cozy hostel boasts private bungalows and dormitory-style rooms. It’s an ideal choice for those wanting to unwind while still being close to Siquijor’s attractions.

Location: MAP

Contact: +63 907 132 6666 | Facebook

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Tori’s Backpacker’s Paradise bar & restaurant, photo courtesy of Tori’s Backpacker’s Paradise Facebook

3. Cliff Garden

If you’re after breathtaking ocean views and a serene atmosphere, Cliff Garden is your answer. Perched on a cliffside, this hostel offers comfortable accommodations and a unique vantage point to watch the sunsets. You’ll feel on top of the world here!

Location: MAP

Contact: +63 935 662 3611 | Facebook

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Cozy and quite room vibe, photo courtesy of Cliff Garden Facebook

4. Lazy Lizard Hostel

For a laid-back vibe and a real taste of island life, Lazy Lizard Hostel is a top pick. Located just a stone’s throw away from the beach, it’s the perfect spot to relax, meet fellow travelers, and soak up the sun. With a range of room options and friendly staff, it’s easy to see why it’s a hit among backpackers.

Location: MAP

Contact: +63 927 151 6338 | Facebook

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Easy-breezy Pinoy comfort room, photo courtesy of Lazy Lizard PH Hostel Facebook

5. Little Nomads eco-guesthouse

Little Nomads eco-guesthouse is another contender for the title of the “Best Hostels in Siquijor” if you’re eco-conscious. Nestled within a lush garden, this hostel offers cozy accommodations with a minimal environmental footprint. It’s a great choice for travelers who want to tread lightly on this beautiful island.

Location: MAP

Contact: +63 919 896 7404

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Feel the connection with nature, photo courtesy of Little Nomads eco- guesthouse

6. Fable Hostel

For those who appreciate a touch of style and comfort on their travels, Fable Hostel is a hidden gem in Siquijor. With beautifully designed rooms, a relaxed ambiance, and a great location, it’s perfect for travelers seeking a touch of luxury without breaking the bank.

Location: MAP

Contact: +63 969 520 8888

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Luxury that will not break your bank, photo courtesy of Fable Hostel

7. Seashore Inn

Last but not least, we have Seashore Inn, a charming beachfront hostel that embodies the essence of island living. Wake up to the sound of waves, take a stroll along the shore, and enjoy the simplicity of life in Siquijor. This hostel provides an authentic beachfront experience for budget-conscious travelers.

Location: MAP

Contact: +63 935 766 8660

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Island living vibe at it’s finest, photo courtesy of Seashore Inn

And That’s Not All!

Siquijor offers an array of budget-friendly and unique hostel options that cater to every traveler’s preferences. Whether you seek a social hub, eco-friendly lodging, or a tranquil escape, these hostels have you covered. So pack your bags, set your sights on this enchanting island, and let your adventure begin!

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