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Article contributed By:  Jenny Ní Ruiséil


Let’s talk about the best options for Bangkok Day trips that will get you out of the city to see just that little bit more.  So you’ve checked in to Mad Monkey, had a Khao San Hostel adventure and tested the quality of the Chang beer in more than one local establishment. Time to move on to the next destination?
Save yourself the trouble – book #OneMoreNight at Mad Monkey Bangkok and check out some of these fantastic day-trips that will have you back in time for more Khao San Craic and shenanigans!*
This way, you get the best of both worlds!
*(disclaimer: this article may or may not have been written by an Irish person).

To help you avoid the hassle of relocating backpacks and checking out, here are some of our favourite day-trips from Bangkok:

1. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market – The easy Bangkok day trip for everyone


1. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market - The easy Bangkok day trip for everyone


Although advertised as being in Bangkok, this market is well over an hour outside of the city. By the time you factor in travel-time and exploration, it warrants at least a half-day to experience properly!

However, it’s the most famous floating market in Bangkok, and is highly ‘instagrammable’ (for you millennials who factor this kind of thing into travel plans)! It’s also the perfect mid-level activity day-trip from Bangkok if you’ve had one too many down Khao San Road and want to mindlessly wander around beautiful surroundings to ease the shame.

The most convenient way to travel here is via tour-groups which leave the city regularly mostly before between 6-9am. Some hostels and hotels will offer services to add you to tour groups, as well as the many tour operators along the main streets of the city. Want to check another Bangkok market? No worries we have created an awesome list of Bangkok markets in our Bangkok markets guide

If this doesn’t “float your boat” and you’d prefer to ride in one rather than look at them, try this instead;


2. Bangkok Day Trips on the river – Klongs of Thonburi

Thonburi was once the central hub of Bangkok’s trading scene, and the longtail boats exist to this day as a massive draw for tourists. As well as being a fun word to say, ‘Klong’ tours combine both pleasure and culture in one, stopping at all the major sights along the way.

Thonburi remained an independent town and province until it was officially merged into Bangkok in 1971, and since then has been a growing attraction for day-trips from Bangkok. Technically still within the city, yet a world away from the highrise buildings and congested traffic you’re used to!
Tours from the West bank of the Chao Phraya River leave regularly and operate on a ‘hop on-hop off’ basis, doubling as a handy mode of transport around the city. Feel free to stay on board all the way to Thonburi and beyond!
Mad Monkey Bangkok is located very close to a port which makes these tours ideal for guests!

On yer bike!! …


3. Ayutthaya – For a trip out of the city of Bangkok


3. Ayutthaya - For a trip out of the city of Bangkok


A northerly 1.5-hour day-trip from Bangkok could alternatively bring you to Ayutthaya. This is a UNESCO heritage site and home of the Green Buddha, Grand Palace, and countless beautiful temples.
As it was once the glistening capital of Siam, this city is steeped in history and ornate statues and temples, many of which have been restored to give a glimpse into their former glory.

Protocol here is to rent a bike and cycle your way around, giving you a relaxed and more personalised insight into the ancient city. With a toy museum, boat museum, reclining Buddha statue and endless ruins to explore, Ayutthaya is one of the day-trips from Bangkok that will be well spent away from the stale air and empty buckets of last night’s party!
Buses leave from Bangkok’s Northern bus terminal every half hour from 6 am and cost 60 baht.


4. Khao Yai National Park (Full day-trips from Bangkok)


4. Khao Yai National Park (Full day-trips from Bangkok)


*Leo Di Caprio not included
You’ll need an entire day, some comfortable shoes and a reliable camera for this place, yet the 3.5 hours train ride outside of Bangkok to the lush surroundings of Khao Yai National Park is ultimately all worth it, it is a Bangkok day trip to remember.
Also a UNESCO heritage site, it has been immortalized in Danny Boyle’s iconic movie ‘The Beach’ (2000), and with stunning natural scenery and wildlife, it’s easy to see why it was chosen.
Khao Yai National Park is home to flora, fauna and fantastic views, and will take a day to get there and back again. Use this time wisely as a way to catch up on much-needed sleep!
400 THB for adults to enter and 200 THB for children. The taxi/tour operator may include entrance fee so just make sure to be aware of where your money is going!
If it’s good enough for Leo, it’s good enough for us….
Note: This is one of the more full-day day-trips from Bangkok, so be prepared to rise early!

Looking for somewhere a bit closer??


5. Amphawa Floating Market

At 50 km outside of Bangkok, Amphawa floating market is a more practical location If you don’t have the time or commitment to visit the market at Damnoen Saduak. It’s also more authentic and has more to offer than just markets stalls/boats for when compared to other Bangkok day trips.
Here you can take longtail boat rides up the canals and rivers and explore the temple at Wat Bang Kloong. You can discover a wacky little mini zoo and even visit a little known ancient temple covered in foliage and often likened to the temples at Angkor Wat.
This place is highly underrated and has much more to offer than just market and sweet stalls, so we’d recommend getting off the beaten path and really exploring the surroundings once the market fills up.
Amphawa gets extremely busy afternoon so it’s best to get there early (before 10 am) and leave before the crowds arrive.

Make a meal of it…


6. Thai Cooking Class


6. Thai Cooking Class


This is may not be exactly a day-trip from Bangkok, yet certainly, a way to spend a large portion of your day (and trust us, the portions are large)! There is an abundance of cooking classes to take around Bangkok, and they can be taken at any time of day.

It’s relatively easy to find a suitable host to show you how to cook your favourite dishes, and depending on your hostel’s location, your budget, and dietary preferences, you usually won’t have far to look.
Most can be organised by walking in and booking a time personally, but the more popular options around Khao San Road and Soi Rambuttri may need to be pre-booked. Learn more about how to prepare your favourite green or red curries, rice paper rolls, massaman deliciousness and more!

For Vegetarians/vegans, we recommend May Kaiden 2, which has 3 locations around Bangkok, one of which is just down the road from our new Mad Monkey Bangkok hostel!

Check back soon for our full list of vegan and vegetarian recommendations for Bangkok.



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