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Mad Monkey

Mad Monkey is not just a hostel chain; it’s a movement. As Asia’s premier hostel brand and the fifth largest globally, we’re trailblazing into new territories. Our expansion isn’t just about size; it’s about impact. We’re seeking strategic investment partnerships from aligned investors who strongly value triple-bottom-line value creation, and are passionate about making a difference.

Our commitment to Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) isn’t just talk — it’s woven into our business model, ensuring we create value at every level: economic, social, and environmental.


Profitable Partnerships Ahead: Join Us in Strategic Investment Success

Invest in Mad Monkey

Mad Monkey, renowned for its commitment to social responsibility, boasts a thirteen-year legacy of delivering consistent triple-bottom-line value alongside an exceptional customer experience. Throughout these years, the majority have been marked by profitability. Our adept management team has skillfully bootstrapped the company through various stages of expansion, culminating in securing Series A and B funding with our esteemed partner, EXS Capital. Leveraging this investment, we’ve significantly expanded our footprint, growing from seven to 22 hostels. This expansion not only cements our status as the dominant force in Asia’s rapidly evolving market but also positions us as the fifth-largest hostel operator globally.

Mad Monkey stands out with benchmarked performance surpassing our competitors. Our growth potential is not just substantial—it’s EPIC. As a diverse, multi-revenue stream business, we have demonstrated exceptional resilience and success in all market conditions, thriving in both bear and bull markets.

In 2024, we are poised to attain EBITDA profitability once more. This milestone will set the stage for our Series C funding round, aimed at propelling our expansion into new international markets.

Discover more about this exciting journey and seize the opportunity to engage directly with our founding team.

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