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Live fully. Go Mad.

Join us at Mad Monkey Thailand, the land of smiles, where every nook is a new story, and every day is an invitation to something wildly unforgettable!


Kick off your epic Mad Monkey escapade in Bangkok – where tuk-tuks zip, street food sizzles, and nightlife buzzes. Then, take a wild ride up north to Chiang Mai and Pai with Mad Monkey Thailand, where elephants roam, temples dazzle, and mountains whisper secrets of ancient times. Wrap up this whirlwind adventure in Phuket, our beachy playground where the sun kisses the sea, and the parties never end. Perfect for solo wanderers and welcoming for female travellers, Mad Monkey hostels are more than just a place to crash — they’re your new home away from home, a crazy-fun community where every moment is a story waiting to happen.

At Mad Monkey Thailand, the fun doesn’t just stop when the sun drops! Every night is a new adventure with our legendary events. Mingle with fellow globetrotters at our buzzing social nights – from epic pub crawls that take you to the heart of the city’s nightlife to karaoke showdowns where you can belt out tunes (pitch-perfect or not, we don’t judge!) It’s all about making memories, making friends, and making the most of every moment with Mad Monkey Thailand. So, pack your bags, bring your zest for life, and get ready to join the adventure of a lifetime with us!