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Mad Monkey
Golden Tickets

Your ticket to long term travel through
Southeast Asia — get your
accommodation passes for 14, 30, 60, or 90
days for a super low, fixed, one-time fee.

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Works out to be less than $10 a night — pay once upfront and never worry about room rates for your entire trip.


Come and go as you please and mix and match any of our locations across five countries in Southeast Asia.


Travel freely, work remotely, find adventure, party for three months straight — the possibilities are endless.


Use your ticket whenever you want before 2024. Tickets will be extended if travel restrictions remain. Tickets are transferable.


Go Mad in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines, and Thailand


$249.00 per ticket

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30 days to use this ticket at any Mad Monkey in Southeast Asia from your first check-in date.


$449.00 per ticket

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60 days to use this ticket at any Mad Monkey in Southeast Asia from your first check-in date.


$639.00 per ticket

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90 days to use this ticket at any Mad Monkey in Southeast Asia from your first check-in date.


Go Mad in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Koh Rong Samloem


$99.00 per ticket

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14 days to use this ticket at any Mad Monkey in Cambodia from your first check-in date.


$149.00 per ticket

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30 days to use this ticket at any Mad Monkey in Cambodia from your first check-in date.

What are Golden Tickets?

Mad Monkey’s Southeast Asia Golden Tickets are good for up to 90 days at ANY Mad Monkey in Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, or Laos. Come and go as you please, mix and match any of our locations, and stay for a super low, fixed, one-time fee.

Now introducing Cambodia Golden Tickets: get your 14 Day and 30 Day tickets to use in Koh Rong Samloem, Phnom Penh, and Siem Reap. Cambodia Golden Tickets can only be used at our Cambodia properties.

Secure your Golden Ticket today so you can start planning that long-awaited adventure! Buy a 14, 30, 60 or 90 Day Golden Ticket and the countdown begins when you check in to your first Mad Monkey.

Mad Monkey Golden Tickets are valid for activation on or before December 31st, 2023. They are valid for shared dormitory room accommodation only. Active Golden Ticket holders can upgrade to a private any time for 50% of the published room rates

Flexible Cancellation is an available add-on at checkout. Travel extensions will be provided in case of ongoing travel restrictions beyond 2023.



1. Sign in to your account on our website (use the same email address you used to purchase your Golden Ticket!)
2. Click My Profile on the top menu and go to My Golden Tickets
3 Click ACTIVATE next to your Golden Ticket
(Don’t see yours? Contact Customer Service using the live chat box at the bottom of our website)
4. Choose a start date. Confirm your start and end date and click ACTIVATE


1. Go to our website and select a destination + dates within your activation window
2. Choose a room type
3. Enter your Golden Ticket promo code in the shopping cart (this will only work if you are a Golden Ticket holder)
4. Confirm your booking and voilà — Monkey Mischief Managed!

The staff here are so friendly! It was a cool mix between chill & party vibes. The pool / bar area is great for lounging in the sun, drinking, eating & chilling in the pool. The tents & bathrooms were clean and well maintained. Pretty cool hostel experience overall.We did the snorkeling tour with Mad Monkey & it was one of the best experiences we had in Gili T! Andi & the boat crew were so fun but made sure we were all safe which was good!
Megan Mc Dermott
Megan Mc Dermott
03:44 01 Jul 22
Amazing place. So much fun. Great rooms. Great food. Great parties.
Terezia Urdova
Terezia Urdova
12:22 27 Jun 22
I love Mad Monkey Gili T. The best hostel and definitely the hostel I’ve stayed at the longest. Initially planned to stay for just 2-3 nights, but ended up staying for almost 1.5 week, all because of the amazing vibe to meet people, great party atmosphere and with its location on the best spot to watch the sunset. The staff is absolutely great and go the extra mile. Andi, Devi and Kiki are so nice and especially Budi who gets everyone in an enthusiastic mood and made sure everyone had a great time. It’s located on the other side of the island, but it’s definitely worth the nice bike ride there. If you like a good party I would 100% recommend this place. Rrrrrrr
Fleur B
Fleur B
13:47 20 Jun 22
Great pool party that have free shots on the hour and 3 for 2 cocktail hour.Dj playing yesterday was amazing.Tuna sashimi poke bowl and the wedges were delicious.
Vanessa Li
Vanessa Li
11:19 18 Jun 22
I had such a good time in Mad Monkey.Met so many great people and made friends for life.The staff is the best with my brother Budi being the greatest solo entertainer I have ever met. He always makes you laugh, a real mad monkey.If you're looking for some peace and quiet you should probably steer clear of this place.But if you're looking for lots of fun, party and are willing to #jointhemadness, then this is the place to be! 🐒
Mark Alexandrovski
Mark Alexandrovski
03:38 18 Jun 22
The whole experience was great. easy to book. Easy to check in. Close to everything. The room & bed were clean & comfy. I slept well & don't normally do that when away from home.
Kirrili Miller
Kirrili Miller
09:03 17 Jun 22
A short trip or an extended stay, Mad Monkey Cebu delivers affordability, comfort, and atmosphere that welcomes folks from all walks of life. Jay, Jack, & Maria are just absolutely fantastic and helpful throughout my stay. Got no plans for the night? Just head on up and share a drink or two with the patrons and staff. Drinking not your thing? Try karaoke nights, band performance, pool tables, and many more. I've gone to many hostels and I got to say this is definitely on top of that list.
10:12 16 Jun 22
Mad Monkey is by far the best hostel on Gili T. Special shout out to the team. Devi is the happiest person I have ever met and Kiki is so lovely. Budi is always fun to be around getting everyone involved in beer pong, drinking games, quiz nights and dancing. It is the perfect place for solo travellers as it’s so social. Andy is a credit to the team as well. I can’t recommend this place enough.
Millie Gore
Millie Gore
05:35 16 Jun 22
I was glad to spend my last 2 nights with Mad Monkey. The staff were very accommodating and the vibe was fun! I highly recommend for all those who will visit Cebu, to spend a day or two in this place. It's an experience you will never forget. I've met people I was able to connect with. They made my trip memorable.
Alexa Rae Madrid
Alexa Rae Madrid
01:36 09 Jun 22
Had a great time here over different stays! Such a good place to meet good people and have a good time! Staff were extremely helpful! Shout out to Jack!
August Kalør
August Kalør
10:53 07 Jun 22